3 Day Juice Cleanse Special Sale DELIVERED
5 Day Juice Cleanse Special Sale DELIVERED

RAW STAR CAFE is now officially closed. Thank you so much everyone that came in and enjoyed the best raw organic vegan gluten free cuisine! We changed the world and made a huge difference. Thank you everyone for the most RAWmazing memories, friendship and laughter! If you have vouchers or questions please e-mail us at: rawbryan@gmail.com

306 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90405

RAW STAR CAFE is now officially closed. Thank you so much everyone that came in and enjoyed the best raw organic vegan gluten free cuisine! We changed the world and made a huge difference. Thank you everyone for the most RAWmazing memories, friendship and laughter! If you have vouchers or questions please e-mail us at: rawbryan@gmail.com

306 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica CA 90405

One of my most favorite Actors came in to RAW STAR CAFE and enjoyed our foods and desserts!
Tobey Maguire is AMAZING and we have a lot of Celebrities that love RAW STAR CAFE!

We have a SPECIAL JUICE CLEANSE & DETOX Program that is available for DELIVERY ONLY
 RAW STAR CAFE has teamed up with CoreHuman.com to provide this SPECIAL DELIVERY SERVICE

It comes with a Personally Autographed RAW STAR RECIPE BOOK which WON #1 Best in the USA Award 2012
by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

1.) $99 for 3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE DELIVERED TO YOU: Comes with Pink Himalayan Bath Salt, 18 Juices, 3 Almond Milks and 3 Gluten Free Raw Organic Vegan Gourmet Granola Snacks. This is normally $263 so is a SPECIAL SALE AND DISCOUNTED PRICE.

3.) $175 for 5 Day Juice Cleanse DELIVERED TO YOU: Comes with 40 Juices, 5 Almond Milks and 5 Gluten Free Raw Organic Vegan Gourmet Fruit Granola Cereal. This is normally $300 so is a SPECIAL SALE and DISCOUNTED PRICE.

And since a Celebrity Award Winning Chef is making them you know they taste the best
but they are also the most researched with Doctors, Health Experts, Nutritionists to be the best in taste, flavor, enjoyment as well as highest in Anti-oxidants, Anti-Aging,
Health Benefits and much more.

Here is a real review from a customer:

"I just had to email you again to tell you that the 3 day cleanse was absolutely wonderful!  The juices were so great and not bland like so many other cleanse juices.  I will definitely leave positive feedback everywhere because I think everyone should be coming to your store if they want to be healthy!" - Jen

It is true our Juice Cleanses tastes the bests and is 100% Organic. Other juices cleanses are either too strong or too bland and not organic at all! So we make it fresh and deliver to you.

ALSO OUR JUICE CLEANSE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT COMES WITH our amazing Raw Organic Granola Fruit Cereal Gluten Free
made with Raw Organic Vegan Gluten Free Oat Bran, Golden Flax, Shredded Coconut, Coconut Nectar, Coconut Sugar, Seasonal Organic Local Fruit.
The Oat Bran is fiber, protein, the Golden Flax is Omega 3s is a super food we are supposed to eat everyday fiber protein, the Shredded Coconut is very cleansing and tasty, Coconut Nectar and Coconut Sugar is both very low in sugar while organic probiotic enzymatic vegan and Organic Seasonal Fruit is a great topping. You start this with our freshly made Raw Organic Almond Milk made fresh and it is a delicious Cereal so you won't be hungry while starting your cleanse and detox in the most delicious and nutritious enjoyable ways possible! PHOTO:


After writing an award-winning vegetarian/vegan/raw/gluten free cookbook titled RAW STAR RECIPES Celebrity Chef Bryan Au

opened up a raw-vegetarian-vegan-organic and gluten-free cafe in Santa Monica to great

acclaim. Celebrities love it and you will too. Chef Bryan uses his food expertise to help you detox your body, rejuvenate and feel great:

• $99 for a one-day Juice Cleanse Package

• $263 for a three-day Juice Cleanse Package

$500 for 5 day Juice Cleanse Package

• All produce and products are raw, organic, seasonal, gluten free and vegan

The one-day cleanse package comes with six freshly pressed juices, one

almond milk, Himalayan Pink Salt.

