RAW STAR Recipes: Organic Meals, Snacks & Desserts In 10 Minutes

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Is the Official WINNER of the BEST #1 Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA Award 2012
by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

The Official #1 Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbook in the USA Award 2012

by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

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It is 200 + Pages, FULL COLOR GLOSSY Large 8.5" x 11" colorful, amazing and absolutely gorgeous food photography, there are Full Page Full Color Photographs for each and every recipe and up to the minute healthy, eco, green and nutritional information for you to benefit from. All of my recipes are modeled to look and taste even BETTER THAN ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE INTERNATIONAL FOODS AND MENU, FAST FOODS, JUNK FOODS but is now the ULTIMATE HEALTH FOOD that is actually good for you and the entire Planet!

Try something new that you will absolutely love regardless of what diet you enjoy this is for EVERYONE, bold flavors, incredible textures, gourmet, yet fast, fun, simple and amazingly delicious. Totally new, unique and special recipes from Celebrity Eco Chef Bryan Au to you. Now YOU ARE THE RAW STAR in the kitchen and world while helping to save it too. Everyone should eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables and now you can in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible. Learn all of Hollywood's Health and Beauty Secrets but now you don't have to be a Celebrity or have a special personal private chef because Eco Chef Bryan Au will empower you to be the most happy, healthy, eco green and you can anti-age, rejuvenate, learn how to prevent and reverse many modern day conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, cancer, diabetes and more while learning all the benefits of Raw Organic Cuisine. Demi Moore did it for Charlie's Angels II Movie, Donna Karan loves it and recommends it Super Model Carol Alt said it saved her life, career and health now you too can benefit, learn and enjoy the most decadent, amazing, incredible new recipes and techniques and health benefits! When you enjoy Raw Organic Cuisine it can actually lower your "bad" cholesterol and increase the "good" cholesterol while keeping you happy slim and trim all the Hollywood Celebrities do it and prove that it works but now the "SECRET" is out and you can too!

My raw organic recipes and foods are so powerful that you don't have to change your diet, eating habits or lifestyle to get the benefits. In fact my Raw Recipes and Foods are complimentary to your existing diet and lifestyle! And you get all the incredible

benefits immediately, instantly you will look and feel great and amazing that is why you know this is real and works. People will naturally go further with it and get more benefits but my food and recipes compliment cooked foods and your present menu or diet. That is why it is being used, adopted, promoted and soon filmed in Schools Nationwide so you will see results and proof on National TV in my new Eco Chef Bryan Au TV SHOW Series now available for FREE ON DEMAND on The Roku Channel to 8 Million subscribers and viewers or Online here:!tv-shows/mainPage

All new delightfully easy fun recipes to make and sample from "Pepperoni Pizza", Mango Cheesecake, Chocolate Cupcakes, Chili "Cheese" Fries, Spanish Lasagna, Donuts, Soups, Super Nachos, cakes, pies, cookies, full international menu and all of your favorite foods but now the actual healthy version that looks and tastes even better! American, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, all your comfort food and junk food favorites we have it all.

 #1 Best Vegetarian/Vegan Cookbook in the USA Award 2012

by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Because you deserve the BEST!


All the food photos above are from my new exciting gorgeous recipe book and some are actually done right before serving to my customers at my popular Raw Organic Restaurant I used to own and opening the new RAW STAR Cafe Restaurant very soon and some are actual food photos of what I make and enjoy in my daily life so just some fun trivia and information that these are real actual photos of food that I make, eat, enjoy or serve and not just made for photos only! I turned 41 years old this year but people tell me I look 19 or 29! This is because I formulated and did the most research for all of my recipes to make sure they are the most optimal, healthy, naturally anti-aging, Ph Balanced, low to no sugar, hydrating, oxygenating, alkalizing and many more important health principles along with incorporating Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Principles and basing all of them on Gabriel Cousens MD research, recommendations and advice so you are getting the absolute BEST RAW ORGANIC Recipes, Cuisine, Snacks and Desserts Possible. And the taste? Simply incredible and out of this world! When you try my recipes and make it fresh you will experience the most delicious vibrant flavors and pleasures possible you will absolutely love it. Millions already do and now a whole new gourmet adventure into Super Foods and the New Super You is waiting for you to enjoy and discover!

The reason why this is the MAJOR FOOD TREND for 2012 and MAJOR MEDIA DIET for 2012 is because Nutritious = Delicious!
It is so fabulously amazingly tasty and flavorful everyone loves it, but it is proven to prevent, help reverse Obesity, Cancer and Diabetes in the most fantastic fun delicious simple ways possible. NO OTHER CUISINE OR FOODS CAN that is why we have the Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes Problem in the First Place! So far it is just variations on the same foods, same recipes, same mistakes. Only when we try something new, proven, different, innovative like Raw Organic Cuisine and my New Recipes can we truly SOLVE the National Health Epidemic but now in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible!

