"We don't become healthy by reforming our diet"


I intend to live forever...so far, so good.


Warning: Many students that have fixed their ecology have developed severe relationship problems. Many people that want coaching are not ready to cope with the realities of improving their lifestyle.


Starting a rawfood diet does not correct the underlying concerns, "the bad ecology". Most rawfooders DO have a bad ecology that we have met and coached. You cannot eat your way into health. Food is more of an effect, not the cause of health. Ask youself this question, "Which came first?  The state of being or the effects of that state of being? Which is the cause and which is the effect?

For example, babies get their ecology from their mother. Many babies get a poor body ecology from day 1. If the mom is full of silent inflamation, then the baby will too.

Remember, raw diets are not causal. Animals in nature, without human interference, typically don't get fat. They don't have to watch what they eat or use self control or any discipline. They simply eat what they are biologically designed to eat by using their aliesthetic sense, the same sense that most of don't use anymore.

"The creme rises to the top". By this we mean that we don't have to sell the truth or convince someone that one way is right and one way is wrong. The creme doesn't have to be forced to the top, it happens all on its on without any outside force. We only do what feels pure to us based on our current state of ecology. We don't push our lifestyle to anyone else as they do NOT have an identical ecology. This is another reason we don't use recipes from raw cookbooks although we do get ideas from them. The trick is to be determined and patient and follow some simple protocols and that is pretty much all there is to it. There is no book on this as it would be impossible to have an author write a book that is appropriate for everyone's ecology. Many rawfood books are written as a reference for the general public and not written for a specific ecology. That is why the protocols are used for people to make the transition without having to "learn" something out of a book. Everything we practice to get this 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria can be all written on a piece of notebook paper. We have not found this information in books as there cannot be money made on this because it would be impossible to have a book on this without knowing each readers ecology.


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- Sugarvores/ Carboholics

- Heavy meat eaters

- Starchavores


-and even Rawfoodists


We get many complaints that the raw foods diet didnt work for them. Many people start the raw diet and go 100% and then after a few months go back to eating cooked food as long as it's vegan. Then they stuggle to get as many rawfoods in their diet as possible. Most people get mad that they weren't taught the right ways to eat raw or that they didn't have the right equipment. Some blame the books they read that contradict each other. Many get mad that everyone is telling them something different. But... not one time since I have been coaching have I heard someone say, "It was no ones fault. I didn't do it right".
Everyone blames someone or some book for not teaching them correctly. The fact that there are different opinions should not be the reason that they failed. There is only one set of facts. It's up to the person to know how to interpret them. No one ever seems to argue the facts. We coach people to to learn how to interpret information based on their on body. We have found that a book that appeals to the general public will not give the personalized attention that you can learn from personalized service. You will never be stuck with a bill when we coach. We don't even charge for it. We welcome anyone to call us who wants to learn. Due to the volume of customers we often will have to book an apointment.
Most rawfooders think that since they eat raw they are healthy.
Yoga students think they are healthy since they do yoga. 
Those that meditate think that they are healthy since they meditate and don't have to do anything else to stay healthy. We even have runners call in and say they can eat whatever they want since they run and burn it off. We hear the most far fetched stories of how people think they are healthy.
Many of the promotors of the raw foods diet say everything they know about the drug companies. They make them seem bad so they can sell you their green powder, or other item they are trying to push. They put down others and then build trust with them and they sell you their product. We sell our products based on the quality of it. Drug companies are great. They are not bad at all. They are simply just serving what the market demands. 95% of my customers are already eating prescriptions.
Many of my customers call me and are fed up with the drug industry, doctors, going to the pharmacy, etc. They are often angry at their doctors since all they do is give them medications to releive their symptoms and never get to the root of the problem. Well, in my opinion, doctors are doing just what you are demanding from them.

People should be angry at the modern food industry, especially the sugar refineries. Tampering with the sweetness of nature (isolating or refining sweetness)
of food has caused more suffering than anything else.