The three-day cleanse package comes with eighteen juices, three

almond milks, three gluten-free granola snacks, Himalayan bath salts, and a Autographed raw

Award Winning cookbook titled RAW STAR RECIPES.

Please E-mail for more information or use the Paypal.com Buy Buttons to make your purchase it is available for PICK UP at

RAW STAR CAFE is now open and the reviews are in 5 Stars! 5 Star Presentation, Service, Comfort Foods, International Menu and only 3 blocks from the beach with ocean views and breezes with Free Parking Lot and Outdoor Elegant Luxurious Garden Patio Dining in the back. Now we are OPEN 9am-10pm EVERYDAY Mon-Sun

We are now offering Delivery Services, Catering and have a $120 A-WEEK-DELIVERED BOX MEAL PACKAGE
for $120 you get A Big Box of RAW STAR CAFE Soups, Salads, Snacks, Entrees, Desserts about 1 week's worth
delivered to your Home or Office everything is included please use the Paypal.com Button on Top to order
and e-mail: rawbryan@hotmail.com for more information or menu as it changes every week
it is a International Menu and we choose the items for you. You can customize your own items for $150 a box.

So please come by we have a special menu and YOU ALWAYS GET FREE SAMPLES AND FREE APPETIZERS everytime you visit.
We are 3 blocks from the beach with ocean breezes and views, FREE PARKING in the back next to Outdoor Garden Patio!
Hours are 9am-10pm Mon-Sun we are ALWAYS OPEN AND RAWays here to serve you as you are the RAW STAR and our special guest!
Eco Luxurious yet casual and menu is only $7-$10
We deliver, have classes, events, parties, health speakers and more.
Also FRESH Juices, Custom Juices, Delivery Juices, Smoothies, 100% ORGANIC FRESH SEASONAL RAW VEGAN GLUTEN FREE!


Our menu changes everyday and with many seasonal daily specials!

So please come in for full menu, daily specials and come back each day for new ones and surprises.


Soy Free, Cashew Free too!


Drinks:                                                                                                Detox Drinks & Juices:

Biodynamic Organic Coffee or Tea Sm $2.50 Lg$3.50

Green tea Latte $5                                                                      Green Clean $8

Almond Milk Horchata $8                                                           Turmeric Ginger Cinnamon $8

Super Green Smoothie $8                                                                 Lemon Cayenne Ginger $8

Espresso Drinks $3   Café Mocha $4                                                Apple Carrot Ginger $8

Strawberry or Chocolate Milkshake $8                                      Strawberry Ginger Apple Lemonade $8


Warming Soups:    

“Beef” Pho with Zucchini Noodles and Chick Pea Miso Soup Base $10

French Onion Soup $8

                     Kale Soup $8                         

                                                     Carrot Ginger Yam Soup $8                                                     

                                                   Cream of Broccoli Soup $8                                                    

                           Soy Free Frothy Organic Chickpea Miso Soup $8                             


Thai Basil Stuffed with Forbidden Black Coconut Rice with Teriyaki Onions $8

Spinach Paneer with Lettuce for Dipping $8
Special Very Berry Salad with Blueberry and Strawberry on Mixed Greens $12


Entrees: Sampler Plate $25 (Please Choose 3 from below)

Tostada on Basil Flax Crust and Macadamia “Sour Cream”, Tomato, Avocado $12

Warm Nachos Chips Platter with Olives, crispy Basil Flax Chips, Tomato, Pineapple, Avocado $14

