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David Comerford



David Comerford is a woodturning artist from Kilkenny, Ireland, who has a successful career that spans over a decade and a half. Comerford produces one-off, limited edition wooden vessels, as well as functional bowls and platters. He also provides spindle turning services and teaches woodturning classes. Although his work has always been in high demand, changing markets made him look for additional ways to market his products and services.

Building His Website With SiteKreator

It was Comerford’s partner and wife, Anastasia Dack, who researched web-creation and hosting solutions - ultimately settling on SiteKreator. "I never thought it could be this easy to go into your site and make changes. That was quite an eye-opener," Dack says. During a one-day workshop held in Kilkenny, Dack received the help she needed to complete the entire website setup and design the site herself.

"It is all very easy to use; very suitable for people who cannot afford expensive design studios to do their web design. And it looks really good," Dack says. Comerford’s site relies heavily on the use of galleries to showcase Comerford's works, provides a schedule and rates for classes and trainings, and a contact form to get in touch with the artist or request additional information.

"I never thought it could be this easy to go into your site and
make changes. [...] We should have done this years ago

Since the couple set up the site in March 2010, marketing Comerford's work has become a lot easier. An advertisement campaign in local newspapers for Comerford's classes, for example, referred readers to his website for more information. But it is the ease with which the site can be maintained and updated, at no extra costs, that has proven to be invaluable.

"When we decided to make major changes to a large number of pages, it literally took me only minutes to make the changes and publish the updates online," Dack says. "Not a lot of artists can afford to pay a studio any time they want to update their site," she adds "With SiteKreator, whenever my husband creates a new work, I can take a picture with a digital camera and upload it to the site. We should have done this years ago," Dack comments.