Title: "You Meet the Most Interesting People in Yellow Springs”

Price:  $300                            

Media: Oil Crayon with Yarn border      


Artist Info:

N. Mellon is a multi media artist happily living and creating in the art community of Yellow Springs, Ohio.   From 2006-2008 she has gotten into some wonderful art mischief in partnership with artist  Corrine Bayraktaroglu.    They created and curate one of the wackiest venues for an art gallery in the world, (yep-it was touted as that in newspaper articles, on radio shows, on the internet and in TV shows all over the world.)  The Chamber Pot Gallery is in the public restrooms of the Yellow Springs Train Station.   As Corrine says, “It’s a Loo with a view.”

As part of the Jafagirls, she has brought to the community of Yellow Springs a series of offbeat projects, starting with the Art Ball Machine, (currently residing at NOLLA Gallery) and the Knit Knot Tree which garnered a lot of community joy and international attention over a dreary grey winter.   Currently Corrine and Nancy are working on the Dayton St.  Textile Totem project to bring people over to the Dark Side of Town.    The Jafagirls have an ongoing project of peppering the town with Free, Found Art on The Third Friday Fling in the Springs.   This project is being sponsored by a grant from the Community Foundation.

Nancy also works in traditional mediums of canvas and clay, but from there she takes off to wherever her fancy leads her.   Currently she is grappling with how to use the ‘canness’ of a crushed can support, color choices for a candy shrine and a collaborative bric a brac wall hanging with Corrine.   It’s chaotic but exhilarating.

N. Mellon is a member of the Village Artisans, a friendly, funky artists’ co-op at 100 Corry St. in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  Every August, VA sponsors, Art on the Lawn, a juried art festival.

Contact her at 937-767-1366



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