and for those that want to want to watch a great movie with their friends and family which can lead to wonderful  discussions. This movie will let those experience what we experience. If you are expecting a comedy, thriller, or drama then this movie is not for you. This video will provoke you so be prepared!

This film may not be suited for all audiences. 





BlindGuru Un-Movie

Our film is LIVE. Spontaneous - Not acted or organized. Not pre-planned.

Our film can be felt on the cellular level, the visceral level.


Laughing generation: This film will bring about more gutteral laughing, involving more off the body.

You will probably be grabbing your stomach or lurch forward as jerking of your body will preside.

This clutching gesture will actually be your unconscious attempt to stop laughter. (Why would you want to stop your own

laugther?) We recommend that you not hold your stomachs or prevent yourself from lurching forward to stop this laughter.

Let laughter be a full body experience.


When people usually watch movies, they relax and distance themselves from themselves. They want to be entertained and do not want to enter the process of what is happening in the movie. They just kick back and watch.


Our movie is not intended to be funny. It is not a comedy. So, what is making them laugh?

From an intellectual standpoint, people laugh when they identify with ideas that they value. The truths show up as humor

when viewed from a more connected standpoint.


This movie WILL shock and surprise those that watch. When you experience something unexpectedly, it will make you realize how narrow your own perspectives are which is were the laughter often comes from. The laughter that this film generates will naturally show you how open minded you to the ideas that may be new to you.


Laughter in most movies is nature's way of distancing. We are not making this film so you can just laugh at us. True laughter is extremely enlightening and is a way to connect with people, not the laughter that most films bring out in an audience.


The humor and laughter that this film generates will linger long after the film is over. The film will gererate laughter from experiences in the past and will bring laughter in the future long after the immediacy of the humor from the present after you have watched the film.

This film may not be suited for all audiences. This film is available for all co-op members.




Recommended books:

Modern Foods  by Carper and Stone

Alkalize or Die by Barody

Biology of Belief by Lipton

Survival in the 21st Century Kalvinskas

Sick and Tired by Young

Eco-Eating by Sapoty Brook

Wheatgrass- Nature's Finest Medicine by Muyerowitz

Common Sense Health and Healing by Richard Schulze
Mind As Healer, Mind As Slayer By Kenneth R. Pelletier
The Peaceful Palate: Fine Vegetarian..Regina Campbell
The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing & Nutrition By Jill Rosemary Davies
Healing Kidney & Gallbladder Disease Naturally By Richard Schulze

 The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon

 Breaking the Code- A Layperson's Guide to Unlocking the Secret World of Medical Terminology by Richard Schulze
 Can We Live 150 Years? by Mikhail Tombak


Below are some of the free books we have to offer.

This is what I'm re-reading right now and I'd like to share it. Here is a short quote from the book. It should definitely be on the reading list for anyone interested in growing part or all of their own food, now or in the future:

"When you think about it, everybody is familiar with the words "natural food." but it is not clearly understood what natural food actually is. There many who feel that eating food which contains no artificial chemicals or additives is a natural diet, and there are others who think vaguely that a natural diet is eating foods just as they are found in nature.


If you ask whether use of fire and salt in cooking is natural or unnatural, one could answer either way. If the diet of the people of primitive times, eating only plants and animals living in their wild state, is "natural," then a diet which uses salt and fire cannot be called natural. But if it is argued that the knowldege aquired in ancient times of using fire and salt was humanity's natural destiny, then food prepared accordingly is perfectly natural.


Is food to which human techniques of preparation have been applied good, or should wild foods just as they are in nature be considered good? Can cultivated crops be said to be natural? Where do you draw the line between natural and unnatural?"

I can't even begin to tell the readers how deep an effect it had. It drove home the point so poignantly that we can't separate all the aspects of ourselves. From the universe within to the universe without, we are all entwined in the dance of life. One can't move a little without affecting the other. It's not that big a book, but it is, to me, a book that hit me as hard as any I have ever read. If you want a free copy of this book email TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com and put "revolution" in the subject.


Below is a book we think you will find interesting. Click the picture to read the entire book.

[Humanure Handbook Cover]
The Humanure Handbook A Guide to Composting Human Manure


Click to read full book.


Click to read full book.


Click the book to read.


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