The following unsolicited comments are from real people like you and me:


"My SI joint seems to be healing. Im not all the way the yet but I am making progress."

Joint problems may repair themselves once we begin to absorb and retain our magnesium.  Silicon, if we can bind and absorb it, from such as apple peel, cucumber peel, chia and golden flax seed may contribute to strong bones and joints.  Silicon is not even in the RDA’s!



"Hey sandy,  Thought I would let you know that the cyst on my wrist really started to ache last week and then started to grow quite large.. The pain was throbbing at night time, but I knew it was preparing to disappear somehow.  I was jumping on a trampoline yesterday and landed kind of hard on it and the next day it was gone!  It is a bit sore where it used to be but I have almost full range of motion now.  How great is that?"

New physical experience can give rise to new ways of thinking as the sense of limitation is gradually replaced with possiblity.



"I am very spiritually hungry these days.  I have been keeping a journal and it has helped me to pay attention and listen.  Something gave yesterday, but intuitively it isn't all out or gone....and something strange happened.  I walked away feeling very powerful (in a humble way if you will), and confirmed I am going in the right direction with my life. I just keep following my instincts even with doubt hovering in the back ground and reaffirmed my program with you.  I was almost going to stop 2 days ago feeling nothing will happen for me it never does and then I reminded myself that all good things come with commitment and persistence and jumped on board (in my gut) .  That is when something shifted, a release of worry, fear and self doubt.  Now I am hungry for spiritual material...."

The long-term effects of immune over activation could be among the most serious health consequences we face as a culture.



"Anyway, thanks for helping me. You are the voice of reason and truth in all this craziness. It is my path. I am not getting off."

Most food is consumed for sensory appeasement, gratification and comfort possibly due to a prevailing core experience of lack and struggle produced by mineral deficiency.



"One of the challenges I've had over the past few years was related to my nerves.   Specifically, the startle reflex.   It had gotten to the point that if I was startled, my heart would start racing and it would feel exhausted for quite a long time afterward.  You know, when we're driving, many times we get startled ... whether,  for instance, by a honking horn from another driver, swerving to avoid an accident, sudden unexpected traffic, etc.   Over the last three or four years, this was unnerving me more and more.  Being startled set off a wave of physiologcial responses that left me exhausted.   In fact, my startle reflex was so ready to rise that I'd often startle at nothing at all !    As in walking down a flight of stairs, I'd lose my sense of where the next step was ... and I know there were quite a few other situations where I'd startle inappropriately or excessively, I just can't recall at the moment what they were.   In fact,  often the startling occurred without any apparent reason.   But when there was a real precipitating event, the startle would be all the more intensely exhausting.   Anyway,  I've noticed over the past couple weeks that a change is noticable, especially in my drivng.  I'm aware, alert and responsive, but this overwhelming drain of energy that felt nearly like a heart attack seems to be absent.  Wow.  Think how much energy that leaves available !  It's huge, especially considering that sometimes the intense startling would leave me literally exhausted for a brief period.  What an incredible side effect of increasing symbiosis!"

Your brain needs magnesium to build the protective myelin sheaths that insulate the nerve fibers which network your nervous system.



"Just to let you know that I had a mole in my arm pit that was fairly big and the other day it started to really get sore and red and hurt alot.Then the next morning looking in the mirror it was black and crusty and I touched it and it fell off totally! No more mole!" 

At rest, an overactive mind and/or immune system can burn the majority of our calories.



"You are very instrumental in my asking for and seeking deeper truth and fulfillment.  The truth that speaks through you resounds in my soul.  It was never meant to be complicated, but has always been distorted...until now!!  God is in the restoration business and He is up to something BIG!!!"

Addiction may strongly correlate with long-term food induced immune disruption, hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis.



"Feeling pretty good...I have more energy, especially in the morning when before I was dragging to get out of bed...I notice that my cravings lately are not as strong...I am much more aware... have more awarness overall about myself and food. I do not over eat like i use to but more aware that I can tend to eat fast."

Foreign proteins found in modern foods can cause immune disruption and lead to addiction.



"You are further up the path I want to go.  I appreciate having you as a guide on this journey."

The over-active mind engages in a great deal of illusory thinking thereby increasing the gulf between thinking and what is real.



"Thank you for doing what you are doing and for healing yourself.  I know this is the information I have been looking for." 

Positional intolerance and related discomfort robs many of critical REM sleep.



