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This page will teach you how to set up your own Personal Smoothie Bar.

As you might be aware, I am a blender enthusiast and I have lots of experience in creating smoothies. On this page, I wil share some of the ways to create your own smoothie bar in your own home. I will also tell you the best way to set it up so that ingredients are available.

With the set up, you can start making green smoothies, nut milks, seed smoothies, fruit smoothies, and even almond butter, hummus, and yummy raw desserts in your blender.


1: Pick the right blender.

The main question is, do you want to use a tamper or just throw the food in the blender and let it do all the work? But, there are downsides of having it too easy. You might not want it so easy if it means the blade is pulling in so much oxygen to create the whirlpool and you get a smoothie with a bunch of foam. Our other blender page will help you decide on which blender is best for you. This page is all about the smoothe bar set up.


2: Gather all the ingredients you need. It makes it so much easier when you have all the ingredients you need on hand. 

I always have fresh fruit in my fridge in a big bowl that is ready to use anytime.

I have fresh picked dandilon avaible when I want a green smoothie, (I tend not to blend the cultivars such as  spinach, kale, etc. that most rawfoodists blend)

I always have ice cubes in my freezer. I add cold water or ice cubes when needed for certain smoothies.


Some of the sweetners that you might want available are:

Agave nectar (clear only)


Raw Fresh Harveted non-farmed Honey


Organic dates ( A company called The Date People have the best supply of dates).


Raw Coconut Creme Powder


Some of the flavorings you might want are:

Wild carob powder


cacao nibs or powder from the cacao bean

(beans when available)

Cacao & Vanilla


vanilla beans (grade A only)

(We wholesale vanilla beans if you are interested)

Absolut Vanilla


Vanilla seeds are the tiny seeds found in vanilla pods. Almost 60,000 seeds are found in one pod, which weighs 4 to 5 grams. So you can imagine how small these seeds are.

These seeds give a pungent flavour of vanilla. The taste of Vanilla seeds and Vanilla powder are quite different. Vanilla powder is made from the pods or outer husk and its taste is slightly sour. That’s why honey, agave, or some other sweetener is invariably used with vanilla. On the other hand, vanilla seeds give the pure, essential taste of vanilla. We call it absolut vanilla. A dash of vanilla seeds goes a long way

Rub a minute amount on your hands and then touch your entire body. You'll be aromatic with the intriguing and exotic fragrance of vanilla. Comes in a convenient glass shaker. Leave the shaker cap open and your kitchen will become perfumed.

mesquite meal


Some of the Superfoods that you might want available are:

Bee Pollen


Green powders (have standard and super concentrated)


Hemp protein powder


Maca powder


Chia seed protein powder

Chia Seeds


Rasberry seeds

Click the picture to see a red rasberry video.


Pure raspberry seed, freshly ground. This product is for formulators who like to mix raspberry seed with other ingredients, or for enthusiasts who create their own nutritional programs. It is bottled and shipped fresh once a week based on our production schedule.

This product needs to be stored frozen, otherwise it will oxidize and go rancid. Call for availability.


Fruit Seed flour

Finely ground seeds of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and kiwis are rich sources of ellagitannins that your body can transform into useful levels of ellagic acid.


Some of the nuts and seeds you might want are:

Heirloom seseme seeds ( for making salad dressings and tahini)

Sunflower seeds ( you can make the best seed pates with these seeds)

Pumpkin seeds (I have a recipe for making the best pumpkin seed milk to share)


Raw almonds (These are illegal to buy in their raw shelled state now

except wild varieties).


Raw macadamia nuts

Product Listing


Some of the liquids you might want around are:

Young coconuts (have them around when you need coconut water)


Nut milks ( I always have some type of nut milk in my fridge that lasts a few days)


Cold prilled-distilled water (chilled water helps creates the vortex or whirlpool when you blend in non tamper containers)


Organic Blueberry Seeds

In a blackberry there are over 50 seeds that are loaded with phytochemicals. Just by chewing the seeds like most people do today we utilize less than

around 20% of its nutrition. We put these seeds in our smoothies that have not been milled or as oxidized when in flour form. We mix all of the seeds together to get

all the different phytochemicals that are found in each berry. If I was focused on prevention I would use 1 teaspoon a day...and if I wanted to be aggressive for any reason I would use

3 teaspoons a day.

The below seeds are for those who have bought a blender from me. I can barely keep these seeds in stock so I must reserve

them for people who have bought blenders from me. These are the prices for the seeds that you will be throwing in the smoothies.

I mix them all together and if you want to know how much energy it gives me.. well, just watch my videos and you will see.

Fruit Seeds gallon quart
Blackberry Seed 66 22
Black Raspberry Seed 60 20
Blueberry Seed 80 27
Cranberry Seed 60 20
Grape Seed 45 15
Kiwi Seed 100 34
Red Raspberry Seed 60 20
Strawberry Seed 66 22
Vanilla Bean Specks 250 84






Some of the oils you might want around are:

Chia seed oil (this is the best superfood oil you can get)


Hemp seed oil

typ20+as.jpg (73624 bytes)

You can even make your own hemp, flaxseed, sunflower, seseme seed, soybiean, almond, and chia oil from one of these presses. It's much cheaper than buying oils from the store that have been on shelf. It never has time to go rancid and oxidize if you make it fresh. This is more like a hybrid. You have to buy the motor from a kitchen store or Target or Walmart or somewhere that sells them and buy the other part seperately.


