A Day Out With Thomas

The Great Discovery Tour 2008



Earlier this year (back in May 2008) while waiting in the car, the twins and I heard an advert on the radio about meeting Thomas & Sir Topham Hat.  As soon as  I got home, I looked up on the internet what this was all about. After reading more on the web site, it convinced us to take the  twins on this trip there and we bought tickets for June 28th 2008.


Read more about this Special Event on the web site - It looks like it runs in several US states HERE
Oregon's link on the above page is incorrect, but I found the correct URL (and of course with majestic Mt Hood in the background) See Mount Hood, Oregon's web site here and click under SPECIAL EVENTS


The day FINALLY arrived and we took the twins out to Hood River Oregon for the "Day Out with Thomas" Great Discovery Tour 2008. Although it got over 100F on that day (our first hottest day in Oregon so far) we still had a blast! Mind you even at 7 pm that night it was 99F! - not something us Oregon Ducks are used to! LOL


Below are two versions of videos that I created of our special trip to see Thomas.

Day out with Thomas (musical version)
with one of Cameron's favorite music videos at the end of this one

Day out with Thomas (twin's audio version)
with different video bits and different music in it

Since this trip was such a success with the twins, we plan to go again next year when Thomas is in Oregon again, but will ride in car #1 that sits right behind Thomas. This year we selected car #4 that had the tables and chairs.



We finally were able to watch the latest "Thomas" video called: The Great Discovery (narrated by Pierce Brosnan)
Naturally our twins (especially Cameron) absolutely LOVED this movie! It's a HUGE HIT in our household!
AND they LOVE the one song from the video called: "Thomas, You're the Leader!"
I am going out of my mind though. I've looked through the credits, looked all over the internet, and still can't figure out
If anyone knows who sings this song from the video below, please drop me a line!
In any case, **ENJOY!**
THOMAS, You're the Leader!
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