I am not against cooked foods, some cooked foods are healthy if prepared correctly but raw organic recipes compliments this, and in addition to properly cooked foods it will help to detox, rejuvenate, anti-age, give you amazing energy, make you feel incredible but you have to eat it and experience it instantly to understand, Millions of people have and a new adventure is waiting for you! Your body actually is designed to eat foods in the raw organic uncooked form we ate this way for millions of years so our dna, body, mind and spirit adapted to this as the most optimal diet and foods to eat although we later became omnivore which created and caused many modern day health problems, diseases and current health epidemic of obesity, diabetes and cancer. This is because we have strayed far away from our original diet and way of eating naturally. The easy solution is clear we MUST ADD MORE FRESH BIO-AVAILABLE nutrients, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes to our daily food choices because our body actually requires and needs it. It is ONLY AVAILABLE in fresh, raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds so usually most of us eat mostly cooked foods, packaged foods, fast foods, processed foods so this vital essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes only found and only available in the raw organic form is lacking and deficient! So RAW STAR Chef Bryan Au has invented these very quick, fun, easy and incredibly delicious 5 to 10 minute recipes ON PURPOSE to EMPOWER AND ACTIVITATE the most healthy foods, recipes and lifestyle for you to enjoy and bring you back to your natural state of vibrant health, balance, optimal well being and joy! It is called the RAW STAR DIET, RAW STAR RECIPES, RAW STAR Cafe, RAW STAR Academy, RAW STAR Packaged foods that are all 100% Raw, Organic, Fresh, Healthy, Gourmet, Delicious is now Nutritious!

And you don't have to change the way you eat to get benefits. My recipes are so powerful that by enjoying more of them or adding more each day you get all the benefits! But everyone loves it and they go further with it, the #1 reason is taste, enjoyment, delicious but the health benefits and energy is INSTANT you look and feel the BEST EVER INSTANTLY! Some of the reasons are obvious but new information about correct Ph Levels and balance, Alkalizing foods, Acrylamide, Carcinogens, and other important up the minute health information is all covered in my book and recipes in a fun gentle yet very enlightening way. It is important to identify the effects of what you are eating on your health, body, environment but now you can choose the most delicious fun new ways to look and feel amazing. Previously most people were taught or lead to only know about or eat toxic foods, junk foods, fast food thinking it was "food" but the health epidemic clearly points out that these are not good foods at all even though they are profitable and entire industries make huge profits from it. There are truly healthy and super foods and you are about to discover, enjoy and benefit from them. 

They all happen to be: gluten free, dairy free, vegan and yet are literally THE MOST GOURMET, CREAMY, DELICIOUS, DECADENT, AMAZING AND BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU EVER ATE, TRIED, ENJOYED I PROMISE EVERYONE WILL TOTALLY LOVE THIS! I am invited and commissioned to cater Major Hollywood Celebrity Events, Parties, Fundraisers and I always wow the crowd and get voted #1 like at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, on MTV and more. I get invited to teach and lecture all around the World at major sold out events for food, chefs, eco green expos, students, classes and more so you know my recipes and food is beyond amazing that is why I want to share all my secrets and recipes with you in this beautiful new full color recipe book.

So please give my new recipes a try you will LOVE IT! All of my recipes are designer quality and are actually good for you and the planet, may you enjoy the best in health and harmony in your life and please share with friends, family and loved ones.

But the most incredible Wellness and Health benefits is even more miraculous! Even on a Organic Cooked Vegetarian
or Vegan Diet I never was able to pass the eye exam at the DMV only after going Raw Organic Vegan was I able to
pass the Vision Exam 3 years in a row and I have proof on my driver's license! This really means something to me. Not
only that but I have more muscles, my Yoga improved, I don't get as sore after my weight lifting and workouts, healing times are increased and I am happy and energetic all the time being more Raw Organic Vegan really works but you DO NOT HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR DIET OR LIFESTYLE you can still enjoy your current diet and eating habits but just add more raw organic vegan food and desserts to your daily diet and enjoy it. You will go further with it and get more health benefits and will experience for yourself the amazing energy and results. To me is a incredible but 100% True Story.

