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Improve Your Fuel's Quality and Performance Characteristics in Every Tank, with Xp3

The Xp3 Fuel Enhancer is a bio-degradable, proprietary blend of synthetic resins and organic compounds with a 25 year track record (since 1989) of being exclusively sold in bulk to industry in commercial grade, highly concentrated format. Xp3 is now available from select Dealers, Gas Stations and Truck Stops across Canada.

Along with added lubricity, detergency, water dispersion and anti-gel functions, Xp3's greatest strength is how it upgrades the quality of fuel by improving combustion properties to get the maximum BTU potential out of every combustion stroke. With a more complete burning of the fuel, more power is produced and less wasted unburnt hydrocarbons are emitted, creating a cleaner, safer and more efficient burning fuel for your valuable equipment.