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OzGreen Energy

They Needed
  • Build an information website that would help them explain their product to the market
  • Provide an online go-to reference for their service
  • Be able to conveniently share private information with resellers and partner businesses

They Did
  • Built and customize a company website using the SiteKreator platform
  • Add high-quality content, relevant to their product and their market
  • Use Password Protected Pages to share information with resellers and partner businesses

They Accomplished
  • Create a highly successful business
  • Find a market for their product

They Used

The Business

Australian OzGreen Energy provides energy, water and resource management solutions customized to their clients' individual needs. The company's tagline — "we believe in eliminating energy and water wastage" — leaves little to the imagination as to what it considers its mission is.

The Challenge

When Len McKelvey started OzGreen Energy in 2009, he knew they were introducing a new product for which there was no ready market to sell to. McKelvey and his team would have to convince potential customers of the benefits of their product. "Clients continually face escalating costs for water and energy consumption and they believe they do not have the power to do anything about it," McKelvey tells us. By showing how to reduce energy and water wastage, OzGreen Energy gives these customers a handle on their operating costs.

"When we started out, we knew we needed a tool that would let us test the market to see if our product made any sense. What we needed was a means to visually present information on typical example cases, and it had to be something that was easy to update," McKelvey says.

"We had no prior website and no experience building one either. We were not interested in generating sales from our website. What we needed was an information website that would support our market-testing process," McKelvey tells us.

The Solution

After trying a number of different website builder solutions, McKelvey says he "took a look at the basic designs and the demos of SiteKreator, and decided that's where we'd go," he tells us.

SiteKreator gave OzGreen Energy the tools to quickly setup a business website and test market response to its product. The editing tools let OzGreen Energy update their website instantly, allowing them to respond immediately to market demands.

"Page setup and editing is what builds the site for us. We like the ability to quickly layout pages, and copy and paste text, the ease with which you can upload photos and files," McKelvey tells us.

The OzGreen Energy website contains lots of research and cost-benefit analyses on energy and water efficiency. "Every page is focused on some aspect of achieving an outcome, whether that is a cost benefit, environmental or resource driven outcome," McKelvey says.

Most of the visitors of the OzGreen Energy website are referred there either by the company's sales team or through word-of-mouth from existing customers. The information provided online saves the sales team on time spent with a potential customer before a sale is made.

"We want people to know that our website is the reference source for our product," McKelvey says. "And we know our website works because 100% of our customers use the site."

The Results

For OzGreen Energy's business, having a SiteKreator website has meant a world of a difference. "It has been a run-away success," McKelvey say, "this business has become more than we expected, more than we ever thought possible."

“It has been a run-away success. This business has become more

than we expected, more than we ever thought possible.”

"Our business deals with professionals such as engineers, planners, government officials, and so on, who often take a critical viewpoint of presented material. So to get any recognition on the web, our presentation had to visually be equal to much larger companies with manpower resources and budgets that we can only dream of. But we have found that our little website — which was built entirely by us for less than a $100 — has given us a web presence that we never imagined was possible."

OzGreen Energy is currently using its SiteKreator-built website to expand its business operations into resource operations efficiency, by leveraging their expertise in water and energy efficiency.

Words Of Advice

To anyone looking to start a new business, McKelvey says his first advise would be to "take a subscription to SiteKreator, because that gives you a platform which allows you to deliver a message and support all your other sales and marketing efforts. Use good internet research to understand what others have done, and where your product fits. Then, try to be different. There’s no point to compete with others in what they are good at."