But for most people I discovered they do not have to change their diet to get similar results. People only have to enjoy more Raw Organic Vegan foods but they do not have to turn Vegan or be Vegan to get the health benefits. What will happen is they will feel so good, light and energetic and get so many health benefits right away that they will naturally be attracted to it and go further with it on their own! There is much more information, many more health benefits, amazing transformations but you have to experience it on your own you will be so happy and glad you did and you do not have to totally change your life or diet, simply enjoy more Raw Organic Vegan Foods first it TASTES INCREDIBLE AND IS THE MOST DELICIOUS this is the #1 Main Reason why you should do it, then the instant health benefits will come right after your first raw organic bite or meal but my recipes are the most researched, optimal and the best!

This will quickly become the NEXT MAJOR FOOD TREND, MEDIA DIET in 2011 and I wanted to share my story!

Below is from my past Annual Medical Check up done at The Permanente Medical Group on 2238 Geary Boulevard in San Francisco, dated 02/05/05. This is medical proof for me that my Raw Living Recipes, Book and Cuisine for me has the most optimal and health benefits. I am claiming this for myself only, everyone is responsible for their own levels of health, fitness and well being. I suggest practicing Yoga along with the Raw Living Organic Cuisine for the most optimal benefits possible! I will post photos of the actual report in a few days on this link, the following is the direct text from my medical report:


TEST                                         RESULT                             NORMAL RANGE      Ok What it all means in normal language:



Total Cholesterol                        168mg/dL                         <      199                Total Cholesterol is one of the many risks for

Triglycerides                              66mg/dL                                                         heart disease, ie Atkins! For most people           

HDL Cholesterol                         54mg/dL                                                         the desired amount is less than 240. Not smoking

LDL Cholesterol                         101mg/dL                                                        lowfat food, excercise for 30 minutes(Yoga!)

                                                                                                                      can help control cholesterol(all this info is on  

Kidney Test                               0.9mg/dL                          <       1.3                 same medical report)

Iron Screen FERR                         35ng/mL                         22  -  322                Triglycerides measures fat in the blood, high

Glucose Fasting                           80mg/dL                          60  -  99                  levels may indicate heart disease. For adults

SGPT                                         13U/L                              <       36                  under 400 is good but under 200 is ideal. I am

TSH                                           1.7uIU/mL                       0.2  -  5.5                 at 66! RAW POWER! For Diabetics and Heart

                                                                                                                      Disease patients under 200 is ideal.

                                                                                                                      My Cholesterol is way under 240 at                                                                                                                                          168 and my blood pressure was perfect too.

                                                                                                                      HDL Cholesterol is the "Good Cholesterol"

                                                                                                                      it helps remove excess cholesterol from blood. 

CBC                                                                                                                High levels of HDL is good for your heart. Less 

White Blood Cells                        5.4k/uL                         3.5  -  12.5                  than 40 in men and 45 for women increases

Red Cells                                    4.99M/uL                      4.10 -  5.70                  heart disease, mine is at 54. I eat Nutiva Extra

Hemoglobin                                15.9g/dL                      13.0  -  17.0                  Virigin RAW Coconut Oil which has high HDL 

Hematocrit                                  48.1%                         39.0  - 51.0                   and it is in my RAWeo and other recipes!

MCV                                               96fL                           80  -  100                   LDL Cholesterol is the "Bad Cholesterol"

Platelets                                      238K/uL                       140  -  400                   For most under 130 is good, for diabetics and

                                                                                                                        heart disease patients under 100 is best. I am

just at 101 which is well below 130. Kidney Creatinine measures kidney function and my doctor told me my kidney is healthy.


I am at .9 and under 1.3 is good. Ferritin (FERR) measures the body's Iron levels, mine is at 35 and although the range is from 22-322 for normal levels my doctor told me I have a good normal healthy level of Iron and it seems to be lower on the normal scale but the scale is a large range my doctor told me, I asked her to make sure! Glucose Fasting measures how much glucose (or sugar) in in your blood system after fasting of at least 8 hours, they made me return the next day because I ate lunch and I had to fast and return the next day to do the blood test, this test is used to screen for Diabetes, a fasting value of between 100-125 might indicate pre-diabetes and a value of over 125 might indicate Diabetes it states on my medical records sheet, my level is at 80 which is mid range in the normal 60 - 99 range. Again I only use Coconut Nectar, I do not use or consume ANY white or processed sugar and have used some liquid stevia, I have had tiny amounts of Gourmet White Honey from Hawaii and it is a very small amount and in a tiny jar. Next is the SGPT test for the liver inflammation my level is 13 which is well below the 36 normal range and is healthy my doctor told me. Then there is the TSH which measures Thyroid Activity, a high number indicates an underactive thyroid a low number indicates either an overactive thyroid or too much thyroid medication is being taken, mine is at 1.7 which is in the normal range of .2 - 5.5 and my doctor said my thyroid levels is very healthy as well as the rest of my health. I also showed her my only advanced first proof copy of the book and she liked it! Ok there is more info and I want you to know so you can learn and also see that for me the Raw Organic Cuisine works and is optimal, I am not just saying it is but offering medical proof! White Cells is a screen for infection I am at 5.4 in the 3.5 - 12.5 normal range. RBC (Red Blood Cell count) is a test for anmeia which I do not have my doctor told me. Hemoglobin and Hematocrit are also tests for anemia and I do not have it. MCV is to measure the size of red blood cells and Platelets measures how well the blood clots mine are all in the mid normal healthy range and I am so glad and happy! It is very much one thing to make claims and statements and another to be able to prove it with medical and scientfic facts and data and I wanted to provide these as proof of how RAW Organic Cuisine is VERY healthy but you must do it in the most balanced and optimal way according to YOUR body, needs, and many other conditions, I have based my diet and recipes on Gabriel Cousens M.D.'s research and books and have him to thank for my most optimal health levels I strongly encourage that you read his books and learn as too many people are eating random raw food or have no idea how to eat the most optimal balanced Raw Organic Cuisine Diet. I am trying to educate and create the much needed awareness so that people can be the most healthy and get the most enjoyment out of life, then be able to learn, share, teach and help others as well!


