Title:Important Decisions"

Price: $300

Media: Oil on Canvas 24” x 36”, 2008

WEBSITE: http://maughanart.com/


    A resident of Yellow Springs, Ohio since 2006, Maughan still spends much time working in New York City, where he moved from San Francisco in 1968.  He was born in Calgary, Canada and grew up in the Alberta oil fields until the age of ten.  His parents then moved to western Montana.  At about the age of 20 Maughan hitched hiked around Europe.  In that year, in Florence, Italy, he saw Michelangelo’s David.  “David bowled me over,” he says.  “At that moment my life’s direction was set.”

          Back in the U.S. he attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where he earned a BFA and an MFA.  He has since worked in various media, but sculpture has dominated his efforts.  In the last 20 years he has worked principally in ceramic clay, much of which is then cast in bronze.


“Important Decisions”


          I was first drawn to depicting the Minotaur as subject matter by the writing of Marija Gimbutas on early matriarchal Mediterranean cultures and by Robert Graves’ speculations on the Pasiphäe-Bull-Minotaur story.  In the Greek myths the Minotaur is locked in the labyrinthine prison.  But his mother was the Queen, one of his grandfather’s was Helios, the Sun, his father was Poseidon’s prize bull, and his stepfather, so to speak, was King Minos, a son of Zeus.  So in some sense he was a Prince.

          I thought he might want to step out of the labyrinth and visit here in Yellow Springs.


141 North Walnut Street

Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387






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