A durian, my favorite fruit: a fruit which is banned from public transport in Singapore as it apparently smells of either rotting flesh, sweaty socks or some such smell. It's smell is also described as 'indescribable', and taste like 'onion flavored yogurt'. Click the durian to see a video shot by us that we hope you enjoy.

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"We get more out of foods when we have less combonations".


"In nature if you were foraging you would eat one type of food at a time. You get satisfied on that one food and wouldn't go searching for other food sources that aren't close to you".


 Beware of healthy foods that are called RAW!

 If the living foods diet is the most nutritions diet then why do all the rawfood stores and pioneers of the raw foods diet promote supplements and the most expensive and unusual green superfood formulas. How can superfoods be more super than they are in their fresh state (once dried and put into a can so that your body can re-hydrate them. See our dehydrator page for the harmful effects of eating dry food. You should realize that the raw food diet is the best diet if you are not tricked into thinking you need man made supplements and magic formulas just to have a healthy well being. If the diet was that easy and worked then everyone would be on it. It is almost impossible to stay on a raw diet after spending most of your life eating junk foods or cooked foods. After talking to use you will realize why trying to folow a raw diet will NOT work. We promote a 100% symbiotic rawfood diet. You should never have to resist eating any food you want, even a pizza. If you want to eat a large popcorn, extra large soda, and some candy in the movie theater...then eat it. you should never have to hold back. The only way you will overcome your health concerns is if you do no resist your temptations. Once you know the philosophy...you won't even want to eat the pizza. You wouldn't want it even if it was a RAW pizza. Your body see this as a poor combonation and it doesn't matter if the pizza is raw or cooked. If it tastes, looks, and has the same combonations of a pizza...your body will digest it as if it were a pizza. Last time I checked, there was no pizza tree, or a lasagna bush, or even a sandwich bush.

But...then again...if I wanted a pizza I would eat it. I actually wouldn't have to choose not to eat it. I would naturally not want it. My body is so strong that I could handle it if I wanted it. I can even eat an entire pizza and it would not even bother me. The reason is that I have the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic cultures that as a symbiotic rawfoodist I live by and those that we coach soon realize. Most health food stores do not sell the high aerobic properties. Not ever everyone is looking or has the money to buy the best quality of these or the best expertise. You might can find something similar at a health food store but we have found it takes many, many more months to get the same results. They actually have to be shipped overseas. I think that stores don't sell them either since they are too expensive and no one could afford them or that they must really work and it would canabolize sales of supplements they are trying to sell.


Everyone has different tastes based on their current ecology. If two people have the same ecology they will usually like the same recipe. Most recipe books I have found are based on catering to those with poor ecology. We will give you the ingredients and based on your ecology you can add or take away certain ingredients. You can add more or less. We don't have just a recipe that appeals to everyone. Once your ecology changes and you have 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in your colon you might not like the same recipe that you like today.



Symbiotic Recipes

Rawfood Recipes

Mono Raw Recipes

Transitional Raw Recipes


Smoothie ingredients: Things we put in our smoothies:

Acai Berry: These have about 10 times as much anti-oxidants that grapes have by weight. They even have twice that of blueberries. The powder is what we use. We mix it in our smoothies. It makes it turn purple.

 Avocado pits: I have no cholosterol problems due to these pits. They have the most soluble fiber than any plant on this Earth. The pit has more fiber than oatmeal. The pit has a very mild taste when blended in 3+HP blender. I often go to mexican restaurants and get the pits before they throw them out and put them into other recipes.

Fresh Bee Pollen: This has so much protein and is loaded with energy. Beware that some people may be allergic to bee products.  

Camu Camu Berries:

This is probably the most expensive of all fruits. We use the powder since the fruit is 96% water and they really can't be shipped once they are picked. 4% of the product, which is what the powder is after the water is taken out. What is left is the pulp put into powder that is loaded with phytochemicals. This is something that everyone should try at least once. It's pricey but it is very potent. We know of some places that have good deals on it.

      Our 2 favorite rawfood recipe books are

The Life Food recipe book

Living on Life Force by Annie Julb



These are our our some of our other favorite recipe books!


 Avocado Lime Ginger Dressing

Zucchini Angel Hair Pasta with Tomato Ricotta Sauce


In the Vanilla Bean Recipe Booklet you will learn how to make vanilla almond milk, vanilla smoothies, vanilla puddings, vanilla ice cream, vanilla pie filling, and more.

In the Sprout Bag Recipe Booklet you will learn step by step instructions on how to make almond milk, fresh juice, and sprouts.  Also included are pate recipes with soaked nuts and seeds; a cracker and cookie recipe that use left over almond pulp from almond milk; raw dehydrated cereal; veggie patties; and more.

In the Spiral Slicer Recipe Booklet  you will learn how to use your Spiral Slicer to  make Angel Hair like pasta and Asian Vermicelli like noodles out of vegetables. Also included are recipes for a raw alfredo sauce, a raw marinara sauce, a raw sweet and sour sauce, a raw coconut curry lime sauce, and more.