The World’s BEST Mac & “Cheese” Kelp Noodles served warm! VERY POPULAR! $13

“Tuna” Sushi with sprouted Forbidden Black Coconut Rice $12

Open Face Tomato Avocado Sandwich on Sprouted Quinoa Cinnamon Raisin Bread $12

Macadamia Nut from Hawaii Alfredo Sauce on Zucchini “Pasta” Linguine $12

Sundried Marinara Spaghetti Sauce on Kelp Noodles $12

“Anchovy” Pizza with “Cheese” $12

Spicy Mango Pad Thai with Chili Oil with Kelp Noodles (can be made not spicy) $13
Raw Vegan Tuna stuffed in Lettuce cups and Micro Greens with “Mayo”  $13
Stir Fry “Mongolian Wok Beef”(Marinated Eggplant) on a Bed of Black Forbidden Rice $14


Good For You Desserts:


Fruit Tart $6                    THE BEST! Sweet Potato Pie $8                      Donut Platter Very Popular! $8 Mango “Cheesecake!” $10

Chocolate Covered Strawberries $8      Baklava with Salted Caramel Sauce $8      

Breakfast Items:

Blueberry Fruit Tart $5

Coconut/Cinnamon/Chocolate Donuts $6 for plate or $2 each

Fruit Parfait Cereal Granola with Almond Milk $8

We also deliver, cater, have weekly box meal deal, Certified Chef Class, Events, Parties and more!

Please CALL US (424)238-5138 or Come in to talk to us that is the best way to reach us thank you!

I am not against cooked foods, some cooked foods are healthy if prepared correctly but raw organic recipes are much better, faster, easier and healthier! In addition to properly cooked foods, raw organic vegan gluten free foods and RAW STAR Recipes will help to detox, rejuvenate, anti-age, give you amazing energy, make you feel incredible but you have to eat it and experience it to instantly understand. For new people the words "RAW FOOD" may not sound very attractive or appetizing so I have named it RAW STAR Recipes, RAW STAR Diet, RAW STAR is fun and appealing and yes it rhymes! Millions of people have tried my RAW STAR Recipes and Foods and a new adventure is waiting for you too! I have to teach and create awareness that your body actually is designed to eat foods in the raw organic uncooked form we ate this way for millions of years so our DNA, body, mind and spirit adapted to this as the most optimal diet and foods to eat although we later became omnivore which created and caused many modern day health problems, diseases and current health epidemic of obesity, diabetes and cancer among many other health problems. RAW STAR is the fun delicious soulution since we have all of your favorite comfort foods, international menu, junk foods and desserts but now is actually very healthy for you and the planet! It almost seems too good to be true but Award Winner Chef Bryan Au has finally been able to combine the best of both worlds so you are totally satisfied and get to enjoy all of your favorite foods in the most healthy delicious new ways possible. The flavors are incredible and out of this World once you try RAW STAR Recipes or Cafe you will be a fan forever!

Not too many companies make or promote raw organic food and nutrients that we actually need and we have strayed far away from our original diet and way of eating naturally. This is what has caused our modern day health epidemic. But the easy solution is clear we MUST ADD MORE FRESH BIO-AVAILABLE nutrients, vitamins, minerals and live enzymes to our daily food choices through Raw Foods now named RAW STAR Foods or RAW STAR Recipes or RAW STAR Diet: because our body actually requires and needs it. It is ONLY AVAILABLE in fresh, raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds so usually most of us eat mostly cooked foods, packaged foods, fast foods, processed foods so this vital essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes only found and only available in the raw organic form is lacking and deficient! So RAW STAR Chef Bryan Au has invented these very quick, fun, easy and incredibly delicious 5 to 10 minute recipes ON PURPOSE to EMPOWER AND ACTIVATE the most healthy foods, recipes and lifestyle for you to enjoy and bring you back to your natural state of vibrant health, balance, optimal well being and joy. It is called the RAW STAR DIET, RAW STAR RECIPES, RAW STAR Cafe, RAW STAR Academy, RAW STAR Packaged foods that are all 100% Raw, Organic, Fresh, Healthy, Gourmet, Delicious is now Nutritious! But you must be careful to choose the most researched RAW STAR Diets, Foods and Recipes because there are many that are random and unhealthy out there mine are based on Gabriel Cousens MD research, recommendation and advice a successful long time currently practicing Medical Doctor that uses Raw Foods to heal and cure people
and has bestselling books that I based all of my recipes on so RAW STAR is the most well researched, optimal and healthy raw food recipes in the World and now is Award Winning #1 Best in the USA Award 2012. Although there are many choices always choose the most researched and based on scientific and medical research instead of just random raw recipes that happen to be raw! Many raw recipes I see out there are too high in sugar, too high in fat, or have high mycotoxin ingredients and they do not ever explain this to you!
I care about your health and well being enough to point this out and I teach what is healthy raw food and unhealthy dangerous random raw food while other people, authors and chefs never touch on this subject it is vital and important to know!