It is not just about coping with the change in flora that affects the diet and social choices.
Many people are addicted to their own endogenous chemical addictions. Many people are addicted to work, going to movies, concerts, video games, massage, yoga, or anything else that stimulates the chemical releases from the mid brain. If this stimuli was suddenly turned off, then their bodies would need a new way for stimulation. If someone stopped doing the things that normally created these releases and they can't regenerate these chemicals from doing the things they are used to, then they would have to find something else. Having an abundance of minerals and agressive natural flora makes me feel good without having to be constantly stimulated. Caffeine is similar to the chemical people can produce in their mid brain. Fear can also be a powerful stimulator (this is why so many horror movies are in the theaters) 99% of people I have come across have trained their bodies to produce these chemicals to get them through the day or night. Take for example a horror movie
 (This produces a self induced chemical state). The body interprets the movie as an energy boost. The energy they get from watching the movie depletes their chemical reserves that are normally meant for survival. In nature, we would never experience fear emotions like humans today do.

If I were to make a horror movie, I would probably make it from a metablic viewpoint by hooking up viewers up to EEG monitors, setting the lighting, sound, and effects that would give me the results I was looking for.

The more aggressive the bacteria is, the faster the colonies will grow. But, this is limited by the capacity and the condition of the villi. The more surface area of the villi the more I can absorb the minerals and colonize. I want my villi to be long, vital, durable, and very sensative. The villi are super delicate If they are damaged it will take time to reconstruct them. Many people get colonics and other maintanence programs to detox their colon.  By having the  bacteria it eats whatever toxins I have in my body without having to follow detox programs which only work while you are doing them. If you don't have any bad stuff in
your colon then there is no need to follow any detox program.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to health but we can at least say one thing...there will be consequences. If you want health to be the  outcome...then it might not be a mistake to learn.
If you have the lifestyle of going to doctors for checkups or getting massages every time your muscles are tight then that is your choice. I don't believe in seeking "maintanence monitoring" services. I don't need massages as I am not water malabsorbant. My ecology is in such great shape that the last time I went to the dentist I was told not to come back. He said it was not necessary for me to make another appointment. The dentist had never seen a healthy mouth like mine. If I take care of myself I don't need to go to the dentist to check for cavities or clean my teeth but I am glad they are there for me in case other people need them.
I don't need to go to a chiropractor. I don't have back problems and my bones are in pretty good alignment. Most people don't have back problems due to a "lack of manipulation" or due to the "lack of therapy". People have the pains because of what they are doing to themselves. I am friends with many chiropractors and they actually teach their patients what we coach to them. If people don't have the aerobic properties that we teach how to cultivate then yes...we believe people should utilize chiropractic and getting massage.
Also, people aren't sick due to the lack of needles from an acupuncturist. I have found that alternative medical models don't work. All are just modified to fit the needs of the person.
 What we perceive to be sickness is in fact a healing. Healing is always uncomfortable, and the onset of a fast is a sure fire way to kick in a healing process. Billions of stored toxins suddenly queuing up to be released...  
People practice meditation and martial arts for many years to try to experience this calmness that we have when we obtain the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria. Many people cannot tolerate the "primitive grasses" when they do not have this bacteria that we are designed to have.
A typical symbiotic rawfoodist doesn't eat much compared to a rawfoodist...

The more I think about it, the more I feel somehow, something about all this eating, doesn't ring quite true.. Can it really be necessary to consume such vast quantities of food in order to maintain good health? - And if you'll pardon my French, it really seems to me like most all of that we put in one end, just ends up getting shlt out the other.. All this eating and shitting is probably the real cause of our premature deaths.
I believe the major reason, that the body generally ceases to function if a fast is pushed too far, is that the body is not yet ready to push itself to the limit. It must be completely clean of all the years old residues of cooked foods and bad lifestyles. Mucus sticks to us like glue, so I think it generally unrealistic to expect this to be done within weeks or even months.. Realistically this may take years, and one day of binging on sad foods, can put us back frustratingly unknown amounts of time.. Living on love and light, is all about living as low on the food chain as possible.. - getting ones meals directly from the source.   For us, this does not include eating cultivars, organic vegetables that aren't grown naturally


Below you will see what to expect depending on how aggressively you want to reach your wellness objective.