"My spine is responding with tremendous resilience - allowing me to breathe more fully - I have a neck again!! - posture naturally less slouchy - migraines greatly diminished without medication - smiles and bright eyes returning - skin has made a quantum leap forward. Most importantly, I cut back on my work and travel schedule so better to discover the life rhythm my inner teacher needs. Enjoying watching this precious process of rejuvenation. Continuing to learn about the gut, symbiosis, foods and the spiritual thread throughout all this!"

Immune responses sap energy and produce symptoms of allergy.


"Tonight was a great session. I'm speechless when you teach because what you say is so deep and profound. It resonates as deep truth. My mind body is so happy. I will finally restore them to full function and potential. None of my friends understood how sick I was. You talking about the pit made me cry because you know. Anyway, I am so Blessed to have found you and to have these tools."

Persistent flight or fight metabolism characterized by fear and protection helps to form our ways of thinking and being.



"Thanks Sandy and be assured... This program is everything to me! Thanks..."

Lack of integrity in the food and health industries often produces serious consequences for all.



"After speaking with you today I had a sense of calmness come over me that I was safe in your hands."

Many of our aches and pains generally thought to be the effects of age may simply be the result of poor body ecology.



"You are on my mind and are helping me with health and happiness. And with that I thank -you for your kindness : ) and knowledge."

Around 1940, 'dieting' emerged as an ill fated attempt to control the consequences of modern foods.



 "I hope you know how much your help has meant to us, you're bringing back a life that I thought was gone forever. Now I see that much more is possible than ever before."

Sleep disruption is robbing many of REM which is necessary for the rejuvenation of the master organs of the mid-brain.



 "I still feel lighter and I feel as my appearance is much more radiant."

Flight or fight metabolism can result in the restriction of blood flow to the frontal lobes of the brain resulting in foggy thinking and poor memory.



 "I feel my appearance is looking pretty good and my body feels lighter. My stomach does not feel as bloated."

Feelings of isolation can result from years of food and drug related immune disruption.



"I can actually go outside in the sun without my sunglasses! First time in 30 years!  I always just thought my eyes were sensitive!"

Poor peripheral circulation could be a consequence of our need to protect core functioning.



"It is so simplistic...we are not approaching our health in any other sense than what our body started out with."

Cravings for sugar and unnatural foods, excessive appetite, low blood sugar, adrenal fatigue, and weight problems are common.



 "I feel so much better not only physically but spiritually and psychically too."

We are ending up in a situation where poor body ecology is creating such a problem that half of the baby boomers may become alzheimers patients.



 "I'm already feeling a little better, amazing!"

Cellular dehydration is strongly associated with ageing effects.



 "103lbs yesterday, full of energy, and not weak at all."

Fear is the enemy as it hampers proper absorption of nutrients. Since all systems resist change, stress is always present when we force change. It is best to first change yourself. You will then be attracted to different environmental signals such as food. 



"Likewise. I always enjoy talking with you. I learn so much, and it gives me great hope. I have to tell you this...and today, for the first time in years, my nose has not run like an open faucet. (and it's cold as the devil in my office, which generally makes my drippy nose even worse). I haven't had to patch my makeup once today. Hallelujah! It's wonderful. Thank you."

Microwaved food may contain radiolitic byproducts that don't exist in Nature.



"It's crazy Sandy, I feel like there has been an angry version of me clutched to my gut for many many many years and now it's gone. It's scary and exciting at the same time. It's ironic that I have undergone this transformation at the same time my husband as undergone one as well."

Less than pain free joints could be caused by cooked dairy products about 80% of the time.



 "Had to tell you- I have been covering gray hair since late 20's.  In the last year, I have begun to have white hairs appear in my brow.  I noticed last night that I have a new color hair in my brow, not white but reddish brown- could it be???"

Wheat may contain up to fifteen naturally ocurring opiates.



 "I did notice within the first two days what I can only explain as a vibrational change."

Baby food contains many times the glutemate substances of other processed foods.


 "Once again, you are right...go figure! My husband noticed that something was different about me...the way I looked and the way I was. He liked it and guess what ??? he asked me about your program!!!! Hah! So I gave him just enough of what I thought he could absorb at this time."

The pancreas consumes ten body enzymes producing one digestive enzyme.



  "One last thing, I woke up this morning to a strange dream. I was looking at a tray full of freshly baked peanut butter cookies, the fat doughy ones. It was as if I actually traveled into one of them, at which point I felt a sharp stab, as from a dagger, in my gut. Quite vivid. The sensations was that of craving, and then feeding the addiction, while feeling the pain it caused at the same time. I am sure this was a result of our conversation last night."

