Ionic Footspas

Over years Ive thought this whole Ionic footbath cleanse was a scam and I was right. I was also wrong too. So many people have used these and said they got no results while others claim it helped them detox more than anything they have used. After hearing about these for years there are too many people that tried these and got the results they needed. I always ask people which model they have. The majority of the people that complained of no results were almost always a brand I never heard of. About all the people that say they have gotten results were always from the same 3 brands. EB305 and EBPro and the IonCleanse and the AquaChi brand. Out of these the Ion Clenase brand was the most used.


In my research I've found that what really hurt the market the most was when eastern Asian manufacturers flooded the market with cheap machines that technically produced an electrolysis effect and ions but not in the most therapeutic way. Just because the body is presented with ions, salt, and water doesn’t mean anything therapeutic is going to happen. But people did not know how these things actually worked at first and so manufacturers and companies jumped on the bandwagon touting them as the best thing you can do for your health.

The other thing that hurt the market was how these companies promoted the baths telling people that all of the crud that ends up floating on the surface of the water along with all the discoloration is due to the crap that comes out of your body and mixes with the water. This is completely untrue. Depending on the metals used in the array, that is the main thing that will create certain colors in the water. Green and Black for example are usual oxidation colors of a copper array. Reddish foam is usually associated with oxidizing stainless steel.

What I found is that other colors and compounds in the water beyond those created in oxidation reactions with the arrays were usually related to something the person’s body had dumped through adsorption.

The other major disservice that those money hungry copycat companies did for consumers was tell them that all your toxins dump out into the water. This concept completely ignores one of the awesome things about footbaths, is that they can pump your body full of negative ion potential. What your body does with that increase in voltage across the cell membrane is complex and whatever the body needs. Once the body receives the needed shift in ionic polarity at the cellular level then most of the toxins are escorted out of the body through the normal elimination channels like liver, kidneys, and digestive tract. While the hands, feet, and lungs are major areas the body uses to release toxins, the actual time your feet spend in the footbath is pretty minimal when you consider there are 24 hours in a day. When the body receives a huge increase in voltage potential and ions it will spend many hours afterwards shifting things around. Changes that the body makes are gradual. It’s not going to mobilize major changes in a 30-1 hour session and send everything out the feet. It’s my personal belief that probably only 15% or less gunk actually moves out of the feet.  Flooding the body with good stuff from the bath means that for 24 hours or longer your body will be releasing a much larger amount of toxins from your skin, lungs, hands, and into the toilet. There are simply too many metabolic processes and systems involved to really release anything significant at a time through just the feet in one short footbath. No doubt stuff is released through that specific means but I would hope to reframe the perspective to realize that what the main benefits of the footbath are and to not get so hung up on the actual bath itself being a receptacle for gunk.

Companies decided to focus their marketing efforts on the concept of the bath itself being a receptacle because most of the time these companies just mechanically copied other machines and did not actually have anyone in the company that knew the biological therapeutic mechanisms involved.  

At the same time most consumers don’t really want to take the time to learn how something works and have already convinced themselves it’s going to work before actually using it.

In my research into the ionic footbath detox market we have found the same types of games being played by companies that are hoping to convince consumers that their brand is soooo different from their competitors when really it’s just another cheap foreign knockoff.

So many people call us everyday just absolutely fed up with sales people and have no idea what to buy. People take to our site like they discovered water in the dessert. Sometimes people call and I will not even sell them an ionic footspa because I know that there is a much more appropriate therapy or product that would serve them better in the short term or long term for their specific conditions or health goals. More often than not many people are tight on money and have already spent a lot just trying to get better. I want to make sure their hard earned dollars are well spent and they have a clear sense of priorities on what course of treatment or product to get first.

Too many times people call us all gung-ho about detoxing and they have not even stopped to consider their diet, lifestyle, and the health of their lymphatic, liver, kidney, digestive systems (elimination systems). I tell people repeatedly that stirring up even more toxins for the body to process is not always the best thing for one’s immune system depending on their current state of health. There are sometimes other important health practices and products to incorporate firstly or simultaneously so as to not overwhelm the body and maximizes the results. Wouldn’t it be great if all the footspa sales people had the same perspective?

While doing ionic footbath detox with a machine that actually works can be incredible, I've never found a magic bullet product that works well for everyone for every condition all the time.  I usually tell people who want to detox most effectively that besides taking some helpful supportive supplements and making some basic dietary changes, following a program of using a Rebounder first, then using the Ionic Footbath afterwards is the most ideal. The key is to get the circulation going and lymphatic system flushed first. Many people use an infrared sauna even after the ionic foot bath.

Because of my connections in many different product categories, I many time put together package deals for my customers. If I need to reduce the cost of an ionic footbath significantly so that people can also get a rebounder as one example, then people will be able to get better results. Two therapies for the price of one!

Thanks for coming to the site and feel free to call or email us for assistance.

Here’s to your health!


Here is the special offer I have. I can offer this due to my volume dealer discounts as well as the freebies I throw in are subsidized since they are not being sold for profit. Many manufactures give me below my dealer price when I don't sell them but give them out as add-ons to help offset the costs of my other products. I am grateful I have these arrangements.

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These companies selling fake, knockoffs ionic foot baths have wasted so many hours of my time and finally messed with the wrong person. Most of these leach heavy metals just from the arrays hoping they would make me think it's toxins from my body. I've decided to put this site together as an information tool, to help anyone who could relate to the agonizing pain of getting to the truth of which ionic footbath is really good. DON'T THEY REALIZE FACTS REVEAL EVERYTHING? IT'S TIME FOR A SITE THAT EDUCATES PEOPLE

I am calling up clinics who advertise ionic foot baths and finding out all the problems with all the brands and which ones hold up over time, the REAL costs of each session, how long the arrays REALLY last, customer service with the manufacturers, and anything else I can come up with. I am tired of dealing with shady companies that all say their brand is the best. Their lies will have to get trickier and shadier after my site is up. I will keep my site up an running as long as I can afford to keep it up.

