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RAW STAR Gourmet Organic Dehydrated BBQ Potato Chips, Onion & Kale Flavor Potato Chips and Onion Rings are now Available!!!
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$120 includes 2 Soups, 3 Entrees, 1 Large Salad, 3 Desserts and 1 Smoothie the most Gourmet Amazing
$120 for a Box of 5 Large Raw Organic Vegan Gluten Free Desserts
$120 for 7 Juices delivered to your home or office

RAW STAR Potato Chips in different all natural flavors and Onion Rings are the most Gourmet, Delicious and the #1 BEST IN THE WORLD because of the new flavors, is organic, Award Winning #1 Best in the USA Recipe you simply cannot get or find a better potato chip or onion rings in the world and you deserve the best! In fact we like to call them "Beyond the Best!" They very are a World's First and Only brand new unique fun snacking but now is actually healthy! NEW FEATURES only in the BBQ Potato Chips: They are cut on high tech space age Ceramic Blades not conventional metal, they are perfectly sliced the entire length wise of the potato not just the width like most others and each piece is whole large and not tiny, not broken or crumbled like with other potato chips that are fried and unhealthy! This most high end gourmet freshest ingredients possible, made with loving and healing intentions with your health, happiness and well being in mind for you and the planet as it is all eco green packaging that is 100% recycled all natural materials, compostable and biodegradable bags yet locks out moisture, air and is reusable as well. You simply cannot find a better BBQ potato chip! The RAW STAR Onion Rings are a SUPER FOOD made with Raw Organic: Oranges, Sesame Seeds(Longevity health food), Hemp Seeds(complete Protein), Almonds(#1 most nutritious nut we do not use cashews in any of our products), Flax(a super food with fiber and amino acids), Mesquite Powder(a Super Food), Olive Oil, Celtic Sea Salt from France, Paprika.

RAW STAR Organic Gourmet Dehydrated Potato Chips are the absolute BEST AND ONLY ONES AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD! Now they come in 7 totally new flavors but are starting with BBQ and Onion Kale Flavors to begin with and adding the others later, something to look forward to! And there are new Onion Rings! You can only GET my RAW STAR Brand of packaged foods, snacks, ingredients and desserts here online with National and International Orders available or at my RAW STAR Cafe in Santa Monica, CA very soon! Everything is 100% Raw Organic Vegan, Gluten Free, all natural, non gmo, and RAWmazing! So unique, special, gourmet, 5 star presentation and ingredients because you deserve the best in health and nutrition. We will expand soon and the RAW STAR Brand of Potato Chips are only $6 a bag and will come in:

BBQ Flavor: RAW ORGANIC: Russet Potato, Mesquite Powder, Olive Oil, Celtic Sea Salt from France, Paprika, Lime Juice.

Onion & Kale: Raw Organic Russet Potato, Sweet Yellow Onion, Lime Juice, Kale, Parsley, Celtic Sea Salt from France, Olive Oil.

Coconut Crisp/Crackers/Cookies is made with Whole Coconut from Thailand with Coconut Water dehydrated into flat sheet so can be broken and eaten as a crisp, cracker or cookie it is slightly sweet and slightly savory at the same time with Organic Dried Coconut Flakes, Organic Sesame Seeds and a little Organic Flax Seeds. They are perfectly crispy, crunchy and delicious! You can put your favorite spreads on them or use as a dip or cookie dessert right out of the bag!

NEW! Sprouted Forbidden Black Rice Crisps/Crackers/Chips a World's First! Made of: Organic Sprouted Forbidden Organic Black Rice, Black Sesame Seeds, Olive Oil.


If you visit my RAW STAR Cafe in Santa Monica, CA you can try FREE SAMPLES when dining in or delivery orders over $50 delivered to your home or office but you can order them online Nationwide, Internationally and in Stores ! WHY RAW STAR gourmet dehydrated potato chips? Non gmo, no transfat, all natural, not deep fried, no acrylamide, no toxins, no carcinogens, 100% Organic all natural, delicious = nutritious, gourmet, "Beyond the Best", local, seasonal, truly sustainable eco green, but above all super healthy and RAWmazing!