Coconut oil (this oil gives a wonderful flavor to many smoothies you can do and provides the EFAs)

We do not use expeller pressed or cold pressed.



If you cannot find these ingredients locally, we have them available for mail order.

Our prices are much cheaper than buying them at retail stores. 


If most of these ingredients are new to you, then the ones I recommend you start off with are: 

agave nectar ( we sell a lot of this and have a really good price)

vanilla pods for flavorings (they are $1 each)

bee pollen (for non-vegans) as an incredible superfood

coconut oil for essential fat (no one can beat our price on our gallon size)


3: Pick Your Spot. 

It's best to have the blender and ingredients in the same area. You also might want to buy some nice pitchers and glasses for your smoothies.

My blender is right next to my sink and I have a special shelf dedicated just for the smoothie bar. If you don't have a shelving you can use a box or tray. I keep my glasses on the shelf above the smoothie ingredients. I use the shelving nearest the fridgerator. The last thing I want is to be running all over the kitchen to find what I need for the smoothie I am making that day. Once you have your “smoothie bar” in place you will be ready to make your recipes.


 4: Choosing accessories.

If you want to add accessories to your smoothie bar you might want to have the following:

Nut milk bags


Anti-Air pump


Vollixer Grande

This is no ordinary container. Prepare to be amazed.


  Volixer Vitamix Water Charger  Volixer 2 Water Charger


Send us you container from your old blender, or supply us with your model details, and we will ship you an upgraded plastic blender cup with 8 energizing cartridges installed. We can make smaller versions on smaller blenders that have less cartridges.

We do not sell the upgrade. We will refer you to a store that will convert your old or new container. These are hand crafted and there is usually a 3 to 6 week wait time for this container to be made. The price $649 for the upgrade or $770.00 if we supply the container. This does NOT include the motor. This price is for the Vollixer container upgrade only.


Sound Enclosures




Blender Sound Enclosure - Black

A sound enclosure can take out most of the sound.


 5: Choose Your Recipes.  Now that you have a powerful blender and the ingredients you need in your bar, what are you going to make? Some of the recipes below should get you started!


(Our recipe demo videos are being updated. They will be available shortly. Here are a few for now).


We hope our demos do not upset any stores trying to sell items in our demos. Our demos are not intended to downgrade any particular piece of equipment. The demo videos are unedited and uncut. What you see is what is actually being tested.

We are NOT professional actors and actresses...so please don't judge us!

Watch and learn how to "MILK" a canteloupe.

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This is for the customer that wanted us to show them how to make canteloupe milk. No, this video is not edited. If I have to pay an editor to  take off the first few seconds it would cost me $150 and then that would mean my prices on my blenders would be more. So, here is what you get. If you are looking for a professional actress, you aren't going to find it here. Our videos are not rehearsed and we have no filming or editing experience so please take it for what it is. I hope everyone enjoys it.

 Pineapple Smoothie Shocking Video

 You will never eat pineapple the same way after watching this video.


Yes, an avocado will blend in the Extreme blender.

For those that don't have a blender, you can make raw almond or seseme milk in less than 30 seconds with one of these machines that sell
for under $100, but if you have an Extreme Blender, you can do more and get more out of the seeds or nuts.
This video shows how to make Heirloom Seseme milk.

Watch how we make our Berry Smoothie.

The image “http://www.tribalglobe.com/images/livingfoodsimages/stuffedredpeppers.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
 See what happens when you try to use a blender as a food processor for doing more than 2 cups. The instructions say to not do more than
2 cups at a time. A blender is not a food processor although it can do the job in very small quantities. A blender is for making smoothies
and blending to the cellular level to obtain phytochemicals. We don't blend anything for more than 7 to 10 seconds once it starts whirlpooling.
A $50 dollar food processor will do a much better job on almond butters. A 3 1/2 HP blender is made to blend at VERY HIGH SPEEDS for short durations. A blender works the same way as a car. If you over use it, the motor will burn out. Most commercial blenders last around 10 to 25 years if taken care of. Although you CAN make hummus and pates in the blender, you might want to reconsider it if you want to keep your blender for a long time. (If you need a food processor we do have resources to get them at a discount).

Greens such as kale, spinach, that has lots of fiber and pulp act like a broom. For a symbiotic, these vegetables have no practical value
since our alimentary canal is very clean and 90 to 95% of our villi is operating at its peak performance.. 99% of the people cannot start the
type of smoothies that we make. People always ask us what type of smoothies do we blend. The smoothies we blend are what we want based on our current ecoloy. A smoothie that I like would not taste good to you, or at least most people would say that. We offer tele- conferences and talk about how we work up to the smoothies we drink. The smoothies we blend are not by choice. The recipes we used evolved and are still evolving.