If you would enjoy being a member of our rawfood and equipment buying club, please read this page first. Please join if you like my style of doing business.

If you WANT to support what I do then I would love for you to be a member.

Don't just join if you have to justify supporting our co-op. If you feel a "separateness" between us and you then that is not my goal. We are all doing this together. I prefer to be thought of as a person and not a store. If you call, talk to me and my employees as if we are your friends, not a store trying to sell you something. I do have the products and education you are probably seeking but offer them in a way that is not like a typical store.

I knew I wanted to get in the raw food business the instant an owner of a health food store

would not give me a discount on a juicer when I couldn't afford to pay retail price. I had just read my

first book on the raw food diet and I couldn't afford any of the foods that were recommended to start.

It still upsets me when people say they have to wait to get a blender due to the high price even though

I am giving dealer co-op cost to co-op members. 


















I have been lied to about many things concerning the raw foods diet. I want to make sure that no one else is lied to or at least doesn't believe some of the things that I believed that were not true. It is hard to tell who is telling you accurate information and who is just telling you something just to sell you something.



Blender Lie

Ok, 2hp, 3hp, 3+hp, 3.5hp? What is the difference? I have called the companies that make these blenders. What is funny to me is that when I call the residential department they say that the 2hp blenders are just as good as the 3hp or 3.5hp blenders. I know this can't be true so I wanted to find out.

They say that the 3hp blenders are more for commercial use and that they just last longer and don't over heat as quickly as the residential blenders since they are meant to be used all day long at smoothie bars and restaurants. They say they are just as strong but can handle more loads without overheating. Then, I call the commercial division of the same company and they tell me the complete opposite of what the residential division said.

Now, this makes me wonder who is telling the truth. They never really say that this will do the exact same or this is not as powerful but they imply it in every way possible as if they were taught what to say in some class on how to sell blenders.

I have tested these blenders out and have came up with my own results. I have found that the more horsepower a blender has the more the food is broken down to its micron level. I found that the more amperage it has the more power it can take in. This means that if you have two 3hp blenders and one is 12 amps and the other is 13 amps, then the 13 amps will allow the blender to bring in more electricity therefore allowing it to maintain a more more constant 3hp. Just having a 3hp blender is not the big deal. It is about the amperage and how close the blender stays to its "peak" hp. This means that if a blender can only go up to 30,000 rpms and you have one blender with 12 amps and one with 13 amps, then the 13 amp model will be the one that will maintain more of its peak hp when heavy loads are in it.

Juicer Lie

I have been lied to about juicers. I had a champion juicer and I loved it. I used it every day. Then, I was told that that heats and oxidizes my juice and the enzymes and nutrients are destroyed. I heard this from someone promoting the twin gear juicers. Then, later, I find out that oxidation of the juice is not just caused by the air that spins in with the high speed juicer. Oxidation is a factor of heat, air, and time. And, some nutrients are not even affected by heat, they are affected by light. But, none of this matters since not enough time goes by to let oxidation happen. Put it this way, if I made a green drink and it became brown due to oxidation, then sure, I am intuitive enough to not drink it. All I need to do to prove this theory wrong about oxidation myth and that the twin gear juicers are NOT better than the high speed juicers is an ORP meter.


Look closely at his face or tilt your head to see the "lie".


Raw Food Diet Lie

All the books I have read have told me how to go raw, what to eat, when to eat, why I should eat them, how I should combine them. I have now realized I don't need a book for any of this. In my opinion, all of the books are going about it backwards. If there was only one book that could tell people how to overcome cooked food addictions, and other unhealthy habits then that book would be the best seller and all the other books would no longer exist. But, the reason there is not a book on teaching someone how to overcome food addictions or unhealthy habits is because there is no book on it.

