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I look at my website as a diary. It is a PRIVATE diary and is left around for those that happen to read it. I am not leaving it around so people can read it (If manufacturers are upset at my strategy to help people get equipment and think I am trying to undercut the market, well, this is just my private site). I am not bothered if anyone read it. Think of my site as a private website that is only public because people find it.

I keep my notes on this site to avoid carrying them with me on paper. I could let people I trust to have the password to the site but I just don't feel like it.
    I'll be writing and putting up videos about my experiences that you can see on my video page, en route, hopefully honest, frank views and factual accounts of events.. However, if you are a store or manufacturer and read this, and you find I've written about you in it, and you don't like what you see, then don't complain to me, as I have already told you - it's a private Journal... well.. sort of..   -Please, take nothing personally, - these are just mutterings from a truth seeking young man... All views and accounts are unavoidably onesided, so to allow for this, I offer a message board here to anyone mentioned, that's brash enough to be reading someones private diary (sort of), to write their own view of affairs, regardless of how they may verily differ from my own.. So, after reading that, you still wish to peek into my life as a symbiotic? Find out where I'm at, and what I'm up to..? Naturally also then, I am curious to know who you are? Please tell us about you or your opinions or beliefs on our message board.