First.... I am not a salesperson.. I am a promotor of the symbioitic living foods lifestyle..

I am dedicated to providing service to anyone who is interested in the living foods lifestyle. I will see to it that people do not get scammed and sold something they do not need.

I will tell you up front... I do not promote juicers except high pressure dedicated wheatgrass juicers that deliver stage 2 juice.


This is my hobby.. NOT my main business. I am not a salesman.. I am just trying to make a difference in someones life just like the first person did for me when I first got started.


I had to make a choice wheather I wanted to be more like a store and keep  "seperateness" between me and my customers...or I had to trust my intuition and let my customers join me and work "with" me and let them have the priveledge to buy at the same co op dealer prices that I get.  At first, I told everyone you can have my cost and I basically left it up to them to give me a gratuitiy or whatever they could afford to exchange to me ofer my cost of the item. For example, if I pay $259 for a blender and most stores sell it for 500, I had buyers paying me $5 and $10 over my cost and with all the advertising I do I was losing money.

Just like my friends told me, "You plan will not work" and it didn't and they were right!  I do appreciate what people give me but I cannot keep up my business doing it that way.


Now I have a co-op buying club where everyone who joins gets co-op dealer price and this new system is working very smoothly for me and now I have people helping me now fulfill the orders and with all the volume I move I get the best prices possible that the manufacturers will allow. I am very fortunate that I can get these prices and without my co-op members buying at my dealer co-op cost I could not move the volume to get my distributors to give me such cheap prices.


I still go to farmers markets and get the fruits and veggies for Free that they throw away since they can't sell them. I also used to go to Mexican restaurants and get avocado pits out of the garbage..(now they just give them to me. The managers just give them to me whenever I call them. They have hundreds of them and they just throw them away!)... and I go to grocery stores and they give me the cantelope seeds and pineapple cores. Grocery stores throw away the pineapple stems. I've found that there is more nutrition and enzymes in that stem once you peel away the green leaves than the entire pineapple itself.The little white stub under the green pineapple leaves has so much enzymes that it can digest food. I make the best cantelope milk in my blender from the seeds and its free.


I also get brocolli stems free. These are the one of the most nutrient rich vegetables you can eat. The middle part is so sweet but most people don't eat them since they just eat the flower part.


I also go to juice bars and get the pulp that they don't use and put the pulp in recipees... such as carrot pulp. You can even make a mock tuna salad out of that pulp. You would not believe how much pulp gets thrown away at a high traffic juice bar. It is very disturbing to me.


I can't stand to hear people saying eating organic is expensive...It doesn't cost me hardly a dime.


All the grocery stores throw their pineapple skins away with so much fruit left on it.. They also throw out the rinds from watermellon (95% of all the nutrition is in the rind). Also.. they throw out the bruised fruits where I am. They would just go in the garbage.. They say they are not allowed to give it to charity since if someone got sick they would sue them.... but once it goes out in the dumpster.... well...that is another story.


Sometimes the stores will tell you they have to throw the food away due to getting sued. They would rather throw it in the dumpster rather than giving it to a charity that could use the bruised or over ripe fruits.


Once its in the dumpster they have never given me a problem. I actaully found an entire case of over ripe cherymoyas. They were in a box and there was around 30 of them.. They were all soft and slihtly over ripe. They had a slight moldy fuzz on the outside which prevented them from putting them on the shelf but when I ate them... they were the best cherymoyas I have ever eaten in my life. I had a few friends over and we all ate them. They go for about 4 to 6 bucks each and were totally free.


I know a lot of secrets about the rawfood diet that are not in books...well... at least I haven't came across any...


Plus... eating fruits with a high Brixxe level will reduce your bill to a third. One organic apple can have 3 to 4 times the nutrition as another almost identical looking apple. You can test the apple to find out. I only buy fruits and veggies with high Brixxe levels. Why pay $2.49 a lb for organic oranges just because they are organic. If I am going to pay that much.. you better believe I am going to pick out the most nutritious oranges in the produce section.


If anyone has any questions about this website, we welcome you to email us at TheBlindguru@yahoo.com.  Put the word "Questions" in the subject line.  Our staff will give your their honest opinion on what they feel is best for you...and believe me... they know what they are talking about.... just read our feedbacks and you will see what people say about us. Our staff are raw and probably would flunk a class in sales or marketing class. They are experts on the living food diet.. Many of them are certified instructors. They have been to almost all of the seminars by most of the authors who have written books on the rawfoods diet. They have been on retreats... They have done phone consultations on a personal level to get their questions answered. Our staff is made up of the most obsessive compulsive rawfooders. They do not judge anyone who doesn't want to go raw. They are willing to help anyone succeed on the rawfood diet. That is why I have this service available. (if you have read this far....that makes me happy. Mention that you have read this far and mention the password Brixxe and we will give you any one item at a co-op discount without being a member).


