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Upgrade Your Fuel's Quality and Improve Your Engine's Performance with Xp3

Xp3 is a multi-functional fuel upgrader that improves multiple characteristics of fuels. It's proprietary blend of non-petroluem based synthetic resins and organic compounds makes Xp3 stand out from all other off-the-shelf additives. Commercially used by Industry for over 25 years, treating over 4 billion dollars worth of fuel every year around the world, Xp3 is a highly concentrated, cost-effective way of getting more out of your fuels while protecting your motorized assets.

Xp3's multi-functional benefits include; lubricator & corrosion inhibitor, combustion improver, dispersant & surfactant, detergent & purifier, stabilizer & anti-oxidant, engine life extender & engine wear reducer, cold weather protector and fuel economizer.

A cleaner running engine and more complete burning of the upgraded fuel results in restored lost power, enhanced engine performance, less engine wear and reduced fuel consumption.

We invite you to try Xp3 for yourself as well as review case studies and testimonials on Xp3.
Extra Power, Extra Performance & Extra Protection - Get it All with Xp3