Raw Star Culinary Academy is now available in Los Angeles.
We offer the BEST RAW CHEF Certified Chef Class in the World.


1.) $200 Weekend Class at Raw Star Cafe
2.) $500 Intermediate Class at Raw Star Cafe
3.) $1,000 Advanced 1 Week Class at Raw Star Cafe
4.) $3,000 1 Week Certified RAW STAR CHEF Class at Raw Star Cafe

PLEASE E-mail directly to make your reservation, payment and arrangement:

My current RAW STAR Recipe book is the
The Bestselling & Voted #1 BEST in the USA Vegetarian Cookbook Award 2012
by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Eco Chef Bryan Au
I turned 41 years old this year and in this recent photo!
I am a Anti-aging Expert and formulated all of my RAW STAR Recipes
to be the most Anti-Aging, Longevity Enhancing, Optimal Nutrition possible with expert research and 20+ years of experience
Because you deserve The Best

100% Raw Organic Cuisine with 5 Star Presentation: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Entrees, Snacks, Smoothies,
Juices, Desserts, Packaged Foods, Deliveries, Take-Out, Classes, Academy, Weekly Boxes, Catering and more.

1.) $200 Weekend Class at Raw Star Cafe
2.) $500 Intermediate Class at Raw Star Cafe
3.) $1,000 Advanced 1 Week Class at Raw Star Cafe
4.) $3,000 1 Week Certified RAW STAR CHEF Class at Raw Star Cafe

PLEASE E-mail directly to make your reservation, payment and arrangement:

1.) $200 Weekend Class at Raw Star Cafe
2.) $500 Intermediate Class at Raw Star Cafe
3.) $1,000 Advanced 1 Week Class at Raw Star Cafe
4.) $3,000 1 Week Certified RAW STAR CHEF Class at Raw Star Cafe

PLEASE E-mail directly to make your reservation, payment and arrangement:

On top of being a Award Winning Celebrity Eco Chef, Actor, Spokesperson, Bestselling Author, Eco Green Designer, Organic Fashion Designer, Yoga and Health Expert, I also offer Health Consultations, Life & Success Coaching, personal Raw Organic Chef Certification Classes, Eco Green Fashion Designing for men, women and children's clothing, accessories and shoes, Eco Green Home Decor and Furniture Designs. I know, what can I say, I like to keep busy and active. All that RAW Energy and RAW Power has to be channeled into daily creative pursuits and well it is a Big Planet to Save! Thank goodness Raw Organic Cuisine and Desserts gives me the strength and energy to say yes to life and to empower people to have fun with it too.

