This is what the plant cell walls look like under a microscope before they are blended. And This is Why You Blend
The rigid cell wall of plants is made of fibrils of cellulose embedded in a matrix of several other kinds of polymers such as pectin and lignin. The cell walls of parenchyma are uniform in thickness. Although each cell appears encased within a box, in fact primary cell walls are perforated permitting plasmodesmata to connect adjacent cells. A 3.5 hp blender will break these cell walls down, simulating long periods of chewing.

A blended liquid diet is much easier on the body than eating harder to digest food such as raw nuts and grains. Solid foods produce more wastes products also. A blended diet produces little to no gas so much less pressure on the arteries from bloating that normally occurs from undigested foods. Your body digests more of the foods you blend than any other form of food: That's what Micronization is all about. Of course, the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria you aim to build will also tweak my body to its natural absorption potential.  We teach a 7 to 10 second technique of chopping and whirlpooling that gets the same, if not more, off the phytochemicals out of the cell walls in the time that it takes most people 50 seconds  to 2 minutes in a 3hp or lower blender. The last thing someone should do is just keep adding water or using the tamper to let it whirlpool which can heat and over oxidize. The techniques are easy to learn. Also, the shorter blending intervals will make your blender last longer. With a body full of aerobic bacteria and daily use of a 3+hp blender and a good grass juicer you will see what it feels like being a symbiotic rawfoodist.



  • Blend Bitter melon, a very inexpensive vegetable. It has the highest amount of phytochemicals of any vegetable...even more than Swiss chard which is 2nd.
  • We do not eat modern carrots, even the organic carrots you buy in health food stores.  Avoid all hybrid carrots. Wild carrots with 4% sugar which have high mineral content are the only ones to eat. Minerals are necessary to convert the carrot sugar to glycogen. Wild carrots are very bitter & have the potent seed stok that self propagate unlike conventional organic carrots. Almost everyone who has a juicer drinks carrots juice. It is the most addicting drink which appeals to the sugar addiction.
  • Blend muscadine grapes including the seeds. Of all the grapes, these are the only ones worth

    eating if they are available. These are known to have the most phytochemicals of any grape.

