Please report smoking ban violations if you:

  • If you see someone smoking or smell tobacco smoke inside a public facility, including government buildings, bars, restaurants, casinos and public modes of transportation

  • See or smell someone smoking within 15 feet of an entrance to a public facility
  • Witness dirty ashtrays or other evidence of smoking inside a public facility

No business will be fined on the basis of your report. Instead, law enforcement personnel will use your report to investigate and only issue a citation if they witness a violation.

There are three ways to report a violation to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

#1 - Call the non-emergency telephone number of your local law enforcement agency. Find your local agency's contact information here.

#2 - Contact the American Lung Association of Colorado at (303) 847-0267.

#3 - If you have tried both of the options above, and are still unable to report a violation, please fill out the online form below.