New additions to the family

Early this year, like back in February 2007, I noticed an adult white rabbit loose in our neighborhood. As months went by, I noticed a second white rabbit! Both would often find refuge in my yard - it's somewhat private, no pets, and little activity goes on in our yard.  By Summer, I saw baby rabbits... they were all hiding out underneath our covered wooden patio deck.  I haven't a clue on how many litters the adult rabbits had. In Oct 2007, (just before my dad passed away),  I saw another litter come around. I think this may have been the 3rd litter - haven't a clue what happened to the previous litters. But this time, I got tired of finding dead baby rabbits in our yard, due to the neighborhood cats.  It just broke my heart.  So on Oct 22, I caught one! Then, on Oct 23rd, while picking dandelions for the first baby rabbit, I caught another that was stuck in a fence - one of his eyes was not fully open.  Had I been a cat or dog, that baby would have died. Then on Oct 24th, the day before my dad passed away,  early while sitting in my computer room reading the News on the internet, I glanced out at the dark morning skies. It was about 5 am. In the side yard outside my window, I see a white small ball.  I could not understand what the heck was out in the middle of the open there, so I grabbed a flash light, and lo and behold it was a very very tiny baby rabbit. Well, I waited for about 2 hours.. his mother never came by, and he was shivering and muddy and OUT in the OPEN where he would be certainly seen by the neighborhood cats.  So I thought I would go out and give it some food, if not at least round him up back underneath the safety of the covered patio deck.  As I creeped out there, walking toward him, he looked asleep! As I got closer, he sat up, but his right eye (facing my direction) was still closed. I bent down, put the food down and easily picked him up! 

I learned how to help open the baby rabbits eyes, learned what foods to give them and they are thriving very well! So now we have 3 baby New Zealand rabbits to care for due to the irresponsible neighborhood JERKS that let their two adult New Zealand rabbits loose.  New Zealand rabbits are NOT WILD. THEY ARE DOMESTIC. I am furious with the neighbor that has done this.. I can't prove who it was, but I know who it was. It is against the LAW to do what they've done.  It just makes me so angry.

Anyway, that is how we ended up with Buns (the smallest one) Max the largest one and Ruby.  In the pictures, I had temporarily marked Ruby so that we could tell them apart.
Buns, Max & Ruby Nov 2007
We named them easy names and ones that the Twins could relate to. Max & Ruby is from one of their favorite cartoon shows.