I will be adding new information that is not in the book but is very useful. I will also soon add more Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts, Smoothies and Soups from the book so please check back often. For this page I will list some Menus, they will arrange all the different recipes in RAW IN TEN MINUTES and classify them under Favorite Sections like the All American Menu, Mexican Menu, Asian/Thai Menu, Italian Menu, Carribean Menu, etc. so check back often for new developments and information! These are just SOME samples of the recipes from RAW IN TEN MINUTES there are a lot more in the book and over 80 incredible recipes!


A few of my new recipes uses dehydration but 98% are Raw Organic Fresh and not dehydrated. I was able to come up with revolutionary new Raw Organic techniques and recipes so that the food actually looks and tastes "cooked""deep fried""baked" but is Raw and Organic and ready to be enjoyed right away. This is bringing the Raw Organic Cuisine to the next level and no other book has these innovations or recipes. Some examples are the Falafel and Samosa, now it just takes a few minutes and you have flaky, pastry like food that looks and tastes deep fried! But it totally Raw Organic wholesome living super enzyme and super health food. Same with the deep dish pan pizza crust, I even have vegan greasy "ground beef", nacho "cheese" sauce, totally new tamale, macaroni and cheese and much more to delight you.


This is putting some of the recipes into MENUS, these recipes are directly from the book and are only samples, there are a lot MORE in the book:


To put it all together:


All American Menu                Mexican Menu                 Asian/Thai Menu              Mediterranean Menu

Nut Loaf with Gravy                  Tacos w/ "Ground Beef"     California Rolls                    Falafels

Sunburger                                Burrito                             Sprout Sushi                       Samosa

Chili Cheese Fries                     Cheese Enchilada              Dim Sum                            Curry Hummus

Macaroni & Cheese                   Tostada                             Pad Thai                             Macaroons

Chocolate Shake                      Gazpacho Soup                  Coconut Thai Soup              Crepes 

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake      Spicy Avocado Soup           Curry Miso Soup                 "Chicken"

RAWeo                                    Mango & Coconut Cream    Coconut Cream Pie              Banana Cream Pie

RAWsmores                             Tamale                                                                       Baklava                                                                                 


Strawberry Cream Pie

Blueberry Mousse

American Flag Pie

Sloppy Joes


Carribean Menu                               Italian Menu                                      Indian Menu

Jerk "Chicken"                                    Spanish Lasagna                                  Samosa

Shepard Pie                                        Cheese Tortellini                                  Curry Miso Soup

Stuffing                                              Pasta Alfredo                                       "Chicken" Curry

Island Kebobs w/Grill & BBQ Sauce       Rawvioli                                              Carrot Ginger Soup

Island Lava Dressing                            Angel Hair Pasta                                  Pineapple Dressing

"Clam" Chowder                                   Pasta Marinara w/"meatballs"               Pita

Cream of Purple Cabbage Soup             Tiramisu                                             Fruit Crepes




Thank you so much for all the support and positive energy that people are sending, I appreciate it so much and feel so RAWesome that people just love the book, title, concept, photos and everything, wow I really know that I am on the side of the loving Universe!


Ok many great people have invited me to do booksignings, events, classes and I am more than happy do to do, I love to travel, help people, support, etc. so please contact me directly if you would like me to visit your city and do media interviews or a booksigning thank you.


Please e-mail for investor and investing opportunities in the Major Documentary Film, Raw Restaurant, more :