All the books are telling us how to change our diet. In my opinion, we should never change our diet, even if it's for the better. Diet, in nature, is an effect of ecology. Not the other way around. Diets will naturally change based on the change in ones ecology. A book can tell you what to do but it cannot instantly get rid of an addiction. The only way I have found that works to get rid of these cooked food addictions is obtaining living aerobic bacteria, usually 3 to 5 lbs of it, which grows in your villi (villious lining in your intestine). Notice that animals in nature always go for the organs first because this is where in nature animals get their bacteria. If you are vegetarian, then there are other ways to get this aerobic bacteria.


This is Alfalfa Hay, the cheap stuff!


Green Powder Lie

I have been taking green powders that I "thought" were expensive at $30.00 per bottle. Now I find out that this is just a bunch of alfalfa hay mixed with scraps of the good stuff. If you read my website you will hear me calling the companies and finding out the truth on what really goes into those green powders that are sold at stores. I will never be scammed again!




I dont mind competition and getting other people in the business.
Rather than thinking "Pah! ANOTHER raw food shop.", it should be "YAY! ANOTHER raw food shop! That means there's more of a demand and more of a demand = more raw foodists!!!"


I don't have the "look at me and the great cookbook i wrote!" and give me $19.99 or "look at me and give me $750.00 for a raw food prep class"or call me and " pay me for my raw food "secrets" ( like there are any secrets to eating raw and healthy..?)


I believe that excellent raw food doesn't have to be pushed. We don't have to make people buy in large quantities to get a good price. If the food is good, it will sell itself without pressure to buy in excess.

We don't call people to advertise the deals we have, we can barely keep our foods in stock and there is usually a wait list on our hot items. People generally know what good quality is and we don't have to hound customers to buy our foods. We let the foods speak for themselves.

The goal is to buy less and less food due to an improving ecology. We don't make people buy in any quantity to get the best price.

Co-op pricing is the same weather you buy 1 bottle or 100 cases. We give close to our actual cost to our co-op members. If we dont we make sure whoever you buy from on our recommendation gives you the best price:


 There is nothing more to our business than joining our co-op and then putting in your order and we ship it out. We have hundreds of raw food restaurants, living food stores and other supporters that use and sell our foods and equipment.


What will make me happy?


If all of my customers who call want to be educated instead of just spending the entire time asking what my prices are on everything. That is why I have a newsletter.

Almost 80% of the time that I talk on the phone it is about price matching, beating other stores prices, how low can I sell something if the person buys more than one item.

Now, as you can see on my site, I give my dealer co-op cost. My system has worked great and my energy is spent on helping people pick out the right item for them, not just conversations over pricing.



See our Newsletter page for the partial list for the co-op items we carry (We cannot list certain items on our site due to M.A.P. 'Minimum Advertised Price' policy set by the manufacturer on select items).


Email TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com  to get our newsletter for the complete price list.



If anyone is wondering how I get my prices so cheap, well, it is not a secret. I don't have the money to buy 400 blenders to get the best discount possible.
I do not use my money because I don't have a lot of money. I do co-operative buying. I process everyone's orders and at the end of the month. I do one large order through each manufacturer. Some of the manufacturers enjoy selling to me and let me have their best possible price and others demand that I buy so many at one time
and that is the only way I can get my deep discount. If I had to invest my hard earned money into products then yes, I would not charge the low prices that I charge.

The desire then to reward myself for my investment would constrict my energy at the cellular level. Therefor, I do not possess the items I sell. I have almost every item I sell drop shipped directly from the manufacturer and I ship items to non co-op members either drop shipped or directly. I am an authorized dealer for almost every item that I sell.

If I can't get a certain item I will let you know the best place that I have found who has the best service and prices.


Why I started the co-op buying club...

At first, I was very angry. So angry that I am made an entire website fueled by wanting to go raw when I couldn't afford any equipment nor raw foods. Now is my time to finally do something about it by offering this website.

