For the love of wine and cheese....and other things too!


Wine & Cheese numbers 1-4 are original paintings done for our Taylor Park Fine Wine, Beer & Food Festivals poster logos. I usually do more than one so that the committee has at least 2 to choose from. In 2010 Wine & Cheese 2 was chosen for the painting for our poster and for the 2011 poster Wine & Cheese 4 was chosen.


 *****I had been asked  specifically to paint something to  be used for marketing for our Taylor Park Fine Wine, Beer and Food Festival in October of 2010.

I painted both Wine and Cheese I and II, the committee chose Wine & Cheese II, which was used on the poster for the event, the web site and all other marketing materials.I had one print made to be donated and  auctioned off in a silent auction for a good cause. I am happy to say it went to a good home! I still have the original painting.  Here is the poster with my artwork.............


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