 Raw Organic Recipes

are the most anti-aging, well researched, most optimal, rejuvenating, energizing and more!

Raw Organic Cuisine done correctly works but be careful to go with the most experienced

Raw Chef and Award Winning Raw Star Recipes that are based on a health expert and

Doctor named Gabriel Cousens MD. Are you ready to feel like a SUPER STAR?'

Because with RAW STAR Recipes you are the Star

saving your health, saving time, saving the community, the environment and entire Planet

in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible !

My Motto for 2012 "Save Everything!"

now you can with my RAW STAR Recipes.

The above photos are from people who made my RAW STAR Recipes and share their photos! Energy Bars you make at home

and Donuts that are actually really good for you? How is this possible? Super Food Ingredients. Raw Organic with the best most researched formulated raw food recipes in the World that are Award Winning because you deserve the best. So new when people

find out about this it will be the NEXT NATIONAL FOOD TREND AND MAJOR MEDIA DIET all your favorite junk foods now is

great for your health, well being, lose weight, get younger, feel amazing, look amazing yes you can!

Hint: The Donuts are raw organic flax seeds= very healthy on many levels and only 5 minutes to make!

What if one day you woke up and ALL of your FAVORITE JUNK FOODS WAS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD FOR YOU?
Would that be a fantasy or dream come true?

Well dream no more because now with RAW STAR Recipes you can have it all!

This is innovative, fun, fast, easy, in just a few minutes you can have the most healthy food in the World

possible while being satisfied with literally ALL of your favorite junk food, comfort foods and international menu!

Quick List before going into details as there is a lot of information to share about RAW STAR Recipes:

1.) The most Preventative recipes possible for: Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Allergies and more. Is Proven and anti-aging, rejuventating, you get more energy, clarity, joy, happiness and well being more than any other diet.

2.) Proven to be scientific, medically and nutritionally to be the best for you and the planet.

3.) The most fast, fun, delicious, easy, safest recipes to make, gourmet 5 Star New Flavors, Recipes, Techniques and Presentation.

4.) The most researched, with up the minute health information out of any and all raw organic food recipes available.

5.) The most peak performance, optimal, alkalizing, neutral ph, balancing, preventative, amazing, now the AWARD WINNING.

6.) The BEST #1 in the USA Award 2012 by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, because well you deserve THE BEST.

7.) The New You, in the New Year. Regardless of what diet or what you eat RAW STAR Recipes will improve your health and more.

8.) RAW STAR Recipes is an AMAZING journey of delights, gourmet food pleasures, dazzling health benefits that you have to experience yourself, it begins with just the first bite and there are so many positive discoveries just waiting for you to enjoy!

