Advanced Hop Products

Watertown Hops Company provides advanced hop products suited for any brewer. Our unique approach to advanced hop products will fully support your brewing needs.

ISO-30 (ISO 30%)

ISO-30 consists of isomerized-alpha acids that are formulated into a 30% aqueous solution. ISO-30 provides the same iso-alpha acids that are produced by traditional kettle hopping. Use of ISO-30 provides improved batch to batch consistency as well as lower hopping costs due to better alpha acid utilization. ISO-30 is stable between the temperatures of (3C to 25C) and can be stored at room temperature freeing up cooler space. ISO-30 is currently supplied in 20-kg pails.

Hydrohop is an aqueous solution of tetra-hydro-iso-alpha acids that is formulated to either 5% or 10% solution. This hop product can be used, post-fermentation, to provide bitterness and improve foam stability. Additionally, replacement of traditional bittering sources (iso-alpha acids) with Hydrohop can ensure light stability eliminating light struck (skunkiness) characteristics. Hydrohop is stable at room temperature and supplies between 1.0 and 1.7 times the sensory bitterness of traditional bittering (iso-alpha acids). Hydrohop is currently available in 20 kg pails or 907 kg
(2,000 lb.) totes. 

SPIRE-B is an aqueous solution of rho-iso-alpha acids formulated to 35%. SPIRE-B has excellent storage stability and can be stored at room temperature. SPIRE-B allows for hopping of packaged products that require light stability eliminating light-struck (skunkiness) characteristics. SPIRE-B hopping also offers increased utilization over traditional hopping, a unique, mild bitterness profile and can be added downstream to finished beer. SPIRE-B provides a sensory BU value of 0.70 times that of traditional iso-alpha acids. SPIRE-B is currently supplied in 20 kg pails. 
Hop Oil Fraction (HOF)

Hop oil fraction (HOF) is the hop oil and resin fraction that results from CO2 extraction. HOF provides improved finished brew aroma consistency, lower batch-to-batch variability, and lower costs associated with better aroma component utilization per brew. HOF is typically added to the kettle late in the boil, which improves aroma component retention when compared to traditional pellet or whole extract kettle addition. This hop product provides the aroma component for brews that must be light stable. HOF is currently supplied in 2.5-gallon containers.

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Kettle Extract (IKE & PIKE)

Isomerized Kettle Extract (IKE) is whole CO2 extract with nearly all the alpha acids isomerized in their free form along with soft resins and hop oils. IKE can be used as a complete or partial replacement for CO2 extract addition to the kettle. IKE presents an advantage over CO2 extract because of the higher level of free alpha acids available for bittering when compared to that of CO2 extract or pellet addition (>90% conversion vs. about 30%). Properties are generally similar to conventional CO2 extract, but the utilization of iso-alpha acids is significantly higher, resulting in tighter batch-to-batch consistency and lower bittering costs. Potassium-Form Isomerized Kettle Extract (PIKE). Pike contains the potassium salt of iso-alpha acids, beta acids, and hop oils.
Custom Products

Watertown Hops has the technologies to custom formulate and create solutions that meet your brewing requirements.
Contact Watertown Hops Company for more information about our custom hop products and pricing information.