If you would like to lose weight or gain weight with ripped muscles please e-mail me for my personal training programs, consultations and rates. I have 20+ years of experience, helped thousands of people and taught people all around the world along with spas, restaurants and chefs. All of my RAW STAR Recipes are based on Gabriel Cousens MD the top raw food doctor and health expert no other raw chef or recipe books have done that type of research or based on actual scientific and medical research into raw optimal recipes and health benefits. Important health facts that you need to know and should know about with all foods but also in comparing raw recipes and raw recipe books: Does it have high Mycotoxins? What are Mycotoxins and how do we avoid them? Does it have too many dates and high sugar in the recipes? What is the fat content of the recipes? Are they true Chefs with many years of working as a chef and owning a raw restaurant? Did they do any research or base any of their raw recipes on a health expert or raw food doctor? What is alkalizing, oxygenating, neutral Ph in food and recipes? Are there ways to protect yourself from both Cell Phone and EMF Radiation? Which 3 foods do that and are they in the recipes? I can EXPLAIN all of the above and information is in my RAW STAR Recipe book, I have been a Chef for more than 20+ years and have owned and operated my own Raw Organic Restaurant and will open more soon and a national chain of them  please e-mail me for more information. I care enough about your health and well being to do the required research and base my raw food recipes on the top health expert and raw food doctor so you are getting truly correct healthy optimal raw organic recipes and not random raw recipes that happen to be raw only to sell a series of raw recipe books with unhealthy ingredients or recipes, if others did not do the research or base their recipes on a doctor or top health expert you have to question why didn't they? The main reason is that people are making assumptions that if it is "Raw Organic it has to be good for me right?" wrong just like any diet or cuisine out there you must please do the correct research and know what is good and what is bad. Once people realize that certain raw chefs and recipes has been increasing their mycotoxin intake, increasing their chances of disease or cancer through high sugar, high fat or random recipes they will get very upset, but most people do not know this is happening to them because no one cared to point it out until now. There are many people making raw food claims and titles but your health and well being is literally on the line so you should only go with the most experienced, award winning and the best! Will be one of the first premiere restaurants to introduce probiotic foods, snacks, desserts and awareness along with essential oils that are food and therapeutic grade which we will teach you how it increases health and your vibration while enhancing and enchanting foods to new levels. Are you ready RAW STARS? This will be dazzling and the most incredible unique dining experience of your life! At RAW STAR Cafe you are the Star!

I am acting and dancing in Avicii Levels Music Video in the 2nd half at 1:57, this song is on the Radio nationwide and very popular in Europe and around the World. MTV names Avicii, a top DJ from Sweden,  the Artist to watch in 2012 and Avicii just donated $1,000,000 to Feeding America Charity that will be serving 8 Million meals to men, women and children that are struggling with hunger in America. I also personally work with and donate my raw organic food, time and money to Feed The Children, March of Dimes, Red Cross, Right To Succeed, Prevent Obesity and many other non-profit or charity organizations. I am very honored and proud to be part of Avicii's Music Video which has 51Million Views on YouTube.com:

Please click the link directly above to watch me in the Avicii Levels Music Video. I participated because I wanted to remind people that exercise as well as celebrating life everyday through food, music and dance is fun and important to our health.

Then I got invited to sing FOOTLOOSE with Kenny Loggins live on stage! They are editing the Professional TV Video but here is a fan's iPhone Video of it on YouTube.com:

Photos samples of packaged foods available soon on the new RAW STAR Online store which is opening soon right now is being
"remodeled" but you can order and enjoy RAW STAR brand of packaged, foods, snacks, desserts, organic clothing, books, DVDs and more. Chocolates, Potato Chips(Dehydrated and amazing new gourmet flavors), Raw Organic Vegan "Pepperoni" can be eaten as a snack out of the bag or used as "Pepperoni", Croutons, Ketchup, Saracha, and many more surprises that will amaze and delight!