You may have heard of the glowing and wonderful benefits of Raw Organic Cuisine, Snacks and Desserts. Well they are all true if you do the research and get the best raw recipes. Congratulations you found RAW STAR Recipes which is the WINNER of the #1 Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA 2012 by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. I intentionally designed 200+ all new never before seen recipes and techniques that looks and tastes just like everyone's favorite junk food, comfort foods and with a International Menu: American, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Vietnamese and much more all in my RAW STAR Recipes, Organic Meals, Snacks & Desserts In 10 Minutes which is a best seller around the World. This is truly fun direct from Farm to Table recipes that does not have any cooking and is mostly hand mixing, chopping and blending with a few dehydrator recipes that you can easily make in your home and kitchen. All of my recipes are famous for being literally only 5 to 10 minutes to make and some are even only 2 minutes like my Baklava or Oraweo Dessert recipes which I actually prove in my videos. So now there are no more excuses not to eat healthy! Can't cook? Don't have time to cook? Great this is perfect for you because there is no cooking! It is all natural, raw, organic yet looks and tastes cooked, baked and deep fried but with all the vitamins, minerals, health benefits and essential enzymes intact. So you actually save money on top of saving the environment, your health and the entire Planet in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible! This is the biggest innovation to happen to the food world, junk food and health food world in a very long time. Finally someone is able to fuse all 3 together in the most amazing fun easy way. Finally Delicious = Nutritious! The best part is all of my recipes are based on up to the minute health information, a top health expert and Dr. Cousens MD, so they are all properly designed to be the most optimal, healthy, nutritious, peak performance, very low sugar, very low to no fat, low to no carbs, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan, the most anti-aging, the most anti-cancer, preventative, rejuvenating, re-energizing, amazing recipes on the Planet! Even though my RAW STAR Recipes looks and tastes just like junk food it is now the most healthy and nutritious possible because of the ingredients and the way I purposely created these recipes and techniques. It is a definite MUST TRY! On a basic level the purpose of Raw Organic Cuisine is to allow you to truly enjoy more fresh whole seasonal organic fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds into your diet. Most people are eating less fruits, vegetables and greens when you should be adding MORE. This is the only "Diet" that actually encourages you to ADD MORE FOOD TO YOUR DIET because it is so healthy. Also RAW uses what is normally "too healthy" or what we don't usually eat but should be eating everyday and makes it palatable but more delicious in amazing enjoyable ways. For example, Flax Seeds or certain greens is so healthy you don't usually find it in restaurants, or your meal but you should because of the fiber, protein, certain nutrients but in my RAW STAR Recipes we use them to make the most delicious 5 minute no bake chocolate chip cookies or macaroons, pies, cakes but also savory or main dishes too so you get Super Foods and Super Health Benefits that normally you would not be but in FUN DELICIOUS HEALTHY WAYS that has the same satisfaction as junk food, fast food and other foods that may create obesity, cancer or diabetes can now actually directly prevent and reverse it! That is the MAJOR POINT and PURPOSE of RAW Organic Cuisine and RAW STAR Recipes. Further it is meant for everyone not just for vegetarians or vegans. You do not have to be a full 100% Vegetarian or Vegan to enjoy these recipes! They just happen to be vegetarian and vegan but they really are for EVERYONE to enjoy and benefit from. Sometimes people get turned off or turned away when they see the words: raw, organic, vegetarian or vegan, they might think it is "too healthy" or "not for me" but the fact is I am here to change your mind and show you it is for EVERYONE to enjoy because delicious gourmet flavors, amazing new desserts and the best in health is something everyone has a right to have and vegetarian and vegan food has come a very long way it is now the most gourmet, creamy, delicious and actually good for you and the planet at the same time. I made RAW STAR Recipes to change everything, to save everything and to change people's minds because with my incredible new Award Winning Recipes you really CAN HAVE IT ALL AND HAVE IT RAW! Once you try my desserts, snacks or main meals you will truly understand and be a fan forever of RAW STAR Recipes! But that is just the beginning because a whole new world and gourmet adventure is waiting for you to discover that will dazzle you, delight you and you will go further with it while reaching the next level of health, joy, well being and so much more. The fun is in experiencing it yourself and making your own discoveries that you wish you found out about this "Secret" a long time ago. Raw Organic Cuisine is also proven to lower cholesterol naturally along with many more health benefits. The Fact is Hollywood Celebrities have known and used RAW for a long time for their health and beauty secrets only now do they feel comfortable enough to reveal to the public and to their fans that it works and is amazing. But now the "Secret" is out and with RAW STAR Recipes everyone can have the best food, recipes and health all in one book and in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible!

All the best in health and happiness,
Eco Chef Bryan Au



If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see PERSONAL TESTIMONIALS and ARTICLES from

Donna Karan and Super Model Carol ALT on how they love and benefit from RAW ORGANIC FOOD!





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All the stories, miracles and personal testimonials you have heard about RAW ORGANIC FOOD ARE TRUE.

RAW ORGANIC FOOD has been proven to prevent, reverse or solve: Obesity, Autism, Cancer, Diabetes II, Allergies, Asthma and many more modern conditions. You can lose all the weight you want, lower cholesterol naturally and anti-age naturally while getting more energy too! But all the information on this website is for INFORMATIONAL
PURPOSES ONLY please always consult with your doctor before making any decisions,

we are not making any medical recommendations or advice,

your health and well being as well as awareness is your

responsibility of which we hope we added to and improved.

