Our videos are not always politically correct. If you are easily offended there is a good possibility

that you will be offended by watching our videos. We offer videos that we can display publically and some

that we cannot. Consider yourself warned.


If you haven't watched The Secret...here is your chance to watch it for free.

I found this link, I do NOT host this movie on my site.

Watch it here on DVD quality!



This is a very provoking movie.

Viewer Discretion Advised



I actually enjoyed this lecture. Click the picture to watch. Enjoy!




Watch this video and you will learn the secrets that supermarkets do not want you to know.

Part 2 will explain the real reason organic food is so expensive.




Due to the nature of the below videos, we have temporarily taken them down. Some are too offensive and provoking that we have had complaints. We also have had complaints from manufacturers about the vidoes we have made with their products. For our co-op members, we will provide a private link to watch these videos. We consider these videos our private videos, so that manufacturers should not have a problem with these videos as long as I am not publicly displaying them. The videos that we make in our own private time should be our own business.

We hope to upload our vidoes shortly on a personal, private website that we will share to those that ASK for it. (Key word: ASK for it). Temporarily, we have made an agreement with several manufacturers that we will not expose our videos with their products in it that may tell the real truth about what they are doing. We hope this conflict of interest with suppliers ends soon.
To all co-op members, just ask for the private link and we will email you the videos below along with all of our other videos that certain manufacturer's will not let us post publicly.

Who wants to eat this un-natural, hybrid descendant of the wild cabbage. It is no surprise that kids intuitivel do not want to eat it.

You will never want to eat cultivated vegetables after watching this. Viewer discretion advised.


You will never want to give your dog pet food again after watching this. (No, we are not trying

to encourage vegatarian animals but this video will disturb you). Even dogs love food from a 3+HP blender. Do you know what dogs like better than raw dog food? Answer: FREE raw dog food. This video is discusting. Just make sure you use a seperate container when making your green smoothies.



These kids have no idea what "positional intolerance"means! This video will  make anyone throw their pillow away after watching this! 


You probably will cancel your gym membership after watching this. You will learn why exercise is bad for you in this video.



If you dare, watch this.  Or if you are weak you might want to skip. We consider this video to be the "DISCLAIMER" video. Most disturbing video of all.

        This one is only 1 minute long. View discretion is advised for this video.



You won't believe what we do to this car.  This video may disturb a few people.



This is illegal in some hotels!  Watch what we do with this. We almost get arrested.  



After watching this video, you might not want to ever go to the dentist again. We have no need to go to dentists or bursh our teeth daily.



This will make you look at fruit in a new way. You might want to wait till after the 4th of July to watch this. You will never eat watermellon the same way after watching this.


CH2O Makes All The Soaps To Use On Packinghouse Brush Lines 

This is just gross!

  You probably won't eat apples like you did before after watching this shocking video. Waxing greatly reduced the internal oxygen concentration, increased the internal carbon dioxide concentration. If you want an aerobic ecology, think twice before eating waxed apples.


 You will not want to pay for food at grocery stores after seeing this video on how we get free food....food for a year in just a few hours...and we teach how to do it. Who said eating raw was expensive? Think again!



Blindguru uses the meter to test the fruits on fruit stands.  You will be shocked at the results we found. 


You will learn in this video what we do with the pineapple stems, cores, and skin and why we just don't eat the pineapple flesh.


Almond Dealer:

This video on almonds will shock you.



Most people would never dream of doing what we do with the skin. S.A.D. restaurant

This is our longest video.  Just don't watch it at night or you will be up all night. Yes, we do almost get arrested for doing this video. And yes, the cops are so curious they let us free. 


s.a.d kitchen

The last people you want in your kitchen is us. This video is very disturbing. 


  s.a.d. bathroom 

We probably shouldn't have put this video up for everyone to see but we did. Just don't watch on a full stomach. GROSS!  



Will you eat bananas again after watching this? This video tells why bananas are the worst fruit you can put in your body. 


Take the ecology test!


Colonic scene. Yes, this video is about 45 minutes long and you will see things you never have seen in this video if you never had a colonic before. "Did you eat corn last night? Didn't I tell you last time to chew better?"


We hope that what happens in this video never happens to you!

This is a very disturbing video about peaches. 


   This is the "catching a cold" video that we are known for.
Yes, that is urine in that cup. Not that we do this but some people didn't believe us. Look up Urinopathy on Google before you watch this video.

 See how many people liked these cookies before they knew the recipe.
 You might reconsider buying packaged foods after watching this shocking video.


Seventeen_4   You will think twice before eating cake at another birthday part.   


Carpentras, Provence,
 France, June 2006  Fruit stand workers hope to never see us again.    




This video shows why soda is good.    

No, sugar is not vegan. Watch and learn how they use cow bones and tendons to make sugar the white color it is. Most vegans eat sugar and never know this. 



This video is not what you were probably expecting to learn about milk. 

Where do the maggots come from if the steak is wrapped?    

We guarantee you won't eat peanut butter after watching this video.  


This is a very interesting video about kids jumping on beds.



  This video will disturb anyone that drinks.    


After watching this video, it might be the last time you go to a restaurant to have sushi.  


You won't believe what we did at a hair salon. We were NOT welcome back!

  This takes the air out of what you blend or juice. I hope the companies that make the slow speed juicers don't get mad at me for this one.   This is a fun video to watch on juicing.  


 Don't watch this unless you want to eat salmon again.


This scene is as real as it gets.    


NO! We do not want your juice. This is a provoking video about wheatgrass.
Another disturbing video at a juicer bar.
No, this is not the BlindGuru. This video is pretty funny though.
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Nope, this is not the BlindGuru either, but you will be laughing like this after you watch this.
A must watch video.
This is a very shocking video on juicing.
If you like
Star Wars you are in a big surprise.  
The Meatrix 2 and a Half! 
If you liked the Matrix, you will like this video.
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