We don't need to be persuaded to eat pure foods.
Pure, raw foods will never need to be marketed in any way!

We are indifferent to confusing media that tries to get us to eat unhealthy.
Advertising of foods not from nature can only work when there is a vacuum of self sufficiency.


This is 1 pound of Sun dried and cured Tahitian vanilla beans.
Special co-op price for everyone
We are buying 1,000 to 2,000 lbs every month.
Your prices are 
        Tahitensis (Tahitian) Vanilla Beans: Our beans are 6-7 inches long
Here are the prices they give us.
   5 lb   $34        
10 lb    32          
25 lb    29             
50 lb    27            
100 lb   25            
250 lb   23             
500 lb   20              
1000 lb  19 
2000 lb  16  Co-0p price    (All co op members pay this price)
Click the beans picture above to see our special offer.
Co-op members get the 2000 lb price. No minimim order. You can buy 1 lb and get the 2000 lb price.
These prices include free shipping too.
For those that don't want the beans, we sell the seeds in a shaker bottle or we can sell the seeds in
bulk much cheaper in a vacuum packed bag. We sell the seeds by the 1 oz. shaker bottles. About 40 to 50 beans
go into each 1 ounce shaker or packet. Most stores sell the shakers for $49.95
This is known as Vanilla Caviar.
Our foods are not the typical foods that you can buy in a health food store.
It is not easy getting the foods we get, such as Heirloom seseme seeds or fresh aqua agave nectar.

We are also offering the Chlorella tabs and powder.  Chlorella is known to be helpful in heavy metal detoxification.  The powder mixes incredibly with our Coconut Oil that has NOT BEEN COLD PRESSED to make the tastiest and liveliest salad dressings. Use a few ounces of oil and a tablespoon of powdered chlorella.  Mix well and add desired condiments plus lemon or limejuice.  Mix well once more, and you have an exciting new salad idea that most everyone loves!


We have changed over to new brand  of  hemp seeds. These hemp seeds are the freshest liveliest tasting hemp seeds we have ever tasted. We will also be offering Hemp Protein Powder. We offer the only one we know of with over 50% protein. We used to sell Nutiva. I would recommend Nutiva if it is what your budget allows.


Our "Aqua" Raw agave continues to be one of the fastest selling items. As soon as you try it you will know Real agave and never return. More and more people are saying “Wow”!!!


If you haven’t tried our Maca Powder lately we have gone through a great upgrade in quality. We feel the difference in our bodies. We are offering a Superior Maca product.

Also all of our cacao products have been upgraded and have been declared excellent. 


The Extra Large Goji berries are worthy of being called the Best. They are the largest plumpest best-priced gojis available and they have been tested in a California lab for 400 chemicals and pesticides showing no detection.


The cherries are coming. This years harvest is being slow dried at low temp and the combination of Bing and Rainier make a tasty treat that is loaded with energy.  They are ideal for adding to a trail mix or deserts of all kinds. They are also a great compliment to raw chocolate.


As we look towards harvest time we express our gratitude for the abundance we enjoy.


Thanks for all the letters of appreciation we do enjoy them.


All the Best for All


The Blindguru Team.     Here to make Super Foods affordable.
We avoid all agave that is not clear. It might be raw but we don't like it. An apple that sits all day in the sun and turns brown is STILL raw!
We offer the regular and the clear. There may be a wait list for the clear at times.
The clear Raw Organic Blue Agave is unique to any agave you have tasted. The first time we tried it we had to call the supplier to ask what this was. Agave? Really?

Please try this for yourself. Both the amber and the clear are Real Agave!!!  The Amber agave has been heated to stop the fermentation process. The  amazing clear agave has been prepared with proprietary processes that are still classified, though keeping it Raw. The truth for you will be in the tasting. Both these unique agave products are packaged in beautiful, reusable, square glass bottles. The finest agave deserves the finest packaging.

5 gal. containers are available in high quality carboy plastic containers. You can save dollars sharing this with friends and pouring it all into glass jars.

These Real Agave products are like no other. The clear agave is the same product used in making the Organic Chocolate bars. Either agave works great and is perfect, but one is a special luxury product for those who are able to afford.

Crystal clear agave nectar. As close to fresh squeezed as you can get.

People actually call us up and complain since they don't believe this is really agave nectar. 

A Retail price on a 16 oz bottle is $18.

Your prices:

1 gallon $90/Gallon

5 gallons  $72/Gallon

10 gallons  $64/Gallon
55+ gallons   Price that we pay.
Co-op membes get the 200 gallon price that we pay.

We buy 200 gallons and sometimes more.. whatever the price we pay is the price you pay. All of these prices are in our co op newsletter.





