Title: "Yellow Springs"


Media: acrylic                              




I remember getting into trouble when I was very small for enlisting the

help of my younger brother to join in "decorating" the walls of our shared bedroom. I also remember sitting beside my grandmother and drawing for hours. This interest in art has continued to be something that I have embraced and explored.


After all these years, nothing has changed. I am now a senior at Wright State University majoring in fine arts. At Wright State I have studied printmaking, painting, sculpture, photography and drawing. I decided that sculpture would be my concentration. However, that was a hard choice to make, as I love all media and embrace each for what they have to offer.


Art is my escape. When I view, create, or even just think about art, my mind is set free from the chains of my career, my obligations at home, and the responsibilities of school. The only time I feel I can truly be free to be myself is when I am creating art.


Melissa is currently employed at Wright State University and resides in Cedarville with her fiance Scott and dog Skunk.


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