Title:  The Yellow Spring
(subtitle especially for the ChamberPot Gallery: “Nature Calls: Yellow Springs Eternal”)

Price: $150
Medium: Photographic Composition printed on canvas

Bio: Amy Achor (pronounced “acre”) is a long-time resident of Yellow Springs, having first come here in 1975 to attend Antioch College. A former writer and proofreader, Achor is relatively new to the “art scene.” Although she only began publishing her images a few years ago, her work has been well-received. She has exhibited in several one-woman shows, as well as group shows. One of her pieces, “Water Branches,” took first place in the 2006 Dayton Visual Arts Center Members’ Exhibition. Galleries that have sold Achor’s work include 1212 Gallery in Richmond, Virginia; Town & Country Fine Art Gallery in Dayton; NOLAA Gallery in Yellow Springs; and, currently, Village Artisans in Yellow Springs. Especially gratifying to Achor is the sale of 16 pieces purchased for permanent display at a Dayton-area clinic, where she hopes the images bring a sense of peace and beauty to patients and staff who view them.

Besides producing framed wall art, she also delights in making her prints available as cards and small images, because she feels it’s important to make art available to people at different income levels.

Artist’s statement: “As my art reflects, I am drawn to and sustained by the beauty of nature. But I like to take it beyond the usual into the realm of  ‘unusual.’ While I create many different types of images, I am best known for my symmetrical works, where I piece together multiple images of the same photograph, ending up with an entirely new image in the process. It’s sort of like putting together several pieces of a puzzle to form a larger, single image -- except each piece of the whole is also a finished product in itself.

These ‘Vision Quest’ images, as I call them, take on a life of their own. When two or more images are combined, the new image seems to become inhabited with tiny creatures and faces peering from behind leaves or through clouds. Colors and textures merge to form striking, intricate patterns. In other words, the newly formed image becomes greater
than the sum of its parts, a unique and visually complex mosaic.

The piece on display in the ChamberPot Gallery, 'The Yellow Spring', is the first in a series of photo-compositions of the Yellow
Spring in Glen Helen Nature Preserve. It is my hope that the images in this series convey some of the magic that is the Yellow Spring.”

Contact Info:

Website:  www.WildWomanPhotos.com
Email: WildWomanPhotos@aol.com
Phone:  (937) 767-7986
Current Representation:  Selected works are available from Village Artisans, corner of Dayton St. and Corry St., Yellow Springs.