Title: "Evi still Rocks"     Title:  "Beastly Midnight Rush"

Price: $375               Price: $175

Media: Acrylic             Media: Acrylic


Artist Information:

Jewelry & Multimedia Artist

I've been creative from early childhood.  In elementary school, art was always my favorite class.  At home I learned to sew from my mother and grandmother, crochet from my aunt and the love of wood working from my father.  I was very lucky to have their influence in my life.  After elementary school I went on to make my own clothes.  Around the age of twelve I took my first class in jewelry construction.  That began a life long love of designing and making jewelry.  Painting, drawing, sewing, photography and drama club were some of the things I did in high school to keep my creative drive satisfied.  I have never stopped trying new things including stained glass, acrylic painting and lapidary work(stone cutting). 


Now, I work with gold, silver, copper, brass, precious and semiprecious stones, stained glass and lots of other things to create my one of a kind jewelry and multimedia artwork.  My style is a mix of eclectic and contemporary.  I like to incorporate geometric shapes, soft curves and clean lines. Most of my jewelry includes one or more gemstones.  I like to make bold and dramatic jewelry.  All of my work is made by hand in my studio using time-honored fabrication methods.  Most of my work is one of a kind or limited editions.  Visit Talitha's Jewelry & Designs website!


Talitha's work can be seen in:

Rita Caz Jewelry Studio 220 Xenia Avenue, Yellow Springs (located in King's Yard)