I hope everyone understands what we are doing. All of the information is for educational purposes only. We are not doctors. We can only speak about the results we have seen from helping those who want to learn about the diet. 


More about us:

We follow the lifestyle we promote which allows us to come from an authentic place of service in the name of business integrity. We aren't just teaching something we researched in a book.


We are dedicated to bringing you the absolute highest quality super foods, the best preparation tools and cutting edge information. Our super foods and prepared foods have been researched and carefully chosen after years of investigation. All the products that come from us are a 100% organic and 100% free trade. All the foods we distribute bulk that come from other countries have not been sprayed or radiated at the borders. We do not deal with "fluff" foods or super foods everything we lay claim to has a true positive cause and synergistic affect with the body, and I won't forget the super food and prepared foods we sell taste amazing and are truly incomparable. We are approached by many food companies that want us to represent their products and if they don't meet our almost unattainable standards of quality and pricing we simply will not sell them.


We are not here to trash talk certain food or equipment in the name of swaying the public and making sales on other foods or equipment to make more money like other popular sites do. We are not going to run our business by perking peoples interest through uneducated hype, controversy and confusion.  We are not certified nutritionist, medical doctors  or food scientist  but we do know through experience what works for us and all the people we associate with. We realize that not everyones body and physiological make up are the same. Everyone needs different food, supplements and mineral rich super foods at certain times in their lives. What we will do is provide links to extremely knowledgeable certified professionals and their literature so you can study, learn and empower yourself.


Are you wondering why we sell so cheap?

To us, making money is not the same thing as wealth. Money to us is not simply cash, it is any type of medium of exchange, meaning that it is used to swap for another thing or service. It doesn't have to mean coins or dollars.  As a minimalist, I don't consider wealth as having large amounts of money or possessions. Wealth, to me, is the ability to survive a certain number of days forward. I know that if I lost my job today that I have the resources to sustain myself. I don't necessarily depend on the dollar.  At the moment, if most people have a lot of money, low expenses and no debt, they can survive for a longer period of time than if they don't.  However, during certain times such as when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the people had no drinking water for at least five days, money may not have helped their chance of survival.  But having fresh drinking water on hand definitely would have.

My prime purpose of life is to SURVIVE. 

First, we want to survive ourselves.  Later we may want to start a family and help them to survive.  Once that is handled, we may want to help the groups of people we are members of to survive, such as our friends and people we have a common tie with.  If all that gets handled, we may even want to do something to help mankind survive as a species.  And also help the animals, plants and earth to survive. This is why I Blindguru.com exists. Now is my time to help others.

Let's get back to that definition of wealth again, "Ability to survive a certain number of days forward".

What do you need to survive?  You need drinkable water, food, shelter, clothing and the ability to keep clean. Nothing else.

Many people look at someone who is driving a Mercedes and wearing a Rolex watch as wealthy.  But will any of this help him directly to survive? Not much. In fact, because others will think that he is wealthy that person will likely end up spending even more money, for example, by being invited to expensive restaurants and being expected to have all the other things that go with being wealthy - the house/s, the holidays, the clothes - the list goes on and on.

Can a car help your chance of survival? Yes.  But an ordinary second hand car in decent condition will get you where you want to go just as fast as a new designer car.

Do fancy labels help survival? No.  In fact, they can decrease your chance of survival because most of them are designed to be dated quickly. So you have to buy more.  It's better to pick one color and base your whole wardrobe around that color, and buy classic pieces that look good at any time.  For women, you will find that a wardrobe that is based on black is probably the cheapest of all, since everything goes with it and a cheap black outfit will generally look more expensive than an outfit of another color.  And everything goes with black.

Women especially have been programmed through TV and magazines to waste all their money on useless stuff like make-up, jewelery, household decorations etc.etc. This programming is done largely by men in big companies who don't care about women, just how much money they will make.

Have a look around at your possessions.  How many of them support your survival?


More about me:

Currently, it costs me about $15 to a day to sustain myself in my personal life. I don't have all the needs and desires that other people
may have. Since my needs are met, the extra money I earn goe into promoting the rawfoods symbiotic lifestyle and helping others who need my
help. This is not my only business...it is more of a personal hobby. I don't rely on profiting off of people stuggling to go raw to support
myself. I would rather my body be mineral rich and disease free than have a rich bank account and being sick and not feeling good. We have coached
many millionaires that can buy anything they want. They have private planes, fancy cars, and beach houses. When they call me they tell me how bad they feel
and that all they want is to feel good. The very rich people that call us tell me about the fancy dinners they eat, all the massages they get, etc. They buy expensive
cooked processed foods at the health food stores and even have private chefs. This is all good until they get sick. Once they get sick none of this means anything to them
anymore. I've found that the people that have the most money have the hardest time becoming symbiotic. They have the best doctors in the country and by the time they
call us they are usually under doctors' supervision. I do appreciate the generocity that I recieve from those that can give it. This is how I can help the people that need my
help but can't afford it.