Most students develop relationship problems once they get the 3 to 5 lbs. of aerobic cutures in their body.


A recent women has been married to her husband for 22 years. In about 2 months she no longer could cope waking up to her partner in the  same bed due to her husbands unbearable bad breath. She never noticed it before until her ecology changed. Now, they have major problems since the husband is not willing to change his lifestyle.


Another recent problem was when a student developed an abundance of energy and didn't want to sit around watching tv all day with his partner. He was losing his weight and his wife still wanted to watch tv all night and eat junk foods. He no longer had the desire to sit home all night on the couch and now he wanted to do more active things. His partner couldn't keep up with him and eventually it lead to a break-up in their relationship. They had been dating 2 years and within 2 months of our coaching they broke up.

Our purpose is to help relationships but if one person is making a change and their partner is not willing to cope with their change then problems will almost always occur. Many people lose interest in their old hobbies and find newer activities that fit their adapted bodies and mind.


 We ask you ask yourself the questions below before we set up a phone consultation with one of our coaches. (For those that want to talk to our symbiotic coach their is a wait list so please book at least 1-2 weeks ahead of time.


Below are some relationship/coping questions that you might want to consider...

1. Can you cope with social isolation due to your change in the lifestyle?

2. If your partner's intimate odors starting to become more and more stinky until the point where you prefered not to be intimate with them...would that be something you could handle?

3. Does the idea that your self-identity might change bother you? Would you be ready to adapt knowing that your hobbies might change, your clothes might not fit and you will have to spend money to get new clothes, your choices in entertainment might change due to your expanded consciousness?

4. Does the reality of not wanting to participate in activities of family origin bother you, such as not desiring to eat the 4th of July meals or other major holiday meals where you choose to bring your own food?

5. Are you comfortable knowing your character might change, such as your personality or your way of being?

6. Are you ready to deal with the emotional reality of how others see you?

7. You might have a desire to quit your job due to a new set of for personal capabilities?

8. Are you able to still be in a relationship with someone with a less optimistic view on life?

9. If your energy increases can you be happy with this knowing your partner will remain less active (this is the biggest complaint of all).


Depending on your approach you will find in the beginning:

1. A natural tendancy to look into new habits

2. Slightly unpleasant odors become noticible

3. Indifference to old pleasures to literal discust at old pleasures

4. Airplane and movie theater odor may become offensive. Restaurant smells can have that same smell too.

5. Breath of companion becomes so putrid that you can't even kiss her, or him.

6. Loss of desire for comfort foods

7. Loss of desire for legumes and grains (Read on our website why they are bad for you anyway)

8. Loss of desire for cooked foods

9. Priority of foods in your life drops

10. Loss of interest in cooked animal fats


NOTE: If you build the 3 to 5 lb aerobic bacteria-like organ in your and you build it too fast, you can expect:

1. constipation

2.  diahrea

3. Detox symptoms


Once you become symbiotic you might notice:

1. Remorse about loss of comfort food gradually goes away

2. The desire for addictive substances no longer exists (This cannot be stopped)

3. You feel a sense of liberation to not want junk foods without pressure or dietary revision.

4. Your choice in restaurants change

5. Your choice in movies can change.


I've found that When people have a bad ecology they do not use 100% of their circulatory system.
A bad ecology can the circulatory system can be reduced to around 70%. If the brain is only getting 70% of what is optimal, then how can we expect
ourselves to perform at our peak performance..


I wouldn't recommend anyone to start a Symbiotic lifestyle unless they know what to expect. Many love the concept and detox so fast that they confuse their symptoms with sickness. Many people ask us what we eat. Our ecology is different than yours might be. What we do might be different that what you might be capable of doing at your current ecology.



