Title: "Knit Knot Tree"

Price:  $150

Media:  Print from manipulated photograph of the Jafagirl Knit Knot Tree


Bio: I was born in the Northeast of England and spent some of my teen years in London.  I moved to the United States in 1978 with my husband and lived in several states before settling down in Yellow Springs for the second time.  While I have always been creative and enjoyed crafts, sewing and embroidery, it wasn't until the age of 40, when I took my first oil painting class, that I discovered an ability and a passion for painting. I studied under Marie Linnekin at Ann Arundel Community College MD and as a member of her monthly art critique group from 1995 until 1999.


Artist Statement:   I love the process of creating, the conceptual process, the challenge, the colours, the shapes, the textures, and the smells of a studio/workshop.   Making art becomes a time to connect with the deepest part of who I am, unmasked and unrestricted by barriers, distractions and obstructions of the world around me.


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