Cacao Butter - This Organic cacao Butter is the finest “white chocolate” available. These 1 lb round cakes are ready to grate and include in your favorite chocolate recipe. We like to blend grated cacao butter into melted best ever Coconut oil for the finest body butter. This is great for your skin and we find it to work as a sun protection. Cacao butter is the concentrated fat from the cacao beam.   
Click here to view larger image 
Raw Wild-crafted Carob Powder - available in 16 oz. packages. Carob powder is ground from the pods of the carob tree. It has a sweet, nutty flavor similar to chocolate.
This Coconut Oil is organic and extracted by centrifuge creating the purest oil available anywhere. Virgin Coconut Oil can only be achieved by using fresh coconut meat or what is called non-copra. Chemicals and high heating are not used in further refining, since the natural, pure coconut oil is very stable with a shelf life of several years. There are currently two main processes of manufacturing Virgin Coconut Oil: 1. Quick drying of fresh coconut meat which is then used to press out the oil. Using this method, minimal heat is used to quick dry the coconut meat, and the oil is then pressed out via mechanical means. 2. Wet-milling. With this method the oil is extracted from fresh coconut meat without drying first. "Coconut milk" is expressed first by pressing. The oil is then further separated from the water. Methods which can be used to separate the oil from the water include boiling, fermentation, refrigeration, enzymes and mechanical centrifuge.  We do not promote anything that is cold pressed.
This Coconut Crème Powder, an amazing new product about to be the top raw product candidate for 2007. It has our vote! Made from 100% organic raw coconut meat and coconut water dehydrated (low-temp) and ground into a powder as fine as powdered white sugar. Dehydrated coconut water lends a pleasant sweetness naturally without any added sweeteners. Easy to use and 100% raw and organic coconut. Check our recipes section regularly for new tips on using this amazing new product.

Serving suggestions:  Add 2 tablespoons to your chocolate drink or green smoothie for livening up the taste and nutrition.  Add 2 tablespoons to ANY smoothie for a tropical treat.  ½ to 1 cup added to soup will create a gourmet feast.  Quick Coconut Curry Sauce – Mix together ½ cup Coconut Crème Powder and ¾ cup water. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons curry powder and ½ tsp. hot pepper for a fantastic raw sauce treat!

Coconut Oil is organic and extracted by centrifuge creating the purest oil available anywhere. Organic virgin coconut oil is available in 16 oz., 32 oz., 1 gallon and 5 gallon bulk sizes for best savings. 16 oz. and 32 oz. available in glass jars.    


Important Storage Tip: Be sure to store in well sealed containers, in a cool location and away from heat, to avoid inviting insects and prevent spoilage.


We offer the finest Real goji berries for the best prices online… $10/lb delivered !!!!! For the best value check our selection of bulk packages. Our very popular 6.6 lb bag is from the remote Mongolian regions. The 8.8 lb and the exclusive 5.5 lb Real Gojis are from a pristine area of Ningxia Province in China. This is where people have grown Goji Berries for centuries.
Goji berries are noted to be one of the most important items in Chinese medicine that could be prescribed for 100 different ailments. They are a high anti-oxidant food. Our Best Gojis are "Real Goji Berries."  These goji berries are not certified organic. They are grown with Organic practices and our growers will be ready for certification in 2 years. We have put this crop through the FDA test in a California lab checking for more than 400 different chemicals used in agriculture and processing as well as Sulfites. All tests results concluded a NO chemical detection which assures us of the highest quality standards our Chinese associates grow for us. These same goji berries have won awards from the China Medical Promotion Committee as their recommended brand and they are certified Green Food. Here goji berries are a food, in China they are a medicine. These goji berries are simply the Best. Try them and you will be happy you did. They are loaded with flavor and a perfect moisture level.
Be aware of goji berries sold as Tibetan Gojis.
As far as we know there is no such thing. People are promoting and hyping something that doesn’t exist.
Our prices are the lowest for You our customer. We take pride in offering the Best Value. The best value has to include the best quality. This is not just with goji berries, every item we sell must meet exceptionally high quality standards.
Foods we use ourselves.
There are so many claims made about goji berries it sounds impossible. We receive feedback from many customers that these gojis are the best they have ever had and they have experienced all kinds of uplifted feelings and healings from using them. If a substance helps the body or brings healing, in most circumstances, in the USA it is considered a drug. Therefore, we cannot sell it or we cannot make claims. Being neither doctors nor scientific researchers we do not make any claims other than, “These are the Best goji berries available today in the USA”.
We suggest you research the polysaccharides found in Real Goji berries which have been known to inhibit inflammation. Some people say the polysaccharides were found to stimulate the interleukin-2 and gamma interferon, which are anti-inflammatory and induce immune responses. Some people say the polysaccharides were found to stimulate the interleukin-2 and gamma interferon, which are anti-inflammatory and induce immune responses. Also worth researching is Real Goji berries are known to have a unique polysaccharide that stimulates the pituitary gland in the anterior of the brain to produce more Human Growth Hormone, the master hormone in our bodies. HGH is known to slow down, and even reverse some of the effects of aging. For centuries people in Asia have customarily eaten Goji berries for many reasons.
The taste is somewhat difficult to describe .... some say between a cranberry and a cherry .... others say they taste of raspberry and plum .... Savor each goji individually, by the handful or add to hot and cold cereals or blender drinks or salads. Add a handful to your water bottle and eat them as you drink, use in trail mix, soups, whole fruit and nut bars, baked goods, tea, etc. Goji berries are tasty, fun and energizing.
Save money buying bulk packages . The goji berries we offer other than this brand are also excellent value. Most everyone who tries them loves them.
Chinese herbalists have prescribed goji berries to restore energy and strength, increase stamina and longevity, boost sexual libido and enhance fertility (explaining its name – matrimony vine), strengthen the immune system, treat insomnia, improve eyesight (it's the world's richest food in carotenoids) and aid digestion.