Examples of my Eco Green Fashion Designs, Eco Green Shoe Design, New Eco Skateboard and more products coming soon like LED Lighted Lamp for the home, Eco Chef Bryan Au designer Organic Eco Kitchen and Bath Towels and more:

Personal Contact: Media Interviews, Articles, Sponsorships, Eco Green Design and Consultation Services, Licensing, wholesale orders, classes, questions, lectures, appearances:

Eco Chef Bryan Au
E-mail: rawbryan@hotmail.com

And you don't have to change the way you eat to get benefits! My recipes are so powerful that by enjoying more of them or adding more each day you get all the benefits. This is the ONLY DIET in the World that encourages you to ADD MORE FOOD but this time it is the most healthy and amazing. Everyone loves it and they go further with it, the #1 reason is taste, enjoyment, delicious but the health benefits and energy is INSTANT you look and feel the BEST EVER INSTANTLY!

Finally Nutritious = Delicious!

My goal is to make Raw Organic cuisine popular, mainstream and enjoyable for everyone! Previously people thought that being Vegan meant bland tasteless tofu or food but with my all new recipes, techniques, recipe books, Eco Chef App and more I am out to prove that Raw Organic Vegan Cuisine is the most DELICIOUS, INNOVATIVE, AMAZING thing to happen to the Food, Chef and Culinary World in a long time. No other diet or food trend exists that has the same health benefits, totally new recipes flavors and textures to enjoy and once you try one of my Raw Organic Vegan Desserts you will be a fan forever I guarantee it! It is so fresh, tasty, vibrant, amazing you will absolutely LOVE IT! Try something new, healthy and share the gift of health, well being and more with friends, family and loved ones. You can still eat what you enjoy but just add more Raw Organic Food to balance out what you already eat the fact is you will feel and look so great you will naturally add more Raw Organic Food and will want to. Don't worry about percentages or "How raw are you?" the fact is your body will be attracted to the right amount and percentage the main point is to enjoy your food and get the most benefits from it.

Regardless of what foods or diet you prefer doctors are always telling us to eat more fresh organic fruits and vegetables...but no worries because my recipes are ALL Organic Fruits, Vegetables with some nuts and seeds already so you don't have to worry! Many Celebrities and famous people are trying more Vegan foods, recipes and diet to improve their health and longevity this is a excellent and good trend. Bill Clinton, Mike Tyson, Ellen, Oprah and many more are recommending it and benefiting from it so you should too. Just incorporate more plant based Organic fruit and vegetables in your daily routine and you too will see and feel the positive energy, effects, health benefits and will want to go further with it I guarantee it!

I am not asking you to go 100% RAW or change your diet or your lifestyle I am lovingly and gently guiding you and creating new awareness to totally improve your life to look and feel like you never thought was possible! You have to try something new, fun, healthy and delicious that is good for both your body and the entire Planet! So welcome to the new Raw Organic Eco Green Cuisine and Adventure you will totally LOVE IT. It is complimentary to your existing diet and lifestyle. I know I can change your mind about food, health, vegan food, gourmet flavors, cooking, and more this will be incredible and amazing.

Some quotes "Save money, your health, community, environment, the World with my recipes and Eco Green Cuisine you can now SAVE EVERYTHING!" that is my new motto.

"Save the Planet with truly Eco Green Cuisine fresh, fun and healthy new recipes that will RAWCK your World!"

I will come up with more, please enjoy my new recipes and I want to wish you the best in health, love and happiness,

Eco Chef Bryan Au




With the weather getting warmer and the environment changing at such a rapid pace

people are becoming more aware of their actions, product choices and how sensitive


But this is where Eco Chef Bryan Au can help you with my ECO STYLING, ECO SERVICES, ECO CONSULTATIONS.

I have partnered up with many new companies that are commissioning me for my Eco Green Consultation

Services, Eco Green Designs for the home, furniture, hotels, businesses, companies and more.

Please e-mail me for a FREE ECO GREEN Consultation and Eco Styling Services at:


I have the BEST access to the BEST Eco Green Products, Services, Solutions, Designs, at the BEST PRICES.

I guarantee to meet or beat any other Eco Green Prices, Consultation Services, and be the BEST for your

lifestyle, company, hotel, business, home and more so

please e-mail me thank you, we can save money, save our health

save the environment and save the World together in the most fun, fashionable and delicious ways possible!

