Co-op members may not buy at members prices for commercial use. This will terminate any membership

You may buy to sell at your cost to anyone but not advertise publicly or on any website unless its a password protected page.

Below are our prices for Co-op members only

We carry many other items and foods that we can publicly advertise the prices.

Below are only the products that have MAP Prices that we have to privately display.

Essential Oils

Young Living



Depending on our current volume our prices change. We give the best price we can based on how we do placements in our upline and downline.

Greenstar (all models)

Juice Press

Whole Vibration Machines

Vibra-Trim VT400 $1490

Vibra-Trim VT500 $1895

Vmax Pulsar 1000 Watts $1895

Vmax Trio $1390

Myforeverfit 2-N-1 $1197.50  2 for $2095 (our best line drive price) (1000w, 500w)

Hypervibe $2399

VivoVibe 260 $1170

VivoVibe 460 $2495 plus sh

All DKN 30% off

All VibePlate 30% off

Sonic 10% to 20% off

NitroFit Deluxe $1450

Subsized pricing if 5 machines from each competing manufacture are purchased at same time

Vibra-Trim VT202+1, VivoVibe 260 Vmax Pulsar, ForeverFit 2-N-1, Vibeplate 24x24

Get all 5 machines for $4882 free shipping to the lower 48 states.


Therasauna: Call for prices. Prices vary month to month within +- 150 dollars

Vital Sauna Premier One $1480

Vital Sauna Elite $1760

Clearlight CE1 $1850 plus shipping

Clearlight CE2 $2150 plus shipping

Clearlight CE3 $2395 plus shipping

Clearlight IS-2 $2850 plus shipping
Clearlight Sanctuary 2  $2450 plus shipping
Clearlight Curve Dome Sauna w/o mat $1195 plus shipping

Clearlight Curve Dome Sauna $1350 plus shipping'

Heavenly Heat Call for discounts (changes based on volume)
SaunaLite.com products 25% off
Juicers Greenstar Elite 5000
Dehydrator Sedona Dehydrator


ALL Bio-Mat Products _____ plus shipping


LZ30 Laser $2950

LZ30x Laser $3650

Diowave Call for price. not allowed to post prices

Zero Point Laser Stickers: Call for current wholesale price

ZPE Hematite pendants Call for current wholesale price

Vita-Mat $650 Single size

Therasage Tent  $440 plus 50 shippping

Therasage Large Mat 420 plus 25 shipping

Therasage Medium Mat 169 plus 15 shipping

Therasage small Mat 105 plus 10 shipping

QRS Chair $58000

Oransi Air Purifiers

call for price

Straflora/Iridesca Superfoods

25% off entire line/ Case discounts 26%

Special: large Iridesca $108 per bottle plus shipping 11 shipping

Q6 EmpowerPlus $38.50 per bottle

LIPO Lasers

Prices change but typically 30 to 40% off is our price on the name brand models.


Lymphaciser $368 plus 35 shipping lower 48 states and Canada

Jumpsport $75 off each rebounder - all sizes

Needak $50 off any model

Rebound Air $50 off any model

Cellerciser Half fold $360 free shipping

Cellerciser Half fold w/bar $395 free shipping

Cellerciser TRI-Fold $529 free shipping

DVD Cellerciser $20

Ionic Foot Spas

Amajordifference IonCleanse SOLO $1459

Amajordifference IonCleanse SOLO $2050

D-Tox Monster $575

Hyperbaric chambers

24 inch E-Series $3700 Free shipping  ($3000 down $100 a month) No payment due till 30 days

28 inch E-Series $6250 Free shipping ($3500 down, $300 down a month) No payment due till 30 days

40 inch E-Series $8850 Free shipping ($6000 down, $400 down a month) No payment due till 30 days

28 inch Dive (with military discount) Military Dive $4900 plus $120 shipping.

Contact me on my contact page for payment arrangements

Prices not good with any other offer.

Local pick up is available in certain states. Pricing can change if picking up your equipment locally.

All products are drop shipped from the manufacture or authorized distributors.

A health practitioners or business license is required to purchase at these prices unless specified.

The prices on this page are based on check. We have a 3% fee if cc

Tax ID and business license required on some items