is the BEST Raw Organic Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Service in the World! Get fresh healthy wholesome Organic Fruit and/or Vegetable Boxes delivered to your door, home or office each week, each month or one time only! They are super popular in San Francisco where they have more than 6,000 deliveries each week and now they are expanding into Los Angeles so if you live in San Francisco you can join and have the best Organic Fruit and/or Vegetable delivered to your door, home or office and your first order is $10 OFF so is only $13 if you go to the website and ENTER 8331 Coupon Code at has all the info, prices, menu, selection, instructions and here is the direct link to sign up and get started: 


For People living in Los Angeles you can still sign up now and they will start deliveries this September 1 2009. Everyone loves how fresh, high quality and amazing their service is. Some people look forward to the variety, surprises while others like to go online and choose or pick what they want exactly in each box each week. You can customize your order and you can even e-mail them your dietary restrictions or special needs so if you are for example allergic to a certain fruit or vegetable you can e-mail them and they will remember forever and will never have that item in your box or delivery, people LOVE THAT! If you would like more information please e-mail me at and here are examples of their menu and selection which does vary and is seasonal of course but their prices are the same and you can even do a ONE TIME ORDER if you just want to try it ONCE when you enter the 8331 Coupon Code you get $10 off your first order. Or you can choose to do it weekly, monthly, it is up to you!


Mixed Fruit and Veggie
Small Mixed   $23.00 WITH YOUR 8331 COUPON CODE it is $10 OFF so is only $13.00! Delivery and everything included in the price! NICE! You can apply your $10 OFF Discount COUPON CODE 8331 for ANY BOX and get $10 OFF on your 1st Order!
Regular Mixed $31.50
More Mixed $44.00
Monster Mixed $55.00
Capay Valley $31.50
More Capay Valley $44.00
Easy to Prepare Services
(no cooking required)
Mostly Fruit With your 8331 $10 OFF COUPON code it is only $21.50 for your first order! $31.50
More Mostly Fruit $44.00
Sm, Fast Fruit Veg. $23.00
Fast Fruit & Veg. $31.50
More Fast Fruit Veg. $44.00
Veggie Only
Fruit Only, Home and Office

(price per delivery) 

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The much anticipated 4th Edition in the RAW IN TEN MINUTES best selling and popular series by Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au is coming soon and has ALL new totally unique mouth watering Dehydrated Recipes that are all still just 10 Minutes to make but is then so many hours in the new improved GOOD4U Dehydrator with new Digital Timer with LCD Display and a Power Button that lights up, this is the BEST Dehydrator on the market, with a new actual improved design so you can actually see your food through the trays, the new tray design improves air flow, efficiency, all with a much appreciated new low price, stronger design, super quiet motor and very effecient high performance...simply the best Dehydrator why go with anything else or outdated designs and prices? There is also a large Door that will cover the entire dehydrator that now comes included so if you want to make larger foods you can take out trays and use the large door but normally you don't need to use the door as the see through trays is the actual enclosure which saves you time, you can see your food and improves airflow, totally genius! I titled exclusively for GOOD4U Dehydrators because I used it in all of the recipes so if you use outdated dehydrators then the results will vary drastically, go with the best, new design, new technology at the best prices too. The 10 Tray with new Digital Timer is only $170 and the 6 Tray with New Digital Timer is $150 both are on my main website in the online store: the online store direct link:

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Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au



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10 Tray with Digital Timer is  $170! But if you do a lot of dehydrating the 10 Tray is best.