I am now available for a World Wide Tour, lectures, booksigning, speaking,

classes, TV and Media or Event Appearances.

Please e-mail me at rawbryan@hotmail.com

Raw Organic Chef Bryan Au is available for Lectures, Presentations, Demonstrations,

Book Signings, Interviews for TV/Magazines/Internet/Radio/Media, Product Endorsements and Licensing.

Please e-mail: rawbryan@hotmail.com


Chef Bryan Au has taught and lectured all around the World at: Sacramento, CA, Maryland, Los Angeles, New York. Tokyo, Japan and has been invited to and will be teaching in: Denmark, Seattle, New York, Florida, England, Scandanavia, Ireland, Chicago.


Please e-mail Chef Bryan Au at RawBryan@hotmail.com to make arrangements and appointments.

 The intention to create more Raw Organic Chef Leaders, Businesses, to empower more leaders & promote Global Health & Harmony.



You may sign up for my Free Raw Organic Newsletter below, please enter your e-mail and you may unsubcribe at any time. I will include fun free totally new Raw Organic Recipes, Special Discounts, Special Totally Free Sample Offers, Free Sneak Peak Previews to my RAW Organic DVDs/TV SHOW/RAW Documentary Movie, new Raw Organic Snacks, Products, Ingredients, News and a lot of fun info so please sign up today! :o)

Please enter your e-mail here for the Free Newsletter to get discounts, freebies, free recipes,updates on my RAW TV Show Series, Documentary Movie and more! 



The BEST Raw Organic Cuisine Dining Experience





100% Raw Organic Vegan Cuisine

Decadent, Amazing, Healthy all Organic Saving the Planet

Seasonal, Menu Changes often and there are many Daily Specials

The Best Dining Experience in the World




Cream of Broccoli Soup

Broccoli, Pine Nuts, Herbs and Spices, Olive Oil, Miso, all of our soups are served Hot under 114' so is still RAW!


Red Bell Pepper Soup

Can be spicy or regular, red bell peppers, herbs and spices, miso


Creamy Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower, Brazil Nuts, White Truffle Oil, Miso


Carrot Ginger Soup

Savory Carrot with a hint of spicy ginger from Hawaii


Miso Soup

Organic Cold Mountain Brand Miso, bok choy, sprouts, carrots, flax crackers




Organic Baby Spring Salad Mix

Fresh Figs, Berries, Basil, cherry tomatoes

Choice of Ranch/Italian/Raspberry Dressing



Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

Delicate Zucchini flowers stuffed with Pine Nut Cheese, sundried tomato sauce, olive oil, this is

a super gourmet delight that you will love, highly recommended!


Pizza Flavor Flax Crackers with gaucamole


Yam "Fries" with gaucamole ie "Super Nachos"




Special Wraps

Rainbow Chard, Gaucamole, Salsa, cherry tomatoes, olives, pine nut cream sauce, lots of great toppings makes

this the best wrap in the World! People love this new creation.


NEW TAMALE, Super Nacho Combo

2 Tamales from RAW IN TEN MINUTES recipe book! Nachos, "Cheese Sauce", Gaucamole, Chips, Ole!


BRAND NEW Chef Bryan Au Creation: NEW BLT Open Face Sandwich

Soft Raisin Flax "Bread", "Mayo", Baby Lettuce, Heirloom Tomato, "Bacon"(Marinated Dulse Seaweed), Yam Fries on the side, this is so super delicious!!!



New amazing Veggie "Burger" on top of rainbow chard, ketchup, "mayo", home made pickles,

sliced tomatoes, side of Yam Fries, super delicious!



A BRAND NEW CHEF BRYAN AU creation, never before seen in the RAW CUISINE WORLD

Eggplant "Pasta", Cauliflower "Cheese", Sundried Tomato Sauce, Spinach, Olive Oil, Basil

Side of salad and sprouts, just amazing!


