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Early in March 2006, I had originally started this little unknown web site to share ONLY about the 1992 UFO.

I am still contemplating on whether I should provide the full video or not to what we've seen here in Portland, Oregon in 1992 . (I do cuss on the video and I am VERY embarrassed about that) However, just watching the 1992 video is really not enough as there was much more to the incident that night prior to me getting it on video.  I have provided a "snippet portion" of the 6 minute video (as the object passes overhead , while we were standing underneath the power lines) on this web site for review.


I hope you will carefully read what I've tried to provide here on the 1992 UFO. I've also provided the copy of my four page report that I had submitted to MUFON in 1992 as well.


Over the years, we've tried to "logically" explain what this might have been but we have not been able to figure this out.  I have been very reluctant to come forward about this incident, especially after being let down after trying to report this in 1992... until recently.


What is really going on out there?


The picture below is a few screen images from the video I did of the 1992 UFO.



This was NOT a firework or flare

This was NOT a light tied on to something

This was NOT a balloon or blimp

This was NOT ball lightening

This was NOT a plane or Heli

It was completely silent and moved AGAINST the wind direction

No smoke or falling slag was seen coming from this object


View a few "still shot images" extracted from the 1992 video  here 


What ever this strange object was in 1992, it was over our area for well over 25 minutes!


Please check back again for updates and thank you for dropping by.




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