My name, well, everyone calls me the Blindguru, although I do not consider myself a guru. I simply got a bunch of friends and people I came across in the health food store together to all buy blenders, juicers, dehydrators, water filters, raw bulk foods, to see if we all made a huge order if we could get a better price. The manufacturers would not even talk to us unless we were a store or had a business license and a tax id. So, I got all of this and then collected money from all the people who wanted equipment and food and I made a big purchase and sold to everyone at my cost. I didn't make one dime.

Now, the manufactures are mad at me for selling their equipment so cheap. All I wanted was a blender, a juicer, a dehydrator and a few foods that I couldn't afford at the time.  I had no intention of getting a business started. I told the manufacturers that I just got finished taking a 3 week course in rawfoods and all my money went to that. I just finished the classes and I was motivated, dedicated, and wanted to go 100% raw. In order to get equipment at dealer cost I had to do what I did. I was angry. I thought I was the only one in the class that couldn't afford a blender. I thought everyone else could buy one but me but I later learned I was wrong.  Almost everyone that I come across is in the same position that I was when I first wanted to go raw.  It just upsets me off and right now I am not angry but super motivated...that I am doing everything in my power to get as many people as I know to do the same thing that I am doing and yes, I am helping people, although the stores and manufacturers don't really like what I am doing There are a few manufacturers that don't mind what I do as long as I follow certain guidelines. These are the manufacturers that understand what I am doing and support me.

They don't make me buy 200 blenders, for example, to get the best price. They know what my mission is and they give me their best possible price without the games.
This website is not meant to harm any other stores or competitors by selling so cheap. I want to be friends with my competitors. The more competitors of mine selling the same equipment means to me that the rawfoods movement will sooner become mainstream. My goal now is to get equipment and food to people at my dealer co-op cost to those that support me. This website is written for the struggling starving students, health professionals, and like minded people that want to help others, and those that can't really afford much. That's it for now.

How I run my service...
When I sell equipment on blindguru, I get most of the items drop shipped. If you are wondering why the prices are different, well, I get 1 item drop shipped at a time. The manufacturers, unless they have decided to just give me their best price without all of the "volume pricing games" charge me a higher price when they just ship one item. If the manufacturer ships me, 200 blenders for example, the give me a special price since they don't have to do any of the shipping and handling which takes time and money for them. They don't have to worry about tracking numbers or anything.


I personally don't have the money to buy 200 blenders, 200 water distillers, etc. So, what I do is I collect everyones orders and the cut off time is on the third Friday of the month. All orders must come in the first 3 weeks of the month. I process everything the 4th week and then have the order shipped to me the first week of the month.
I then ship out everything everyone ordered the first week of the month for co-op buyers. This process is running smooth and its simple and easy for me.  I already have the labels ready to stick on the packages and UPS picks it up. Everything is insured, everything has tracking numbers, everything is done professionally.


What will make me happy? (A note to distributors and manufacturers")

I will be happy if I don't always have to prove myself to new distributors that sell the equipment and foods I need.
I wouldn't mind paying a slightly higher price that would let me buy a larger variety from a distributor but they make me buy so much to get their best price. It costs them the same weather I buy 1 lb of something or 500 lbs.
 I am tired of the pricing game. I understand if I buy more at once then shipping is cheaper per item but why make me buy  500 to get your best price. If the product is good, I am going to sell a distributors item anyway. I don't need to be pushed.
 All that does is make me lower your the price of your item in order to meet your 500  quantity volume order and that devalues the item since the perceived value is less since I am selling it so cheap.

 I know just about what it costs to manufacture an item.

For example, an item, such a blender, that sells for $400 on the market,
 most stores pay in the mid 200 range, maybe 250. Distributors buy it for around $150 and they sell it to the stores
for $250. They get the $100 discount since they buy in huge pallets, usually 400 to 800 at a time. So the real worth of it is $150.

This doesn't include the shipping that it takes to get to the distributor. Let's figure in $8 for the blender. So, the real value is now $142.00 to the dealer on the top of the food chain. After talking to engineers I do know what it costs to manufacturer certain blenders.  Let's just say that advertising costs more than the actual blender in many cases.

