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Raw Organic Comic Book with Recipes
Eco Nuts All Natural Raw Organic Laundry Detergent
New! RAW STAR Ceramic Cleaver
New! RAW STAR Black Ceramic
8" Black Ceramic Knife
7" Black Ceramic Knife
6" Black Ceramic Knife
4" Black Ceramic Knife
Ceramic Peeler
Good4U Dehydrator
Blendtec Blender
RAW STAR Eco Reusable Glass Straws for drinks & smoothies
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NEW! Raw Organic Comic Book available now for $5 Autographed

with a personal message to you! The exciting action packed #1 Issue

is a limited edition Collector's Item and more info is below.

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With all SUPER NEW raw organic recipes I just invented and sharing for the 1st time!

Action, art, eco messages, health and more that will appeal to kids, teens, college students,

adults, families, schools, and there is something in it for everyone!

Michelle Obama is being featured on the cover for her teaching kids to

grow and eat more Raw Organic Fruits and Vegetables she is on the same

healthy mission and path! This will make it a collector's edition as we are honoring

Michelle Obama's achievements and dedication to promoting healthy living and diet

for everyone's benefit!


If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see PERSONAL TESTIMONIALS and ARTICLES from

Donna Karan and Super Model Carol ALT on how they love and benefit from RAW ORGANIC FOOD!



because our policy is to have THE BEST: Price, Quality, Flavor, Quality GUARANTEED.


A new Raw Organic Super Hero Full Color Comic Book is

now AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER get your #1 Issue and Edition today!

Man surprises, new raw organic recipes, super hero action, different

super heros in each issue with Super Raw Organic Powers

to teach kids, schools and everyone how to be more

a SUPER HERO RAW STAR and be more Raw Organic Saving The Planet

in the most fun and delicious ways possible, we CAN reverse Global Warming,

We CAN save our health, we CAN Save our community and our Planet

together as a community and we have to teach our Kids they are our future!

Raw Organic Saving The Planet Comic book Autographed to you with personal message for $5 above.

Share the gift of health, awareness, all new easy fun raw organic kids recipes!
That kids can make with adults, parents, teachers, at school safely!
Because there is no cooking, fire and it safe and fun.

These are all new Raw Organic Recipes that both Kids and Adults will enjoy

eating that are new, the most delicious and healthy!






Only $65 including tax, shipping, handling .

No one else has this available making it special and unique,

thick, luxurious wooden handle, the best new Black Ceramic Knife Technology compare

to other Black Ceramic Knives that cost $200 to $300 each!

This is a super sale, bargain and a great deal get yours today!

An Exclusive Chef Bryan Au design and signature series with RAW STAR Logo and Signature

Laser Etched on each and every blade this one is 6 1/2 " x 2 1/2 " making it thick, luxurious, strong and the best

in the World own and get yours today makes a great gift.


All of my knives comes with a attractive Carrying Case that is upscale and protects your Ceramic Knife.

PHOTO ABOVE: All NEW!  7" Eco Friendly Black Ceramic Chef Knife with luxurious Bamboo Handle $80

ALL NEW! 6" Eco Friendly Black Ceramic Chef Knife is the same as 7" only 1 inch smaller $60

NEW! 4" Eco Friendly Black Ceramic Paring Knife with comfortable  new Bamboo Handle $25


Please notice the Apple on the top is 1 Hour After being cut by a conventional

Stainless Steel Knife notice how degraded, wilted, oxidized and browned it became?
Bottom Apple was cut with my Ceramic Knife and 1 Hour later is still fresh, pristine, healthy

this saves you money, protects your health and keeps your food fresher longer!

You can watch the DRAMATIC video of my ceramic knife cutting an apple and a stainless steel knife 1 hour

later is a huge difference in freshness the ceramic knive saves you money big time by keeping your food fresher longer: 

Also notice and compare how THICK the blades are! ALL other ceramic knives are cheap, thin and flimsy!
Mine are actually the BEST most thick, luxurious, Eco/Green even the handles are smooth and nicer!


And these are the ONLY ONES available in the World and ONLY Available through my website enjoy!