Macaroni & Cheese with side Salad

Totally vegan and reminds you of Summer Time Picnics! Yams, miso, tumeric, cabbage, raisins, sundried cranberrys


Spanish Lasagna

Zucchini "Pasta", Sundried Pesto Sauce, Guacamole, Pine Nut Cheese, olives, olive oil, spices



Squash "Pasta", Nut Asparagus "Cream"(vegan) Filling or Dill Cream filling, Red Pepper Sauce,

Truffle Oil, Micro Greens


Pasta Alfredo

 Zucchini "Pasta", Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Pine Nut Alfredo Sauce with

Fresh Basil


"Stir Fried" Rainbow Chard on a "Deep Fried Yam Nest"

Rainbow Chard, Raisin Miso "Stir Fry" Sauce, Sesame Seeds, on top of a Dehydrated "Deep Fried" Yam Nest

An incredible new Raw Creation by Chef/Owner Bryan Au

Super delicious and amazing!




AMAZING NEW SPECIAL: Strawberry Cheesecake $8

Strawberrys, Brazil Nuts, Agave, Chocolate Crust, Chopped Strawberries with sauce on top!


NEW Carrot Cake $7

Carrots, Cinnamon, Pine Nut Coconut Cream, 2 layers of fluffy carrot cake, just AMAZING!


White Chocolate Cream Cake $7

Chocolate Crust, White "Chocolate" filling, for you chocolate lovers!

Chocolate Mousse $7

Smooth Chocolate Mousse served with Chocolate Sauce, BlackBerry, Strawberry, Mint


Bakalava $7

Sunflower seeds, agave, cinnamon, Apple "filo", choice of Vanilla Bean or Chocolate Ice Cream


Various Daily Special Cakes and Pies $7




Fresh 100% Organic, with Raw Organic Agave, Organic fresh seasonal fruit


Strawberry Goji Berry $6

Mixed Fruit and berries $6

Chocolate Mint $7




Carrot Juice Fresh Organic $5


Menu and Ingredients will change and we would love your suggestions and input

on how to improve each dish or suggest a new one!

We can make anything to order, we also do catering, private parties, corporate events,

birthdays, please e-mail me directly at:



Found these interesting articles:



Good RAW info in a non raw Website, the truth and knowledge is growing!


Read the bottom!




Music Groups:


Sharrhan Williamson is a Raw Vegan Musician for more than 25 years and has a RAWmazing technique called 'looping' with electronic delays that creates amazing cascades and layers of harmonious and celestial sound, and on top of the chords I create with the flute and delay, I improvise melodies that evoke the depths of the soul and the heights of the inner heavenly realms. At the moment she has 3 CDs of original improvisations. You can listen to 7 full-length MP3s of her music. Also, the CDs will be available online soon. Here's the links, Enjoy and RAWCK ON! :



http://www.brucewall.net/music_gallery.html Bruce Wall is an amazing Raw Living Foodist Guitar Player and musician you can listen to soothing beautiful music from his CD!


http://www.sourceoflight.com/music.html I got to meet Joe the incredible talent and singer of Source Of Light the CD. He is into the Raw Living Foods scene and proof that Living Foods does amplify your creativity and talents! He has super spiritual and uplifting music with accompanying lyrics that will uplift your soul and remind you of many important messages, you will dig it! Here are some sample lyrics:


"In your heart you create                                "We have enough love bewtween us

 Dreams and fears make no mistake                 Make no mistake

 Choice is yours its up to you                            To start to reawake

 To shine the light!                                           We have enough love between us

 You reap what you sow                                    For peace and harmony across the land

 It's up to you to grow                                      To get to where we can

 Thanks and praise!                                          We are all one on this planet no where else to go

 We can live and love!"                                     We can heal and make it real if you want to know"


Joe is that source of light and inspiration for us all! More links coming soon...thanks and praise!