Rotting, fermentation, rancification and putrefaction in the GIT can produce terrific odors which eventually reach a super-saturated state in the body.



  "I believe what you have discovered is Godly, Holy and the root of all that is true; true health, true happiness and most of all true self. The energy that the "effort" took to search, to maintain a life built on fragility and to survive can now be devoted to fulfilling my calling...my true calling. Can it be that there is no longer a need to search? I believe so. I feel at peace; at one with myself...able to move on and continue to evolve...finally!!!!!!!!"

Core fat in the abdominal cavity, silent inflammation of the intestinal tract and high cortisol levels are prime suspects in poor body ecology.



  "You just came to my life in the right moment, I was a desperate housewife/old lady, like all of the pathways were closed to me, that was why I was there, searching for some more guidelines, I knew healthy food helped according to some people online. So here I am and know the timing, the connection of body/mind/nature, Nature sent you that day to ask me the question, I really thank you. Like the light is shining on me, no more confusion."

Perhaps the nerves controlling the muscles of our social functions have been prenatally  damaged by less than perfect body ecology.



  "Just practiced Yoga of posture - Sun Salutation, I was surprised I did it more than 10 times & still both arms feel strong. I thought my arms were not strong enough, so I'd either skip this or only do it 4 or 5 times & give up."

Neuro-transmitters such as dopamine and serotonin may not be working as a result of addiction (food, drug or endogenous compounds).



  "But I feel so wonderful this morning, my body is happy & relaxed. I feel I can sleep another day just doing nothing. Thank you again & again, I read your e-mail & think how lucky I am to communicate with you!"

High protein levels in the blood can result in a 60% reduction of oxygen transport.



  "6am this morning ... the face in the mirror glows with strength.   Clearly God has not given me words to explain this beauty but the truth speaks silently. Loving this truth is the best gift I can give everyone, including myself."

Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) are lower than ever before.



  "My daughter just saw me after a 10 month trip, "Mom, you do not look like my mom, more like a younger person I know, wrinkles around your eyes' are not evident compared to the past year", even a friend I had not seen in 2 yrs did not believe that I was sick, may be I hide my illness well? No, I know it is inside, not outside, skin looks glowing & eye lids are stronger in the morning, even the lady that I work with was amazed about how good I looked to her that she wants helping tips from me."

Stigmata are pores which become enlarged due to inflammation (leaky gut) resulting in the absorption of undigested food particles.



  "Let nature take care of me, I love this peaceful life, just tell myself, live one day at a time. Why would I worry about something unknown (fear), yet sometimes I just can not not help it. Nice of you to keep assuring me of the marvelous aero bacteria working their wonders, just let them live happily."

Poor digestive ecology results in the underproduction of serotonin and 'feel bad' consequences.



  "There are no words to describe how grateful I am to see my true self emerge. I knew I was down there or at least something was down there...that's why I kept searching. People that know me would say "oh there she goes again." When asked what I was searching for I couldn't exactly articulate what now turns out to be, me...I was searching for me. To find me would mean to heal the necessary areas of my body, my gut. My gut has been nagging at me forever (we spoke about this). There was a constant nagging, calling if you will. I thought all along that the nagging was to fix my (leaky) gut biologically...not realizing that the nagging was physiological, it was "the real me" behind bars, held prisoner; to was "me" calling to me. I thank God for this."

Accumulation of globulin and fibrin in the small intestinal wall may be interfering with mineral absorption and the proper function of albumin, the body's super-transporter.



  "Really beautiful website...you can somehow feel the goodness coming right through it."

Silent inflammation due to immune hypersensitivity may result in the accumulation of inflammatory protein in much of the body.



  "Sandy, you have given me my life back, the one I didn't have! I believe the world should know this, to have the opportunity to experience this incredible journey and realization. While the whole world may not be interested, I believe a large part of it would be. I know there are others searching. Let's work on a way to share this with others."

Lymphacising activities such as walking on uneven ground and gathering may be superior to repetitive motion, aerobic and cardio-vascular forms of exercise.



  "Sandy, you are so powerfully positive. Thank you. It encourages my confidence in myself."

Undigestable proteins may have an opiating effect on our brain and help generate mold, fungus and yeast causing terrific cravings and immune responses.



  "And the biggest change that I feel right now is hard to explain. It is like a light inside of me finally got turned back on. I am feeling bright. But i feel it is just getting turned on. I can't quite figure out what I should be doing with it. I feel calm again."


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