BEST PRICES & SPECIAL NEW Chef Bryan Au Signature Series RAW STAR:   


8" Black Ceramic Knife with Wooden Handle $80 that is only $10 per inch for the best most high tech knife in the World! And the ONLY 8" Ceramic Knife available in the World7


NEW! Eco/Green Environmentally Friendly 7" Black Ceramic Chef Knife with Bamboo Handle only $70


NEW! 6" Eco/Green Environmentally Friendly 6" Black Ceramic Chef Knife with Bamboo Handle $60


NEW! Eco Friendly 4" Black Ceramic Paring Knife with luxurious Bamboo Handle $25



Most Ceramic Folding Knives cost $100-$200 each

You can compare prices/design here is one example: $110-$117, mine is $60!

My new RAW STAR Ceramic Folding Knife is now only $60 tax/shipping/handling included

great for when you are dining out, at a farmer's market, when camping, makes a great gift!


you make your purchase and e-mail me at



I am so RAWmazed that Blendtec recently totally redesigned and improved what many consider

to be the Best Blender in the World already, I didn't think it was possible but they just came out

with a new BPA Free Jar, with new Lid Design, new Faceplate Design and it is AWESOME

I LOVE IT and it is so new they haven't even updated their website yet and I am still offering

my SPECIAL SPONSORED DISCOUNT PRICE of only $350 including tax/shipping/handling to you!
Please click the ONLINE STORE LINK at the very top of this website to make your purchase and more information,

and photos. WATCH THIS REAL ACTUAL VIDEO of the Blendtec Blending a iPhone into dust and powder!
WOW just a fun demonstration of the power of Blendtec Blenders, they can blend golf balls, video cameras,

and more but watch this: 

The Blendtec is able to do this because of they are the most high tech, best design and quality materials.
There is an actual digital computer chip that senses what you are blending and controlls the rpm, speed, blade

so that all of your blends for smoothies, soups, sauces, nuts, seeds, foods come out perfect everytime!

You deserve the BEST and everyone is switching to and loving Blendtec Blenders it is the ONLY

Blender I will use or can recommend!

Ceramic Peeler with Green Handle $7


People love the Ceramic Peeler it is very sharp, makes a great gift!


SPECIAL 8" Ceramic Knife is the ONLY one 8" available anywhere in the World.

Normally the 6" Black Ceramic Knife is sold in stores or online for $100 to $195+ I am selling them for only $60!

4" Black Ceramic Paring knife TOTALLY NEW, no else has this but similar models are $30-$50 + mine is $25

You can compare prices here:

In the above link a 5.5" knife is $80 + and 3" is $50.

My handles are single construction Eco Earth Friendly Luxurious Bamboo & Superior .


Benefits of Ceramic Knife:
~ Stays super sharp for YEARS without having to sharpen!
~ Food won't brown when cut with Ceramic Knife! Notice the apples, the edges are not "browning" like with metal knives!
~ Ceramic is very pure and healthy, it won't leave metal ions or taste in your food, no metal in your raw organic pure food or smoothies! Gourmet Chefs and restaurants use them primarily because they don't altar the flavor or tastes of food
~ They don't rust, are very light which is good for a lot of chopping you won't get fatigued
~ Easy to clean and very sanitary germs and things won't grow on them like on metal knives
~ High quality and high tech
~ The new Black Ceramic knife is almost as hard as Diamonds


Hi we already eat and enjoy Raw Organic Food, hopefully you are also wearing Organic Cotton and clothing well lets take it all the way and use Raw Organic Tree Nuts designed for Eco Laundery Detergent! These are ECO TREE NUTS and you would be NUTS to use anything else! :o)

For Centuries these special tree nuts have been used in Nepal, India and they are all natural, no fragances so is GREAT for people with sensitive skin or allergies, and they keep your clothing super fresh, clean and soft while being the most all natural, ECO and good for you and the environment! Other Chemical Laundry Detergents and soaps have toxins, chemicals and fake suds or fake foams which does not mean it makes your clothing any cleaner or better they are just fake chemicals to make you think that way! And those chemicals are horrible for your skin, health and environment as they go directly into our water, oceans, and communities!