Be prepared of the possibility of negative feelings about yourself...the truly deep ones. As we become more symbiotic, we become aware of the negative emotions which act as a buffer to those incredibly good feelings we have about ourselves.. Be prepared to recognize that the irritation at others may be just an avoidance of these so called bad feelings towards yourself. The 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in my body prepares me for stresses that I have in my every day life.

A symbiotic lifestyle is not a choice. Most vegans or rawfoodists find that their diet doesn't work and want to be more symbiotic but have to deal with all the lies they have been told, such as proper food combining, or drinking water with meals is bad, or that we need to buy greens such as kale, spinach, and other cultivars.
Diet is the symptom of ecology. I am only interested in the cause of the diet.  The symbiotic relationship is between the person and the their flora. If there is no relationship between the person and the flora then it doesn't really matter what a person eats. The aerobic bacteria eats all the junk out of my body and there is no need for colonics, cleanses, pills, or anything that someone tries to sell me.
   As the body becomes more symbiotic, we gradually need less and less food to maintain life.
The 3 to 5 lbs of flora cannot be obtained without the "signal" foods that we would get in nature. The signals are salt, water, sugar, fat, and protein.
The primitive signals are replaced by the conventionl types of these signal as the body becomes more aerobic with the 3 to 5 lbs of this active flora.

A sick body requires a gradual approach to a sybiotic lifestyle. A vegan or rawfoodist might find the transition much faster to a symbiotic lifestyle. Some people will break out or get detox symptoms and will go to their doctor and the doctor might say they have allergies. Some people give up there. Some people realize that when they break out it is just the body releasing stored up toxins. These toxins coming out of their body, which might not look pretty, is saving them from diseases that can be prevented in the future. I would rather break out now than have the toxins build up in my body. I actually welcome getting a cold. I am the happiest person in the world when I know a cold is about to approach. It's unpleasant but I know I am about to release toxins. The "cold" is actually the curing process.  I never take vitamins which act as prophylactics so I can maintain an unhealthy lifestyle.   When coping with a symbiotic transition, be happy that your body is having symptoms. Know that you are throwing out tons of waste products which have been causing you pain, suffering, and a possibly disease.   The symptoms, such as releasing poisons from the liver, are not pleasant. Once released most people hate the feeling. I always hear once the temporary pain is gone they always feel better than they ever did before. 
The cycle goes kind of like this:
You feel better, then a reaction occurs, you feel crappy for a few weeks, then you recover and you feel better. Then you get another reaction maybe sooner than later but this time the reaction is slightly milder than the previous reaction. So, each time you recover and feel better than before. Then, once you become to the point where you don't get these reactions, you reach a plateau, and then you have reached your goal with the symbiotic approach you have learned.

We don't tell people what to eat or how to change their diet. When the ecology changes, many people experience intense desires for whole foods and water. These changes in tastes and desires create a life-style change- the only true and permanent solution. Many people will walk into the grocery store and feel "drawn" to the produce isle... and they will desire watery fruits and vegetables the way they used to crave sodas, burgers, and junk food. Don't blame yourself for your previous lack of discipline. The American food supply is largely to blame.
Once this bacteria growth is in your body you can easily see how the forces of nature work. It is very easy to explain this feeling. I am sure most people remember the energy and vitality they had when they were five years old.
  Join our Symbiotic 101 chat to hear more. Nothing is for sale in this chat. It is purely educational with pure intent to help those who are interested.


Most students that have achieved the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in their body have said...

 You'll have more energy.

 You'll achieve your ideal body weigh.

 You wont feel "fat".

 Any cellulite will start to fade, or even totally disappear.

 You'll acquire more endurance.

 You may notice that you become more flexible.

 Your skin will glow.

 Skin problems will be repaired.

 You'll feel light.

 You'll recover more quickly after exercise.

 You'll enjoy sex more.

 Your mind will be clearer

 Your taste buds will sharpen.