  • A few times a week for breakfast make an only-berry smoothie that contains at least a whole pint of blueberries. Blueberries have more phytochemicals than any other berry but it is good to eat all varieties of berries. Remember, getting the phytochemcals from the seeds in berries are almost impossible by chewing. You can challenge anyone to try to eat one strawberry or raspberry and chew each and every seed on the outside of it. That's why you need this in blended form.
  • When blending citrus fruits, blend the seeds and the white parts of the fruit with it. Leave the outer skin alone;  it's just to hold the fruit. It's not meant to be eaten on a citrus, unlike that of most melons
  • Also do not eat the skin on the avocado, but always eat the pit. The avocado pit is known to have the most soluble fiber of any food on Earth... even more than oatmeal. Oatmeal doesn't even come close!  The pit is so bland that you probably won't even notice it, and no, it won't hurt your blender. The pit has almost no taste and is loaded with phytochemicals. This soluble fiber can help get rid of all the arterial plaque. We wouldn't be surprised if in the future to find companies selling dehydrated avocado pit powder. Many people grind the pit up in their blender and put the pit powder in their dehydrated cookie recipes for extra soluble fiber.
  • A  3.5 HP will rip the pit apart.  An avocado pit in a low powered blender gets a grainy, sand-like texture that's not fun to drink. Same for date pits. 
  • Use apples in almost all of your drinks.  Break the skin and seeds into minute particle sizes that are highly absorb-able.  Eat the apple seeds.  Most people throw them away. Read Genesis Verse 1:29 and you can see if God made a typo in his diet instructions.
  • Our favorite things to put in along with apples are bee pollen- it has 32% protein by weight,  higher than any food; vanilla beans , flax seed (only the brown kind), and  hemp protein. If you do enough research on bee pollen... you won't go a day without it.
  • Blend the hard apricot kernel and eat one kernel a day. These seeds have the most amount of cyanide content of all the seeds.  Don't fall for the bad press on cyanide. All seeds contain a trace amount of cyanide. The fear of dying from eating cyanide has kept us from eating the seeds. I wonder if the Creator of fruit would put a substance in a fruit that would kill us, such as an apple seed. Cyanide comes in very different molecular structures. There are certain cyanides that will kill you but none of these types are found in fruits. All cyanide found in fruits can be useful if taken in the whole fruit form as it was meant to be eaten. The seeds have the highest amount of phytochemicals in the fruit. Please do not go buy 100 apples and take out all the seeds and blend them. The seeds might not taste good at first, especially the bitter ones. Once a person becomes healthier they usually learn to enjoy and appreciate the taste of the seeds. 
  • Blend the core & stem of the pineapple. This is where most of the nutrients are found and it is even more nutritious when blended than eating the rest of the pineapple. Once you peel off all the green leaves on a pineapple, you will find the most nutritious part of the pineapple,  a beautiful white stem, that actually has no taste at all, which contains more bromine than any other fruit. This stem is loaded with phytochemicals. The bromeline that people buy in the store in capsules actually comes from the stems that commercial pineapple farmers sell to them. The stem has so much energy in it, more than the pineapple flesh. Try shaved pineapple stems on top of the smoothies.
  • The pineapple stem is very concentrated with nutrients.  Although the pineapple flesh is good for you, it doesn't even contain nearly 10% of the enzymes and nutrition as the stem.  Blend the stem up first and then put the flesh in as blended pineapple tends to get foamy if you blend it all at once. Also, blend the pineapple core too. This is where all the cellulose fiber is that most people throw away. Blend the stem and the core with 1 cup of water when you don't want to eat the sugar from the flesh.  And you could actually save the flesh for a nice snack for later . "Chew" the flesh.  If you read the Symbiotic Creativity page you see how you can go to grocery stores and get these cores and stems for free that would normally be thrown away. The pineapple stem is so high in enzymes that it will digest your food if eating together. The reason that jello will not set if you put fresh pineapple in it is because the protein-degrading enzymes break down the gelatin.
  • When you get a cold  blend garlic, lemons and a few other things depending on the case. Blending up garlic with some parsley and lemon juice in a lender clears you up almost instantly.
  • Blend beets as they are packed with phytochemicals. No one should go a day without at least a half of a beet.  Balance the taste of the beets withsome mint leaves as they complement each other perfectly.
  • It's best to have a veggie smoothie every morning before you start your day.  Drink one 16 oz smoothie in the morning and save the rest for later. If you plan on saving it for later I pump the air out.
  • Wild carrots are another staple of diet. They are loaded with phytochemicals as long as they are NOT JUICED.  You probably have never experienced the "energy" from a carrot the way you normally would eat or juice them. The tops of the carrots give you an extra dose!  Avoid non organic, hybridized carrots. Like potatoes, they are full of toxins since their main job is to purify the soil.
  • Use basil in your smoothies. Basil is has the most phytochemicals of all herbs. Plus, it gives the smoothies a fantastic aroma too.
  • A high powered blender will do a great job making cantaloupe seed milk. A classic breakfast treats,  same with honeydew and watermelon.
  • Since it is really easy to get full on these phytochemical shakes,  try to maximize the value every time. Don't get full on fillers and watery foods.  Blend the stalks and not just the green part of the broccoli. If your body can handle only 12 or 24 ounces of shake at a time,  make sure to put the higher value foods in the blender first before adding the lesser value foods. Lesser value are the foods with too high of volume with less phytochemicals.
  • Blending the right proportions of these seeds has helped many people overcome cancer. Our coaches can tell you the proper ways to eat them so that your immune system can defeat cancer.
  • Try the most advanced detox cleanse of all: the whole pomegranate. Almost all the grocery stores have used this to help sell juices and it is a shame.  They are usually pasteurized and have none of the phytochemicals. Patients that blend the entire pomegranate blend the entire fruit with the skin and white part.This white part kills more parasites than any other fruit. If it's too tart or bitter put a little agave nectar (only the blue kind) in your smoothies for balance. The pomegranate smoothie is the smoothie that can make you tell the difference with your high powered blender. This is the true test. Grainy vs. Drinkable. Drink smoothies...not roughies!
  • For those who like grapefruit peel off only the yellow skin and blend the entire grapefruit. Almost all of the nutrients are in the white part of the citrus peel. This white part is where the cancer preventing phytochemicals reside. 
  • If you ever get sick, use this alternating smoothie system and repeat the three shakes in this order.
     Smoothie # 1: Blend pomegranates and its white pith.  Smoothie # 2: Blend grapefruit and its pith. Smoothie # 3: I blend 2 pineapple stems and 1 core with 1 cup of water and garlic. This pretty much helps speed up healing.