But with Raw Organic ECO NUTS you just place all 5 Tree Nuts into the Canvas bag which is provided and you can use it 6 to 7 loads and you will be AMAZED at how clean and soft your clothing is! It actually protects your clothing as it keeps it cleaner and fresher longer. The box is only $8 from my Online Store on top of my website makes a perfect gift and perfect for Apt People or College Students because it is so light weight you don't have to drag around super heavy toxic plastic laundry detergent with you anymore! You WILL LOVE THIS! And it is available in large sizes too and yes there are OTHER TREE NUTS on the market at different prices/packaging but they have VERY SMALL INFERIOR LOW QUALITY Tree Nuts our is the largest, best hand picked raw organic quality so you get what you pay for, other brands you get puny moldy tiny gross tree nuts ours is the BEST!

More INFO: Eco Nuts are a completely sustainable dried fruit shells that comes from the Spindus Mukorossi tree in Nepal, India and Indonesia. These fruit shells have been used in India and China for Centuries and are now gaining popularity in USA and Europe as a renewable, biodegradable and organic alternative to chemical detergents.

Eco Nuts contain saponin, a natural cleaner that works as a surfactant, breaking the surface tension of the water to penetrate the fibers of your clothing, lifting stains from the fabric and getting the dirt out to be rinsed away by the water. Because ECO NUTS does not leave any residue on the fabric like chemical detergents, the rinse cycle is actually not even needed! If you want you can stop your washing machine once the wash cycle is done and you will save gallons of water per cycle! NICE!

ECO Nuts are gentle on both clothes and skin, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin, allergies, eczema, or psoriasis. Because they are so mild, and leave no chemical residues they are also perfect for baby clothes and cloth diapers. The naturally antimicrobial action of Eco Nuts makes them the best, they won't "foam up" like fake chemical detergents and foam does not represent real cleaning power or effectiveness, other chemical detergents use artificial foaming agents to "trick you". Now try the best all natural, eco, green, biodegradable ECO NUTS for washing all your best clothing they will protect it, clean it gently, all naturall and are the best! One box of 5 Eco Nuts with Canvas Bag and recycled packaging is only $8 from my online store the link to purchase is above!

A SPECIAL BONUS FOR SURFERS it is the BEST thing to use to wash your WET SUITS! Regular laundry or chemical detergents all make WET SUITS FADE AND eat them. ECO NUTS protects them and your wet suit lasts logner and is protected longer too we tested it and it is 100% SURFER APPROVED and you keep your oceans clean, pure and protected so you can SURF MORE TOO!  



NEW with Digital Timer! I am so happy to offer you this affordable and superior dehydrator for all your raw food needs. The Good4U brand dehydrator is very simple to use and perfect in dehydrating anything from herbs to your favorite raw treats. We have been using it for a few months and simply love it and know you will too! It is quieter, more efficient, more compact, prettier design, you can see your food! GOOD4U is the BEST brand at the best price and value!

~New 10 tray configuration with Digital Timer, NICE!
~Convenient size to fit in your kitchen and under a counter
~No bulky door to deal with, trays make their own closure. The gaps in the doors allow for more even drying.
~Includes 2 non-stick Teflex Sheets & 10 mesh sheets for making fruit leathers, flax crackers etc. & (2 Teflex Sheets, Extras are $1 each to be ordered seperately if you would like 8 more)
~Adjustable thermostat 84 deg F to 155 degrees F, Digital Timer adjusts from 0 to 40 hours.
~White color soon available in Black
~Rear mounted fan and heating element motor is very quiet and quieter than all other dehydrators!
~Instruction Book and recipe book included

~10 year warranty on all electrical components, with New TIMER!
~$170 Free Shipping, Handling TAX ALL INCLUDED IN ONE LOW PRICE!

NEW! Really Raw Agave! This is the best brand, price, quality and taste of really raw organic agave

in the World! Other Agave is actually cooked or heated with corn syrup. This one is

really 100% Raw Organic and amazing I can only recommend and use this brand! Only $6 tax/shipping/handling included.