Use of information on this website is free from all liability and please

consult with your physician, doctor or health professional.

Thank you.


Super Model Carol Alt revealed that RAW FOOD saved her life and keeps her young, gorgeous, slim and trim.

She has written 2 best selling raw organic food books explaining how RAW FOOD WORKS: 


Fashion Designer Donna Karan loves it: 

Demi Moore went RAW for only 1 month before filming Charlie's Angels 2 and everyone was AMAZED

at how young, trim and great she looked at age 40+, raw is naturally anti-aging:

It really worked for Demi Moore and she recommends it.


Actual recent photo of Lou Corona on RAW Food at age 55, proof that RAW Food is naturally anti-aging.


Angela Stokes 279 Pounds before RAW FOOD and 138 pounds after RAW ORGANIC FOOD

Michelle Reeves went from 310 pounds before to 231 pounds after RAW ORGANIC FOOD in only 1 year!

Raw Organic Food is so healthy but also super delicious.

In my book RAW STAR Recipes I modeled all of my recipes to look and taste like your favorite

Junk and Comfort foods but came up with the most healthy raw organic versions and recipes

that are all under 10 Minutes or 5 Minutes to make, are ready to serve, eat and enjoy!

Kids, adults, college students, seniors and even OPRAH all love it.

Because it is Organic is also happens to be THE MOST ECO/GREEN/ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY too.


Even Medical Doctors are realizing the benefits and importance of RAW ORGANIC FOOD: PLEASE READ PAGE 13, these are serious MD, Doctors researching how to cure Autism these are not health food advocates, or RAW Foodists but everyday real Doctors and even they understand the VALUE OF RAW ORGANIC FOOD which I am promoting.

From Yoga Journal Magazine: "Generally the raw food diet works because it is a synergy," says Donaldson. "Vitamins, enzymes, a healthy bowel, balanced emotions, positive outlook-all of these components come together in a living way. People overcome arthritis, allergies, cancer, you name it. I am still amazed by the testimonials."


There is an unlimited number of doctors, articles, proof, personal testimonials online so do your own research.

My raw organic recipe book RAW IN TEN MINUTES is the best, most fun, easy and enjoyable

so get your copy today on my Website for $15 Autographed with the #1 Best in USA Certificate.



Being Eco/Green is popular and necessary as Global Warming is real. We are supposed to take care of each other but also the Earth! Well now we can with Raw Organic Food, Bamboo Organic Clothing, Organic Eco Products. I have more than 12 years of expertise and experience to make going RAW, Eco and Organic fun, delicious, fashionable, sexy and you will feel super healthy, vibrant, anti-age naturally, have more energy, feel really alive and much more. It starts with detoxifying your life, home and environment. I will show you each step of the way how to do this naturally and in the most fun ways possible. You will learn and understand the principles of being more natural, organic and healthy. You will become much more happy, fulfilled and alive. I have many different services from making your home Eco/Green, to your entire life to your garden, car, clothing and more. Please e-mail me at today for your free consultation and for more information.


The above was my PA~RAW~DISE Raw Organic Restaurant in San Francisco

I opened it in 2005 and was the Executive Chef and Owner.

It has since been sold and I designed everything to be the most Eco Green Organic Interior and Design Possible.

The above is an example of my Eco Green Interior Design: LED Lighted Solar Powered Awning, Low Emission Water based paint, Coconut Flooring(everyone else uses bamboo), Stone Tables with copper inlay, eco hand made custom furniture and more!

I truly would like to open one in Los Angeles, CA and call it RAW STAR Restaurant then have a National Chain of them.

Please e-mail me if interested:



There are many types of blenders out there and people always ask me which one I like or recommend and that is easy it is the Vita Mix Blender the best in the world of course! Vitamix is quiet, powerful, professional and fun to use.