The real cost of the item is not just the blender, it's the advertising, and other fixed costs of doing business.

After estimating all advertising costs, the manufacturer's salaries and employee wages, and shipping costs, I estimate it costs about 10 cents on the dollar to make almost any mass produced item.
This is just the raw cost. I believe if the manufacturer would make high quality items available at the same price that distributors pay then the items would sell for themselves. No one would be forced to buy in such large quantities. People would then be able to afford a 3.5 hp blender, for example.

The only word I can think of is greed. I wonder what it is like to have the leer jets, have multiple fancy mansions all over the world, have private chefs that work for you 24 hours a day, etc. YES, I have heard the stories on how the owners of manufacturers live. I have heard plenty. And a last word, I believe if the owners who produce these items had a good ecology with 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria in their villi and body, their material needs would vanish and the prices they charge would drop. I know it is an addiction to stimulate the nerve force with all the things that money is buying them. The desire would go away with this bacteria and that would be the end to these high prices. It is not their fault.



If all of our customers call want to be educated instead of just spending the entire time asking what my prices are on.

Almost 80% of the time that I talk on the phone it is about price matching, beating other stores prices,  or how low can I sell something if the person buys more than one item.

Now, as you can see on my site, I give my co-op dealer cost. My system has worked great and my energy is spent on helping people pick out the right item for them, not just conversations over pricing.

I believe our nature is to share and also to receive. I find it fulfilling to want to share my resources for food and equipment I have searched for. I enjoy the opportunity to share with those that want the products and information that has worked for me. I am not a business that likes to only receive. I cannot share my resources without receiving. I do not have the money to buy and stock the products for a warehouse. So, I have came up with a way to do this without money. I have developed an efficient cooperative buying system. I give special prices to co-op members which without the fee I ask for would put me out of business. I sell at prices beyond the normal comfort zone that would keep my business alive. Once I am in my comfort zone I can offer what I know as true sharing. My nature is to share. I can only do this if my needs are met. Once my needs are met it is easy to form the "us" relationship mentality instead of a viewing my business as "separate". Most people see themselves as separate from the businesses that they buy from. This separateness is the main cause of lack that people experience which is the cause of fighting for resources.


How we get our cheap prices...

There is no inside information when it comes to where we get our foods and equipment at such cheap prices. If someone is willing to buy, for example, 2,000 blenders, almost any manufacturer will give distributor pricing. But, go to them and say you are just starting a business and want to buy a dozen of them and see what happens. It is set up for the rich to succeed and for new people who want to get started to fail. I would fail if it weren't for my co-op members also. I believe in co-operative buying and I am getting everyone I know to buy this way. I don't believe in buying buy the bottle. I believe, or example, in buying a 55 gallon drum of whatever I need, and getting family and all my friends and get them to get all of their friends and we all split the 55 gallons up and everyone brings their own container.


The reason we have to sell cheap is because we have to move our volume quicker because of the "games" almost ALL of the manufacturers play. Many are mad at us for selling so cheap but then they make us buy so much that it would take forever to sell if we sold it at the prices that other stores charged. They do NOT see us as equals. There is really no love for what we are doing from those at the very top of the food chain unless we can show them the money. It feels as if they look at those who cannot buy large volume as a waste of their time. We cooperatively use our co-op members' purchases to get our large volume order each month. So, technically, I am just another small store who has little money but camouflaged by the volume that I produce when I collect money from all the orders and place my order at the end of the month. Until there are fair prices I will continue to buy cooperatively, follow the minimum advertised pricing rules and sell cheap.



If you want to know the pricing on all of the equipment, I will give the complete price list to all co-op members.

You will get the pricing on rawfoods, all of the superfoods, kitchen equipment, and anything we can get that is not listed.  Feel free to email us what you need and we can email you the co-op prices on those items.

To see the list of the items we sell at co-op prices see our Newsletter Page.




Invitation only and you must have promo code to join co op.