Click the picture of hemp seeds to learn why our hemp seeds are the best!

Hemp Seed   Cultivated for thousands of years in China, hemp has been used as a food and fiber crop long before soya beans. (Luckily, they're not a major world crop, so they've never been genetically modified – unlike soy beans.) A variety of cannabis, hemp has virtually no THC – you can't get high on hemps seeds, you can only get healthy. Today, research is being done that will prove that hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious foods in existence.   Consisting of a third of highly digestible protein, hemp seeds are packed with omega-6 and omega-3 and vitamin E oils and they're rich in iron and chlorophyll as well. These essential fatty acids (without which the human body can not digest protein) help boost the immune system, prevent heart disease and cancer. The important thing about hemp protein is that it contains about 65% globulin edistin, making it the richest source of any plant.

Organic Golden Sesame Seeds - These sesame seeds are heirloom variety. They have a deep rich full flavor with high oil content. They taste exceptionally nutritious. They are very different from the white seeds which are more common. These are the real deal. Hopefully we will soon have 1 lb packages. They are currently available in 11 lb bags only. Excellent for making premium sesame milk. We advise 4 to 6 hours soaking and rinsing before consuming.
Click the Blue Borage Honey picture below to learn about honey.
Blue Borage Honey
The Vipers Bugloss plant - commonly known as Blue Borage - grows wild in the remote areas of the Clarence Reserve in the Kaikoura mountain range in New Zealand. It is one of the hardest won honeys in New Zealand from one of the purest sources. The wild flower covers the hills of the Central South Island in a floral carpet of brilliant blue flowers. The plant produces a nectar at lower temperatures than clover yielding a very dry honey with a chewy or tacky texture. Blue Borage is slower to crystallize, and has been used in folklore to treat stress and fatigue.

Blue Borage Honey has an unmistakable light, clean herbal flavor with a floral bouquet. Its delicate taste and color draws from the spirit of the Borage flower. "It is a honey to strengthen the heart." With its distinctive flavor and high fructose levels, Blue Borage Honey is a unique sweetener in beverages such as coffee and tea. Refrigerate for a natural snack for kids of all ages.


Honeydew 13+ Honey - $19.49 for 500gr (18 oz) jar. Honeydew honey is harvested in New Zealand and is certified organic and raw.


Certified Organic by Agriquality of New Zealand IFOAM accredited, USDA approved

Found only in a few areas of New Zealand, active honey contains an additional antibacterial component found only in some Manuka honey. This factor is tested on a scale of 0-20 for antibacterial activity.

Manuka Honey is rated by its activity levels which can range from 5+ to 20+. The different activity in the honey can be used for different purposes, for example, a honey with an activity rating of 25+ is typically used topically on wounds where as a honey with an activity of 12+ is more commonly used internally, although is also effective when used externally. Active Manuka can be effective against superbugs like E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Helicobacter pylori.  The activity, also known as the non hydrogen peroxide activity, has been compared to having the same strength of carbolic acid (phenol). For example a honey with an activity that ranges from 5 to 25 has an equivalent anti-bacterial strength of a 5% to 25% solution of carbolic acid. The higher the number, the more powerful its anti-bacterial activity.

Manuka honey contains the highest antioxidant levels of any honey, plus it can help stimulate the immune system and deals with infection.

Batches vary from season to season. Below is a chart showing the different activity ratings.

* Activities between 0 and 4+ contain a low level of OMA activity and can be used for nutrition only.