 Less sleep = more play

 You'll have less painful periods (women only)

 Your monthly cycle may even change too, as you detox (women only)

 You'll be less drawn to unhealthy food.

 The ingredients within junk food will repulse you.

 You'll look great first thing in the morning.

 You'll need less make-up.

 You'll be more aware of the environment.

 You'll be saving the environment.

 You'll have much less waste that the average household.

 You'll discover the super foods!

 You will probably throw your juicer out.

 You'll be living by the laws of nature.

 You'll be more drawn to being outside, within nature.

 You wont be fighting food cravings.

 You'll be the last one standing after a night out!

 You'll live longer!


 We use nature as our model when we choose our foods to eat...not what we are told to do by reading a generic book that is very impersonal and applies to almost anyone. We know people don't crave foods. Crave is another word for "addiction".


How many cooked food addicts eat their food at body tempurature?

One thing you will stop craving as a symbiotic are hot foods or cold foods. You no longer desire chilled drinks or spicy foods or heated foods. This is all an effect of body ecology. A book can tell you this is bad but a book cannot change your ecology which changes your desires.


Is our information on our website useful?
Many people value old information because it confirms their knowledge and maybe helps them feel more secure.

It follows that the most valuable information could be the most different from the information you already have.


Please do not summarily reject information in this website since it is very different from what you now know.

Even if initially you object strongly to new information, you may find that your objections are satisfactorily answered later...

Sometimes when two people communicate it is as if suddenly a brick wall jumps up between them. This usually happens when one person reacts with resistance to something the other says or does. And sometimes the other person then reacts with resistance to the resistance...

Such invisible brick walls become barriers to further communication. Probably the most prevalent way such brick walls are brought about is when one person says or does something that makes the other wrong - or when the other person feels or perceives being made wrong...


Another way such brick walls come about is when a communication is perceived as threatening. Consider the possibility that the information that would be most valuable to you might be information most different from some of the information you now hold. If this is so, then the information potentially most valuable to you could also seem the most threatening...

Some of us build invisible brick walls around us to "protect" and "isolate" us from people of different color, culture, class, race, age, sex, political or religious persuasion, etc...

We have the ability not only to control our own invisible brick walls, but also to influence the brick walls of others to a considerable extent. This is an awesome power wielded by the most charismatic...

By becoming more aware of our own brick walls and those of others, we gain control over invisible brick walls - and increase our power to communicate.


NOTE: You cannot believe in the symbiotic lifestyle. It is not something that you can accept. A person has to experience having 3 to 5 lbs of the aerobic bacteria and an more alkaline body or they have not experienced it by not having this bacteria and a non-aerobic body. Based on all the people that have gained this, I know that you cannot understand it if you haven't experienced it. Just by hearing about it will not let you experience it.


Max Life-Span

7 Symbiotic 120

6 Vegan 110

5 Macrobiotic 100

4 Vegetarian 90

3 Piscavore 80

2 Carnivore 70

1 Junkivore 60


We naturally resist change...usually a change that will make us better.

The goal of a symbiotic rawfoodist is to develop an abundance of mineral reserves.

A symbiotic generates their nerve force from the abundance of aerobic bacteria and eating mineral rich foods. One can also stimulate their nerve force from music, chocolate,  coffee, or getting the 'runners high" but if the body is mineral malabsorbant it will deplete the body and can actually consume the minerals from the bones.


I used to love foods that gave an immune disruption because this was the only way I knew how to stimulate my nerve force. One can produce indogenous energy from fatal withdrawals of minerals from tissues from the body. The weakest organ (target organ) usually under functions. This is when people usually end up in the medical model (chemical stimulation). One goes from being mineral deficient to pharmaceutical drugs.


I do not have the before and after pictures of those that have transitioned to a symbiotic diet. The primary objective of these types of pictures are to show weight loss. This subconscious communication of the images are not helpful for what we teach.

The symbiotic diet is not about weight loss and is not a weight loss program. Most people that want to become symbiotic are thin.