These are New Special Designer RAW STAR Glass Straws for drinking your favorite Raw Organic Beverage, Green Smoothie, great for Coconuts too! Why a RAW STAR Glass straw? Well first it is made of super high quality Pyrex Glass and is hand made by an artisan, just think of the thousands of plastic straws and how much money you will save! And it is better than using Plastic Straws which not only gets plastic into your body and drinks but also pollutes our landfills and takes oh about 1,000 years to biodegrade! Now you can own and sport your own Designer High Quality reusable Eco Friendly RAW STAR Glass Straw and you will be protecting your health, saving the environment in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible! You will feel REALLY EMPOWERED TOO as you are directly protect your health and the environment it is a very special product for only $8 including tax/shipping/handling, comes in 3 different sizes and colors.

These are special too because they have colored dots on them making them colorful, hip, upscale, designer and makes them easier to see and hold as well. I BRING MINE EVERYWHERE There are 3 sizes:

~I like the Thin Gold one which is shorter and easier to carry around
~The next is a little Thicker Bigger and Longer Red one is the medium sized
~And the biggest is the Green one is bigger and thickest all are just $8 on my website.

Please note in the photo there is a huge giant Blue Dotted one but it is redicously large so I don't sell it
unless people want to special order it.

Just a new way to be Eco/Green and RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET! :o)

It is super with Coconuts so you won't spill any and very fun to use, people like to bring it with them everywhere instead of using plastic straws when you eat out even to RAW restaurants! Re-use is better than recycling! Re-using there is no waster or energy being used but recyling there is a lot that goes into that.


I will be adding more money saving and environment saving fun empowering products and choices for you to enjoy and they all make a great gift!

PS they come in a reusable recycled paper box for storage and they are very thick and strong and hard to break and very easy to clean just rinse by hand under warm water with eco soap!

SOME MORE BENEFITS is it keeps sugary sugars from your teeth so protects your teeth so if you drink a lot of smoothies this is a must have item and is the best! You deserve the best!


My all new Eco Bamboo Organic Cotton T-shirts with the RAW STAR LOGO!
Because you are a RAW Star when you are Raw Organic Saving the Planet!

In the most fun, delicious and fashionable ways possible.

The ladies also seem to like it!:)

Eco Bamboo Organic Cotton T-shirts are $25 includes tax/shipping/handling

Available in Black, Yellow and White with either Gold Logo or Water Based Purple.


Please use the Buy Buttons ABOVE & BELOW.

If there is some product you want and do not see it or if you have ANY questions, ideas, suggestions

Please e-mail me at:



In 2008 I have many different Raw Restaurants around the Country and World that will be featuring my

Special Raw Organic Menu, recipes, books, dvd, eco clothing and raw organic snacks/food/ingredients:

I will update you with new information and these raw restaurants are owned and operated

by independent owners and are not my franchise


Santa Cruz, Silverlake, Los Angeles California, New Jersey and Toronto Canada.


About my RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET Restaurant/Cafe Franchise

I will be opening the first one in Santa Monica, California

And have Franchisee Ownership Packages and Opportunities

Please e-mail me at: 

For all the investor information, details, special prices and packages.



All the stories, miracles and personal testimonials you have heard about RAW ORGANIC FOOD ARE TRUE.

RAW ORGANIC FOOD has been proven to cure, treat or solve: Obesiety, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes II, Allergies, Asthma and many more modern conditions. You can lose all the weight you want, lower cholesterol naturally and anti-age naturally while getting more energy too!

I wrote


the best selling and best raw organic recipe book

Available on for only $18, it is the Perfect Gift for loved ones

I based all of my recipes on Gabriel Cousens MD's medical research

So all of my raw organic recipes are the most optimal, balanced and nutritious.

Super Model Carol Alt revealed that RAW FOOD saved her life and keeps her young, gorgeous, slim and trim.

She has written 2 best selling raw organic food books explaining how RAW FOOD WORKS: 


Fashion Designer Donna Karan loves it: 

Demi Moore went RAW for only 1 month before filming Charlie's Angels 2 and everyone was AMAZED

at how young, trim and great she looked at age 40+, raw is naturally anti-aging:

It really worked for Demi Moore and she recommends it.


Actual recent photo of Lou Corona on RAW Food at age 55, proof that RAW Food is naturally anti-aging.


Angela Stokes 279 Pounds before RAW FOOD and 138 pounds after RAW ORGANIC FOOD

Michelle Reeves went from 310 pounds before to 231 pounds after RAW ORGANIC FOOD in only 1 year!