IonCleanse® Premier® Professional Ionic Foot Bath

IonCleanse® Premier® Ionic Foot Bath

 IonCleanse® Premier® Professional Ionic Foot Bath

The IonCleanse® Premier® is a state of the art professional ionic foot bath and ion foot detox machine unit that features

  1. Safety first
  2. Patented dual polarity technology
  3. Five different session programs
  4. Overnight warranty repair service
  5. Lifetime customer service & support (Se habla Español)
  6. Free listing in our online practitioner locator
  7. A run-time counter
  8. Made in the USA IonCleanse - Made in the USA
  9. 100% Money-back Guarantee

The IonCleanse® Premier® purchase includes:

one array with one extra set of replacement plates (regular or heavy duty), one extra array cord, the IonCleanse® foot tub, liners,array cleaner, salt, client brochures, and the IonCleanse® marketing pack.


Two year warranty, extended warranty available.

IonCleanse® Solo® Detox Foot Bath

IonCleanse® Solo® Detox Foot Bath

 IonCleanse® Solo® Detox Foot Bath

The IonCleanse® Solo® is the latest detox foot spa and ionic detox foot bath created by A Major Difference, Inc. Now available for home use, the Solo™ allows individuals and families the opportunity to experience the IonCleanse® process without the heavy initial investment. The IonCleanse® Solo® features (click on the links below to expand the bullet points):

  1. Safety first
  2. The same quality and power as the Premier®
  3. A single-program session
  4. Patented dual polarity technology
  5. Lifetime customer service & support (Se halbla Español)
  6. A run-time counter
  7. Made in the USA IonCleanse - Made in the USA
  8. 100% Money-back Guarantee

The IonCleanse® Solo® purchase includes: one array (either type can be selected below), theIonCleanse® foot tub, liners, array cleaner, and salt.


Two Year Warranty, extended warranty available.


We now rent brand new IonCleanse foot spas. Slightly used spas are a little bit cheaper to rent. These are our most popular rentals. Call for availability. We always have new spas available to rent. We have the lowest rental prices on the net on new and used spas.

First, I must say that these are made in the United States and this company can have quality control over the manufacturing process. Many of the imported foot spas are sold by companies on Alibaba.com for a fraction of the price. Many of them do not have the power that many people need. The people that are just importing them are just resellers and do not own the company that manufactureres them.

Anyone can buy $200 foot spas for $50 bucks and mark them up to $500 bucks.

This company has a very high quality foot spa and does not inflate their prices and that is why I have them listed on my site. I do not know of anyone who has returned this brand given their 100% give back return policy. This company was the first company that I found several years ago when I went to a raw food health spa for 2 weeks and they had this brand in the colonic rooms.

The company is based in Colorado and seemed well integrated with nutrition and health and were not just people making the machines who had no idea what they were talking about.

They also have doctors on staff. Most companies have just sales people that have no medical background and they are making recommendations that they have no qualification other than a commission check they are trying to get if they sell to you.

This company is also known for giving 100% money back for assurance- proof that they are confident in their product . They won't give you a hard time if you try to return it and try to troubleshoot why you think it didn't work. They will simply give you no hassle.

This brand is also one of the few that have the CE safety cerfication. I have not seen any cheap machines coming out of China that have

the USA CE certification. Many have certifications in their own country but that means nothing here. EVERY single one of the components in this brand is FCC and CE certified. This is the only one I know of that is certified like this that I have found.

I congratulate this company for letting everyone know where their parts come from. Many assembly companies are now saying their foot spas are made in the USA but they import all the parts from overseas. This company gets all their parts made in the USA. It is more expensive than the others but you know you are getting a quality product and they are always there to answer the phones unlike many that you get a voice mail almost every time unless you keep calling repeatedly when they finally get annoyed since they are screening their calls to avoid angry customers.

Amperage & Voltage Considerations
Many people are complaining that they get very sleepy during the bath but engergized afterward. This is because they are are stirring up toxins and its not that they are getting relaxed, it's that they are creating a toxic whirlpool that can't be eliminated so fast. Either they are using too much power or they need to shorten their session. It is a similar feeling to when people feel so relaxed after going into a hot tub. It's the exhaustion from soaking and breathing in chlorine, not so much the heat. Don't confuse exhaustion from toxic overload with relaxation. It's called DETOXING TOO QUICKLY. So, buy the highest amperage you need and don't just go for the highest amperage out there like I first did.

Ionic Theory:  In the world of physics..........An ion is a charged atom that has lost an electron. Once it loses this electron, it creates a magnetic attraction field that is capable of neutralizing oppositely-charged particles. These oppositely charged particles are really the toxins that have built up in your body over the course of your lifetime. If the ions can attach themselves to the toxins, they can rid the body of these poisons and improve your state of health. Some manufacturers claim that their ionic foot spas create alternating flows between negative(-) and positive(+)ions. But,again, going back to the basic laws of physics, we know that opposites poles attract and like repel. So, this being said, the negatively charged hydrogen ion, created through the ionization process would attract and neutralize the positively charged toxins in your body. When this occurs,the toxins (in theory) would be eliminated through the skin. With the ionic foot spas, these toxins get eliminated mainly through the feet. If the ionization process produces both positively and negatively charged hydrogen ions then they would not attract as many positively charged toxins that are stored in your body. If this is the case, then these toxins will not be removed from your body as efficiently...This is assuming that your body is in a totally alkaline state. Some manufacturers feel that not everyone is in a total alkaline state and the creation of both types of ions will help balance the body and actually result in a better detox session.