Below you will find a variety of smoke-free materials.

Free Materials
To order materials for your business, please go to www.COHealthResources.org and select Smoke-Free Colorado under the Campaign drop down menu.

The Law
Several materials have been developed to help people better understand the smoke-free law. To learn more about the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act please click here, or simply click on the following selections to download and/or print:

Law Resources

Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act 488.2KB
Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act amended in 2010 to include medical marijuana 236.5KB
Casino Law 587.2KB
Colorado Law - Brochure Insert 488.2KB
Exemption for Assisted Living Facilities 23.0KB
Restaurant / Bar Requirements 240.6KB
General Brochure 74.5KB
Restaurant / Bar Economic Impact Brochure 165.8KB
Fact Sheet 62.5KB
Tip Card - English 100.0KB
Tip Card - Spanish 107.7KB


Law Enforcement Materials

Key Points Card 50.8KB
Letter to Law Enforcement Officers 280.6KB
Street Officer's Guide 132.4KB
Testimonials 55.9KB