Raw Organic Food is so healthy but also super delicious.

In my book RAW IN TEN MINUTES I modeled all of my recipes to look and taste like your favorite

Junk and Comfort foods but came up with the most healthy raw organic versions and recipes

that are all under 10 Minutes or 5 Minutes to make, are ready to serve, eat and enjoy!

Kids, adults, college students, seniors and even OPRAH all love it.

Because it is Organic is also happens to be THE MOST ECO/GREEN/ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY too.


THE FACT IS RAW ORGANIC FOOD has been proven to cure, treat or solve: Autism, Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies and most modern day conditions/illnesses with MEDICAL PROOF: 

6 People with Diabetes II went 100% Raw Organic for 30 days and totally cured themselves of Diabetes II



Even Medical Doctors are realizing the benefits and importance of RAW ORGANIC FOOD: PLEASE READ PAGE 13, these are serious MD, Doctors researching how to cure Autism these are not health food advocates, or RAW Foodists but everyday real Doctors and even they understand the VALUE OF RAW ORGANIC FOOD which I am promoting.

From Yoga Journal Magazine: "Generally the raw food diet works because it is a synergy," says Donaldson. "Vitamins, enzymes, a healthy bowel, balanced emotions, positive outlook-all of these components come together in a living way. People overcome arthritis, allergies, cancer, you name it. I am still amazed by the testimonials."


There is an unlimited number of doctors, articles, proof, personal testimonials online so do your own research.

My raw organic recipe book RAW IN TEN MINUTES is the best, most fun, easy and enjoyable

so get your copy today on for only $13



Being Eco/Green is popular and necessary as Global Warming is real. We are supposed to take care of each other but also the Earth! Well now we can with Raw Organic Food, Bamboo Organic Clothing, Organic Eco Products. I have more than 12 years of expertise and experience to make going RAW, Eco and Organic fun, delicious, fashionable, sexy and you will feel super healthy, vibrant, anti-age naturally, have more energy, feel really alive and much more. It starts with detoxifying your life, home and environment. I will show you each step of the way how to do this naturally and in the most fun ways possible. You will learn and understand the principles of being more natural, organic and healthy. You will become much more happy, fulfilled and alive. I have many different services from making your home Eco/Green, to your entire life to your garden, car, clothing and more. Please e-mail me at today for your free consultation and for more information.


I now have my own National RAW ORGANIC ECO TV SHOW SERIES! Based on my book, knowledge, experience, passion for empowering people to save their health, community, environment and the World. The name of my national tv show series is RAW ORGANIC SAVING THE PLANET with Bryan Au. Each week I will teach you how to make some special fun raw organic recipes of mine, give you tips on how to be more Eco/Green/Environmentally friendly and I will travel to exotic destinations around the World and will be interviewing RAW/Eco/Organic people, chefs, restaurants, spas, resorts, yoga centers, products, cars, clothing and more. I want to show you how much fun it is to be Eco/Green/Raw/Organic and saving the Planet!

Soon you will see and hear about my TV Show everywhere in the coming months!


The above (TOP OF THIS PAGE) is an example of my Eco Green Interior Design: LED Solar Powered Awning, Low Emission Water based paint, Coconut Flooring, Stone Tables with copper inlay, eco hand made furniture and more!

If you are already enjoying Raw Organic Food and Lifestyle,

then you will LOVE my new Raw Organic Eco Fashion Designs!

The reason why I make and promote Raw Organic Cuisine is because I enjoy it

so much and benefit from it so I want the World to as well. I also wanted to empower

EVERYONE to enjoy the best Eco, Environmental, Raw, Organic Products available so they can be:


Now you can look and feel great while saving the World,

In the most fun, delicious and fashionable ways possible.

All of our fabrics and materials are Organic, All Natural, Eco, Environmentally Friendly

with the highest most healing loving intentions and vibrations behind each design and creation.

We use Bamboo Organic Cotton, Modal (Organic Tree Leafs), Bamboo Organic Cotton Denim

and are sourcing many new Eco Exotic Materials.

~Next week there will be the first RAW ORGANIC SHOES designed by Bryan Au!~

All of my eco clothing, shoes and products

will soon be available everywhere I hope you enjoy them!