* Activities between 5+ and 8+ contain a medium level of OMA activity which can be used for general well-being.

* Activities between 9+ and 16+ contain a superior level of OMA activity, which can be used for digestive maintenance.

* Activities between 17 and higher are used for topical applications only.

The activity in Manuka Honey, is similar to wine, it increases with age. So a honey that is 12+ can be retested in six months showing its activity level has increased to 15+. Organically Certified Manuka Honey has no expiry date so has a long shelf life!



Sun-dried organic olives - $29.95 for 1 gallon jar (also available in bulk). These sun-dried olives are tree ripened and cured in ancient sea salt, lightly rolled in organic olive oil and organic spices. Olives are high in minerals and also help with dissolving mucus.


     (5 gal) (call for current co-op pricing)



NOTICE: We have not listed every item. 

We have access to over 1,000 different supplements and more brands that we can list on this page.

We have selected the ones for this page that we think are worthwhile. Others are good but are "need specific".


If you want our entire list email us a request for our catelog.

Remember, your co-op price is the price that we pay.

No commissions.

We do not mark the products up.

You pay actual dealer cost.


Below are our top sellers and are the most requested items we sell. Liquefied Barley Grass, 6x8 oz  

Nutritional Giant - Full Spectrum of Living Nutrients

Our LBG is shipped "alive" in frozen form and thaws out in your refrigerator.

Due to packaging requirements, ships direct with a minimum order quantity of 6 bottles.

96 half teaspoon servings per 8 oz bottle of Powerful Aid To Help Normalize All Your Body Systems

This revolutionary nutraceutical is no ordinary grass juice.

Improve Your Well Being and Life-Force Energy

Provides enormous stimulation for your body's healing and regenerating functions.

The trace minerals are highly activated to nourish your blood and lymph, supporting your immune system.

Made with highly energized Volixer Water, for nutrients to be thoroughly absorbed by digestion.

Additional life-force (chi energy) from the energized Volixer Water stimulates and helps balance your energy meridians, increases your personal life force (joy/spirit), and strengthens your nervous system.

In our opinion, this is WAY more potent than wheatgrass juice!

These 6 bottles retail for $270. Call for undadvertised co-op price.


We also carry this E3 Live, another popular superfood.



 Pure Raspberry Seed, 340g (12 oz)

Natural, Powerful Ellagic Acid Antioxidant

Pure Meeker raspberry seed, freshly ground. This product is for formulators who like to mix raspberry seed with other ingredients, or for enthusiasts who create their own nutritional programs.

It is bottled and shipped fresh once a week based on our production schedule.

This product needs to be stored frozen, otherwise it will oxidize and go rancid.

Co-op members pay the same dealer cost that I pay.




 Iridesca, 370g (13 oz)
Enzyme Rich Superfood - The most complete superfood

This is the most potent Green Superfood that I have found on the market.

This retails for $109 a bottle. Co-op members get 25% off.

I do NOT recommend starting with this one as it is very strong.

This is the one that doesn't have all the fillers such as alfalfa hay, and ingredients that fill it up 90% to add bulk and the rest is just the expensive ingredients.


Convert Food Into Its Most Usable Form

We carry enzymes ranging from $30 a bottle to $200 a bottle for those wanting the ultimate best.

What we pay is what you pay!


We sell hemp seeds, hemp protein powders, and many other hemp products.

What we pay is what you pay.


Cacao Beens (Peeled, whole, certified organic, &  raw)

These beans that we get from Peru are the most dense beans we have found. They do not have that chalky taste.

Many people put these beans in their seed or nut milks to give it that chocolatey flavor.

Peeled whole beans that aren't cracked are the most expensive beans to get in the world.

We do not promote the nibs or powder as they tend to dry up and oxidize and the essential oils pretty much dry up.

Retail price in most stores for these are $29.95/lb

Your prices:

5 pounds  $20/lb
10 pounds  $17.50/lb
25 pounds    $16.25/lb
50 pounds  $15.00/lb
100 - 200 lbs  $12.50/lb
201 - 1000 pounds  $11.25/lb
1000 pounds - 2000 lbs.  $10.50/lb

(Remember, our beans are already peeled  for you).

These are not the cheapest beans on the market. If you are looking for "cheap" then you can find beans for as little as $7 dollars a lb but not for the type that we are selling. We are more than happy to send you samples for you to see the difference. We have tried beans from Mexico, El Salvadore, Africa, and many other places. These beans are the ones that all of our co-op members like. They are the most expensive out of all the beans we can get but these are our wholesale prices that make it cheaper for our members.


 pH paper refills, 5 rolls

We do offer PH testers. Another very popular product

For co-op members, what we pay is what you pay.