In the Salad Dressing Recipe Booklet you will learn the basics of making raw salad dressings from avocado, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables without using one drop of oil or vinegar! Some of the salad dressing recipes included are: Green Goddess, Raw Ranch, Raw French, Citrus Mint, and more.



We have all 4 of these books for 14.95 free shipping.

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These pictures are living foods submited by co-op members. If you would like to share a picture submit it to

TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com and put "recipe" in the subject line.


If you think these foods look good, then read below:


As long as our food is RAW and not mixed with other foods in the same bite, we eat as much as we want. If it tastes good, then we eat it. Since our ecololgies are different, what tastes good to me might not taste good to you, at the time. If it tastes good then we eat it and since we have the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in our bodies, our taste perception is typically 100% accurate.

We stop eating when the tasty food tastes bad.  This is because we know when we have had enough when there is slight change of taste. We are all born with this instinctive skill, but we are taught from day 1 to ignore it. I remember my parents telling me to finish my meal even though I was full. I don't blame them because they didn't know any better. Cooked food interferes with this instinct to stop eating when full. We also don't perceieve this taste change when we eat foods that are mixed.


All of these raw food pictures look yummy and taste good, I agree. But, these won't help you build an aerobic ecology. Mixed foods, such as in all these pictures, can be eaten when you are and advanced living foods eater. It is hard to eat intuitively when foods are mixed like this. Also, if doesn't taste good alone, then don't eat it. Many people don't like brocolli. I feel bad for those that eat brocolli  (an unnatural cultivar) and don't enjoy it and are only eating it because they think it is healthy. This is when you will know how much to eat and when to stop eating when you are full. Take carrots for example,  when juiced it's hard to know how many carrots we need to get full. The juice is denatured and we get full when we have eaten a certain volume, but this volume is concentrated and is not accurate. To really feel the carrot, don't juice it, or blend it. If we were eating carrots, we would eat as many carrots as needed until we felt full. We use a 3+HP blender and we know the quantities we need before we blend. It is not guesswork. It is intuitive. It might be hard to understand this if you do not know what it feels like to have the 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria in your body. We don't think about carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, or any other conceptual eating. Our bodies naturally tell us what to eat. We obey the natural laws of food. We do not take the advice of others who do not have the same ecology as us. We hope everyone will feel what it is like to bring back this intuition.


If you want  custom recipes or a custom recipe book based on the foods you like, we have a master rawfood chef that can help you.

Here is how it works, the coach will give you a list of foods to eat and you will check off the foods you like and don't like.

The recipes that are created will be from only the foods you check "yes" to.  If you don't like a food by itself then we don't add it to the ingredient list. If, for example, you don't like carob powder now, that's fine. When your ecology improves and you take the tasting test 6 months later you might find that you enjoy some of the ingredients you said "no" to before.


We never eat anything that we don't enjoy eaten alone. This is called eating based on your ecology.

If you want a coach to make you custom recipes email us at TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com and put "custom recipe" in the subject. This free service is available for everyone who is supporting our mission. There may be a wait list for coaching.


Raw Food Prep Quiz (see how much you know about making living foods)

1. Which one isn't raw?
a. Light soy sauce
b. Tamarai sauce
c. Namu Shoyu
d. All of the above
2. Miso is a
a. Dead food
b. Cooked food
c. Raw food
d. living food
3. Tahini is only raw when
a. soaked and blended
b. soaked and pressed
c. blended, unsoaked
d. only if it says raw in a glass bottle from a store
4. What texture of a pate is least desireable for most people.
a. Chunky
b. dense
c. pureed
d. dry
5. Which vegetable should never be blended with garlic
a. mushrooms
b. ginger
c. cauliflower
d. Brocoli
6. When making raw hummus with chickpeas, which is the best way to prepare it.
a. Cusinart at lowest speed setting
b. Blender only at high speed
c. Cuisinart then blender
d. Blender then Cuisinart
7. Which seeds are considered an aphrodisiac food?
a. sunflower seeds
b. pumkins seeds
c. seseme seeds
d. strawberry seeds
8. Which is more nutritious
a. yams
b. sweet potatoes
c. Depends on what you are measuring.
d. They are typically the same if grown in the same soil.
9. Can fruit be addictive?
a. yes.
b. no
10. Which is the best sweetener to use on a symbiotic diet.
a. honey
b. agave nectar
c. maple syrup
d. none
More raw recipes:
2 medium zucchini, chopped
2-5 garlic cloves
6-10 pitted Sundried Olives
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/2 cup lemon juice
2-3 tsp. Celtic sea salt
1/4 tsp. cayenne
Blend above ingredients till smooth
Add 3/4 cup Black Sesame Seeds, soaked (soak for 1-3 hours)
Blend till smooth
Blend in 3/4 cup Black Tahini
Garnish with parsley and paprika. Serve with celery sticks or cucumber slices, etc.

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