Eat up that strawberry yogurt

Drink up the store bought pink or red juice beverage.

and find on the label 'carmine'or 'cochine' as a natural coloring ingredient.






Evidently if you take this cluster of female beetles found in Mexico and roast them up and grind the dried up remains you get RED color! Meet Carmine:



Now you might be wondering why we care. We don't.  Eat the beetle if you want, cant be any worse than sushi right?

Honestly the reason we have this page is to provide comfort to all those trying to do right by their health and have an unsupporting partner who picks on the weird stuff we tell you is good for you.  Almost every day we get emails like this one from Amy, who confides

'My husband will take a vitamin but don't mess with his eating habits.  Coke, tea and coffee are the only liquids that flow through his body.  Lots of it.  Point is - I do not have his support.  He will 'let' me, but not support me.  BTW- I am a huge fan of health, nutrition and natural.  If it were me and my 2 kids, we would probably live a raw food lifestyle.  But I do not live a healthy lifestyle because of my husband.  It is too hard.'
Well Amy, next time you pour almond milk and fresh strawberries blended in your blender and serve it up to the kids and he makes a comment, just ask him to read the label on his brand of strawberry milk bought at the store. We find it amazing that people who order their steaks medium rare say they don't understand raw foods. 
But there are also those like Pino and Judy who write:
'my wife and I want the best for our 5 kids but how do you pass up the opportunity to feed everyone at Burger King for 12 dollars when a single salad at Whole Foods costs that much? She just wont have it.'   
There is no doubt that living healthy is more expensive than living the Standard American Diet (SAD). All natural supplements like the ones listed on our superfoods page provide the daily equivalent of 50 dollars in fruit, vegetables, oils and minerals.  A bottle of Iridesca a month will get your body all the nutrients, minerals, enzymes and essential oils--besides french fries-- and WILL keep you and your kids away from the doctor, sick days, and lethargy.
Which brings us to the other often cited complaint we get from people: fatigue. Sometimes this fatigue is caused by navigating our site! (yes, we know we're working on that!)  But for the most part understand the basics:
  • Eliminate sleepless nights and fatigue caused by your body's struggle to deal with SAD stuff you put in it all day
  • Strengthen your body's defenses against close to 90% of diseases out there. Click for more 
  • Develop a taste for food that is naturally good for you. Your body WILL become your guide and you will learn to trust it.
  • Restore the original health of your skin and hair. Yes, probiotics make sure that your liver, intestine and kidneys work harmoniously together to correct the imbalances caused by years of stress, bad eating habits and lack of exercise. 



This is the easiest thing you will ever do and it's a great starting point for anyone wanting to enter the world of symbiotic living.


This page will be updated regularly as we reflect some of the common concerns of our members and visitors.
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