  • NEVER blend bananas with any smoothies. They are very dampening. Their glycemic index is so high that raises your blood sugar way to fast.  If you read what we read about bananas you wouldn't want to eat them either. It's just best to avoid them if possible. Conventional bananas have lost their ability to bear fruit. Most banana trees are injected with steroids and the bananas are picked green which didn't give it time to develop the nutrients.

  • Remember... blend a few almonds a day...not the American organic almonds you buy in grocery stores. These do not have the phytochemicals that prevent cancer.  Its not optimal to drink almond milk from the American almonds for purposes of getting good protein.  Use the nut milk bag if you want it clear but do not throw the pulp away.  
  • Put a protein-rich superfood Blend with hemp or chia seeds in your smoothies to satisfy your body's natural desire for protein. Good quality seed or blends are expensive but it gives you  much of the fuel you need.  The blend should taste delicious. Freshly ground raspberry seed flour adds flavor AND color.
  • The most important thing of all about blending smoothies: If your digestive system is plaqued over...it doesn't matter how many smoothies you drink. One person with good ecology can drink 1 cup of the same smoothie that someone with poor ecology would have to drink nearly 4 cups to get the same nutrients.  Good ecology is someone who has cultivated 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in their intestine. The aerobic bacteria are meaner and devour all the bad anaerobic bacteria. You cannot just go to the health food store and buy something to make this happen.  Cultivating the 3 to 5 lbs of active cultures in your body is just as important as blending. Not that many people teach this. It is hard to help those who want the quick fix.  Also, concerning meat. If one is to go vegan, they might want to eat the active cultures analogous to the bugs they would naturally eat that is on the greens in nature. All of our food is so, so clean that we do not get the beneficial bacteria. We're not saying to eat bugs either. The difference between having the 3 to 5 lbs of anaerobic bacteria in your body can make the difference between catching a cold or not catching it and probably any other concern you might be worried about. Once you have the 3 to 5 lbs of this in your body...you don't gain 5 lbs but you actually can lose the edema and plaque in your body. This plaque can look nasty...almost like the texture of a rubber band. (This has nothing to do with your colon or getting colonics or taking enemas. And colonics should be limited to one a year. Yes we said it.)
  • People with good ecology are attracted to nutrient dense foods that naturally tend to be raw. The key to the whole blending philosophy is ABSORBENCY.  Building the ecology is the easiest thing to do. It does take discipline. It is not a diet. It is not a lifestyle change. Your body should be and will be at its natural weight, not by exercise but by building the aerobic cultures in the body. Most people that are malabsorbant gain weight & they usually are the one that try the different diets and are the ones that eat so little and they turn all their blood sugar into fat.  
  • Your body body ecology guides you like a compass. You should not have to think to make a decision to eat healthy nor will you have to focus on it with any discipline. As your body ecology is continuously rejuvenated you will not have no desire to eat junk foods nor have any cravings for foods that are bad for you. You will not have to make a conscious choice to not to eat or drink something that is bad for you..You are simply am turned off by it...but even if you did eat it your digestion is so strong that it would have hardly have any effect on you. 
  • If you can't afford to buy organic berries, especially when they are not in season, use some of the seed blends.  Feel the energy with a teaspoon of a mixture of raspberry, blueberry, and concord grape, and a few other  seeds.
  • See Superfoods page for more info on these ground up seeds.
Possible ingredients for all smoothies
Keeping in mind that Phyto-nutrients are only found in foods that are fully and naturally ripened on the tree or vine, etc., what can you add to your smoothies? 
Dried yacon powder
red maca powder
Lacuma powder
wild tomato powder
hemp seeds
hemp protein powder
vitamin c powder (acorbic acid)
goji berry powder (wild crafted)
blue green algae powder (blue manna)
sprilulina powder
e3live powder
Cacao powder
Cacao butter
enzyme powder
purple corn extract powder
vita mineral green
Green Iridesca powder (our best low tempurature green powder)
botete (porcino) mushroom powder
gray celtic sea salt
mesquite pod meal
jumbo vanilla bean (sun cured) powder
Pau d' arco powder
caigua powder (from naturalzing.com
Maple sugar powder
stevia powder
sprout flax seed powder
sprouted buckwheat powder
Pineapple core powder
pineapple stem powder
avocado pit powder
asai berry powder
rasberry seed powder (this is our most popular in the smothies we make)
camu-camu berry powder
orange or lemon zest powder
Macadamia nut powder
Date Sugar
Raw Coconut powder
Irish moss powder
Pink Himalayan Salt


Salad Dressing Anyone?

