If you want the rainbow, you got to put up with the rain.

Gratitude Quotes 

"Reflect Each Day On All You Have To Be Grateful For And
You Will Receive More To Be Grateful For." -Chuck Danes



My desire to make money is driven by accumulating physical treasures such as cars, expensive vacations, jewelry, new clothing, etc. I already have a good core physical experience. I do not experience lack or struggle. I am not injured by commercials and jealousy that makes me want to accumulate physical items. Subconsciously, I know there is plenty in the universe and there is enough for everyone. 


We educate you on how to build up a viable physical body with 3 to 5 pounds of aerobic bacteria. A body that is strong, supple, and relaxed.  


A viable physical body, however, is only one of our goals on this website.

We also want to build up a viable spiritual body through Gratitude.

Kindness, steadfastness, peace, compassion, humility, forgiveness, generosity and all other virtues flow from Gratitude. 


What could stop you if you knew the keys to building up a viable physical and spiritual body- NOTHING.

You would have unstoppable confidence.

No matter what you present circumstances, you can find Gratitude in your life. Gratitude is not dependent on what is happening externally. The false notion that Gratitude results from external circumstances and things imprisons us.

You can stop imprisoning yourself by developing a sense of Gratitude that does not depend upon focusing on what is missing in your life. When we focus on what is missing we develop a strong need for gratification.


Gratification turns off the Blind Guru within.

The perception of lack breeds gratification.

This perception of lack robs us of a consciousness that cultivates Gratitude, cheerfulness, joy and enthusiasm.

Most human beings are at the effect of gratification.



My Gratitude,

Yes, I enjoy traveling, high Brixxe rawfoods, and going on rawfood retreats. I love what money can buy but I enjoy giving more than buying.

I will keep giving unless it causes me to have my lights cut off. I use my profits from co-op memberships with good intention.

Soon, with my profits, I plan on opening a fast food rawfood drive-thru restaurant. where everyone can eat at co-op prices. Food will be priced just enough to pay the rent and the expenses. Finally, rawfood will be affordable!


I measure someone's financial worth not by what they buy but what they give.

People always ask me how much money I make. I usualy say, " I donated more than you probably made this year".


Here is my story on how I found this new lifestyle-

During college I met a guy who was orange, who brought carrot juice to every class. I remember classmates always asking him what his latest concoction for the day was, in a poke-fun type of way. One day, after class we happened to be parked next to each other. I asked him if there was a quiz in the previous class since I was abscent that day. After that, he offered me some juice from a pitcher sitting on ice in his front car seat. After drinking some juice we ended up taking for an hour in the freezing cold outside our cars. He was overly happy to talk to me. He gave me a book called Becoming Younger through my window before I drove away and told me to read it. Then I drove away. That book sat under my car for about 2 months. I finally took it out when I cleaned my car. I actually read it the next day. I went from junkavore to vegetarian (not raw, vegan just yet, that day. The next time in class I came up to him and told him I enjoyed the book. He asked me if I started juicing. I told him I couldn't afford one. He told me a store to go to when I could afford one. I went to the store and asked for a student discount and even asked to work for one. The health food store owner said NO! and asked me to step aside. He was very impatient and wanted to sell to the next customer in line. He didn't care that I was interested in becoming healthier. Next class, I told the juicer guy (that's what I called him) that when I sold my textbooks at the end of the semester I would buy one. I also told him that the store owner was not helpful.

Three weeks later, the last day before Christmas break, I woke up with an envelope under my dormroom door. I opened it and it said, "Tonight, go back to the store that has the juicer you want. Well, out of curiosity, I went there. I looked for him. He was not there. I went to the cashier and asked if they have seen this guy. The cashier, a nice lady, asked me my name and I said, "Yes, that is me". She handed me a box with a note on it.

It said, "Thank you for listening to me".

I went back to my door rooom (the college was almost empty since everyone had left for the holidays), and plugged in my new juicer. I never heard from the juicer guy or saw him again. I never had a chance to thank him.


Broke at the time, I said to myself, "Thank you God, I promise if I ever have enough money, I will do the same".

The next semester, I was known as the juicer guy to an entire new group of people. I actually turned orange.


Now that I own Blindguru.com I have the blessing to offer my co-op cost to all the people who support me in my vision and those who have listened to me in my past.


I seek thrills by going into rawfood restaurants and overhearing a single mom and 2 kids stuggling to find affordable items on the menu. It bothers to me hearing the kids asking their mom, "Is this too expensive". I go up to the server and say that I want their meal on tab. I never tell the customers that it was me that bought them their meal. I don't need any acknowlegement.


I also enjoy going up to severely unhealthy people and buying them a series of colonics.

When I go to raw restaurants, I always order a take-out meal to give to a homeless person on the street who needs a hand up, not a hand out.

I go to a local rawfood restaruant on Sundays and there is one homeless person that waits for me every week to get his meal. He waits all week to get his rawfood meal from me. I know he sits there and waits for me. He just waits on the sidewalk the entire time I am there just to get that meal.


I do the best I can to give as much as I can. I have become a living example of someone who is more blessed to give than to receive. I've found that these thrills are contingent on how many people I give to.


It's also good to have a sense of purpose...and I'm not talking about making money. One of the best things that makes me feel good and gives me a sense of purpose is helping others. It helps me go to sleep at night with a smile on my face and jump out of bed in the morning with something to do.