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As You Wish


As You Wish Personal and Virtual Assistance LLC provides assistance services to a wide range of customers- from business owners and employees down to individuals.

The company originally focused on two areas: services for the home and its Small Business Assistance Program.

Opportunity: Building The Company With SiteKreator

To set up the company's website, As You Wish used SiteKreator's sitebuilder platform.

"I loved the fact that I could sign up for a trial without a credit card and with very little personal information divulged. I also loved how easy it was to create and set up with a domain name," Jessica Farrell, owner of As You Wish, says.

Soon after, Farrell decided to add web design services to her business. She chose SiteKreator for the service.

"My business is that of a personal and virtual assistant, so my skills and abilities must be broad and vary in order to assist my customers on many levels of business. Small businesses usually do not have the budget needed to afford an expensive website, but they surely need a website to be the most competitive," Farrell says.

SiteKreator helps As You Wish to provide web design services on time and within budget.

"Small businesses usually do not have the budget needed
to afford an expensive website, but they surely need a website

to be the most competitive"

"Most clients easily sign up for the Business Package over the Personal Package when I explain the advantages of the Business Package. However, on occasion, the client needs a little reassurance. I can confidently inform them about the amazing customer service, fast responses, firm hosting support, and the very important fact that someone always answers the phone," Farrell says about SiteKreator.

"SiteKreatorís Customer Service is AMAZING!  I can call in for support and get a person on the phone, or send them an email, and I know they will get back to me within 24 hours," Farrell says.


After creating several sites for her small business (SMB) clients, As You Wish was invited to join the SiteKreator affiliate program.

"Honestly, at first I did not expect much to come from it," Farrell says. "However, I figured I would see how the first month went and go from there. After I received my first commission statement and PayPal payment, I was thrilled. I became even more eager to incorporate web design into my business as a permanent line of service and with SiteKreator as my only Host."

SiteKreator has opened up new lines of service and revenue to As You Wish, enabling it to include Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Marketing, Newsletter Distribution, and online advertising as part of its Solutions Package. Requests from its customers led As You Wish to create a separate business, MyPhx.info, an online resource and service that helps local Arizona SMBs increase traffic to their websites. It should come as no surprise that MyPhx.info is also powered by SiteKreator.

"I enjoy the personal relationship I have with my hosting company. It lets me sell my website design service with confidence," Farrell says.

About SiteKreator's Affiliate Program

As a SiteKreator affiliate, you earn a monthly percentage for every paid account you refer. Your earning increase as more of your referrals become paid accounts. To find out more about how to become a SiteKreator Affiliate, go to our Affiliate Program page.