Thinking about eating a salad.....so....
Notice that almost everyone that eats salads, including rawfooders who make raw dressings in their blender, rarely eats it plain without dressing. A person with a great ecology has no desire for dressings on their salads. We have found that salad dressings disrupt the immune system and contribute to immune dysfunction. Take a head of kale and eat it right just as it comes. You might not enjoy it now but wait a few months and you might. Almost 100% of the people with 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in their bodies DO enjoy salads without dressing. 



With that said and until you reach your proper ecology, here are some raw recipes for salad dressing


Sweet & Sour

1 cup of cold pressed raw organic olive oil + 1/2 cup of prill water

1 Tablespoon Agave nectar or Wild honey

1/2 green apple 

Himalayan salt

1/2  lemon including the pith

1/4 Crushed garlic


Italian SunFlower

1 c. sunflower seeds soaked
1/4 c. olive oil
1/4 c. lemon juice
1/2 tsp Celtic sea salt
1/2 to 1 tsp dried basil
1/2 to 1 tsp dried oregano
1/2 to 1 tsp dried thyme
1/4 cup of water


Antioxidant Dressing

2 Tbl Poppy Seeds (soaked for 6 hours, drained)
2 Tbl Pumpkin Seeds (soaked for 6 hours, drained)
2 Tbl Superseed Blend (soaked for 6 hours, drained)

1 c. water
1/2 c. parsley (chopped)
1/2 Tbl Celtic Sea Salt
1 lemon


GOT MILK? What's a Nutmilk Bag? 


Use Nut milk bags and high power Blender to Create endless amounts of raw almond milk- raw sesame milk - raw coconut milk- raw grain milk-raw rice milk, and more!!!  Try mixing them together for a unique golden blend!

The size of the bag is 9.5" wide by 12.5" long. (Each bag may slightly vary being that they are handmade).

 Made from a micro mesh nylon blend which only allows the liquids through, therefore extracting all the remaining pulp and solids. This leaves you with only the best smooth and creamy milk!

-conveinant cotton drawstring cord. 

-double stitched- seams for extra durability!

ALERT: The cheap ones fall apart. Ours are easy to wash and reuse.

In your 3+HP blender combine almonds, a few dates, and vanilla bean and blend them. Then put them in a nut milk bag and strain it by squeezing the bag.





Foods to avoid blending in a low powered blender:

You should avoid any foods that will not fully blend in a low powered blender, including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, whole cranberries or foods with small seeds (particulate). The small seeds could lodge in a diverticuli (intestine pocket) and cause you discomfort.

Diverticulosis is a disease where pockets form in the large intestine.
When food gets caught in these pockets, they become irritated and inflamed. These abnormal pockets usually form because of a diet that is too low in fiber.

A high powered  blender will blend these seeds to the micron level.




Damage Done to Food by Blending: OXIDATION

Now to address the action of blending foods in a blender.  Blending is a rather violent action that whips millions of tiny air (containing oxygen) bubbles into the substance, while also, at the same time destroying any integrity of the whole which protected the contents (the eggshell is gone, the fruit skin is removed, etc.), from the air (and oxygen). Those little air bubbles have lots of surface area, exposing lots of good nutrients in the blended mix to lots of oxygen FAST.  So oxidation is vastly accelerated.  The presence of oils from nuts, of fruits, or of honey, to some extent protects the oxidation-prone nutrients from oxidation.  Raw olive oil helps as well, because it contains mostly monosat fats which can coat the small particles and globules of cholesterol, protecting them, and it also contains lots of neat antioxidants, which will slow the oxidative processes.  To blender a smoothie and have it sit for more than 2 hours  before drinking,  some add a hydrogen booster to protect it from oxidative destruction by ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), or use an anti-air pump.  We have lab instruments which can measure the degree or amount of oxidation (damage) versus reduction (antioxidant activity, and usually good unless it is extremely excessive) in foods and substances. 

Tips to Minimize Oxidation:

- fill the blender more fully as it causes less bubbling and oxidation to occur.

- blend for as short a time as necessary. The more powerful the blender, the less time you need to blend

- using ice or very cold water will help minimize oxidation (at the expense of consuming a food that is not at optimal digestive temperature).

- adding high-antioxidant foods such as pollen, blueberries and other berries will help to minimize oxidation.

- dont put blended foods in the fridge, just blend and start consuming immediately unless you pump the air out with the anti-air pump.