Special Notice:

It seems that almost everyone wants their ears tickled or just to be entertained when calling for a consultation to learn how to build the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in their body. Most people in our free tele-conferences just want to be entertained and it has been shown to us that they either are not at the stage to learn or not mature enough to understand. It is disruptive when we have people complaining about the cost of the protocols while others are trying to learn. If you cannot afford the protocols that cost $3 to $4 a day then this transition may not be for you at this time. We do not sell these protocols either. We have nothing to gain by these protocols. It is a fact of marketing that many people feel bad or guilty about spending money on themselves. The people that don't feel bad about spending money on themselves are often the ones that succeed with the protocols.


Most people that spend $90 to $120 a month on themselves for these protocols to gain this bacteria find that in effect their diet costs them less as they no longer desire the sweets, meats, dairy, wheat, and all the junk that naturally follows by the protocols. Our digestion has become more efficient and there is less need for as much food. The money you save in the transition is put into the protocols and it all averages out anyway.

It makes you become a rawfoodist. Our symbiotic coach had no knowledge their was a raw food movement until becoming raw. Our symbiotic coach became raw not by reading raw food books or listening to gurus. A predominantly raw food diet does not have to be forced, it is an effect of building this ecology. It is sad that most people think they need to read a book to "learn" how to become a rawfoodist.


If you need a one on one phone consultation, please call for availability. All coaching and consultations are free for our members. We do not set a price on our time. For all of those that support us we will try to fit you in in a timely manner. All consultations have to be scheduled and there is a waiting list. Please do not call in and expect a consultation. You cannot "buy" us or "pay" us for this service. We cannot be sold.


Our service is free to all of our All Access Co-Op Members. If you want a consultation please give us a brief description of why you need a consultation with a symbiotic coach. Please specify if you want a one on one or a group tele-conference consultation.

We reserve the right to select the members who we feel need our help the most and who support us the most in our mission.


Symbiotic 1 one 1 coaching:
Such a consultation would benefit someone who has read most of the pages on this website and  has specific concerns about how to put the whole program in place in a personal situation. The consultations DO focus on on building the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in your body.
The patient is required to read a symbiotic lifestyle review reference before the consultation: 

Calling not prepared: 

If you call and haven't read this reference, we're wasting my time and your money. If this seems like too much reading, then your health is too low a priority for me to be able to do anything to help. Just keep taking drugs or your current health maintenance monitoring program. The only patients who would benefit from such a consultation are those who have reached that point where they realize medicine has nothing more to offer them, and that if they are to have any hope whatsoever, it's going to be the result of their own initiative. These people will do whatever it takes to make a change, and therefore have prepared themselves for the consultation. There are many expensive, high-profile "holistic" cure programs out there involving complicated testing of blood, hair, urine, skin, iris, saliva, etc.: biological terrain, complete with beautiful full-color lab reports and recommendations for remedies, supplements and followup testing that cost thousands of dollars. You've seen them. Some are in Mexico, some in Europe and some in the US. The point is, on a case by case basis I will put our program up against any of them, any day of the week. Inexpensive and simple - that's what a basic detox program should be.   If a disease can be cured at all, not temporarily covered up, but cured, the remedy must involve lifestyle change, not some magic supplement or any other magical item.        


Phone consultations

We know that if you do a consultation with us that you want to be sure that we aren't just going to tell you basic information on the raw foods diet that you can get out of almost any book at the bookstore. We will not tell you information that you can get for free by browsing the internet. We have high demands to give you the most up to date information concerning the living foods diet. We will tell you what has worked for us and what hasn't. We will help you gain the discipline to start the raw foods diet. We will talk to you as if you are a friend and not just a student. We listen and not just read off a script or an outline. 


Just by hearing something is bad or good for you is not good enough. It's hard to follow what someone says unless they can back it up with reasoning. We urge you to not believe anything you hear about the raw foods diet unless it can be backed up or you can feel a difference. 


Our bodies can self-heal if we just let it and stop buying into the hype and scams out there. When you call us be prepared not to learn anything-just to UN-learn what you already know! We are all responsible for our own health. Stop listening to everyone.. Everyone has a different opinion. We are not doctors. We are just obsessed with knowing the what we feel is the truth. We will simply tell you what has worked for others and what has worked for us. We never will tell you to take notes on what to do. That's where the problem is now. Everyone is seeking advice on how they should live their lives. Stop seeking for truth. A truth for one person may not be the same truth for you. (read the article about colonics below and you can hear why its bad. There will always be different opinions. There is no ABSOLUTE correct way that we should eat or live. It's only what works best for you.  Take everything we say and form your own conclusion.


We get referrals every day from people we have helped. We have formed our beliefs based on research and talking to many educated people. If you like our website you can get the general idea of how we might agree or not agree with something. If you don't want to make the same mistakes we did and think we can help you on your journey into the living foods diet-we are just a phone call away!


A word from our raw symbiotic coach (our coach for those that have a specific wellness objective).


The RAW FOODS DIET: The Illusion of Health

Diets come and go but some things never change.  How often have we heard someone lament a failed attempt at self improvement by following the tenets of a diet and exercise program?  The story is so common it is not worth repeating. 


Do you notice the telltale earmarks of a diet fad in the 'raw food movement'?  The promises, testimonials, glittering generalities and voices of authority?


Have you recognized the attempts to provide substitutes for various comfort foods with the assurances they will satisfy even the most ardent junk foodist given just a little time?


We, the junkivores of the world (past and present), have learned over and over best intentions vaporize when bodies cry out for favorite food drugs.  We see much of the raw food party line organized around luring the unwary with 'healthy' versions of some of the most addictive foods.


Low or no glycemic sweeteners, raw chocolate, goji berries, uncooked cashews, and wild peanuts are meant to appeal to the pallet of the food addict-and we know who we are.  It is believed we can be led into a healthier food subculture with these enticements and sometimes this happens-for a while.


Results can be obtained by a few with an ardent exercise regime.  Just don't think about the injuries you have to live with as a result of your devotion to rigor.  Is this the way it was meant to be?


Imagine-a vision of abundant living while eating harmless mineral rich foods as much and as often as you wish.  A life in which excellent physical structure results from mere walking and gathering.


Is 'raw food' just another attempt to parlay ubiquitous truth into a prosperous commercial venture?  You be the judge.


I don't believe in DRT (diet revision therapy or dieting as it is called).  Diet should be thought of as an effect, not a cause.  Do not 'try' to change your diet. Don't fight your cravings or 'try' to go raw.


Fix your body ecology and you won't crave the addicting foods. If your ecology was tweaked like mine you would not like the taste of chocolate or cooked food. Most people are not well educated when first going raw. Most people listen to all kinds of voices, failing to hear the whispers of their own body-mind.


Just because blending avocado pits helps one person it might not help everyone. If your digestive system is plaqued over it won't matter if you have a million horsepower blender or if you get fresh picked foods flown in daily to your door.   You won't be able to absorb the nutrients properly anyway.


My diet is what is currently described as frugivorous or symbiotic. Yes, it is 99% raw plant food.  No, you should not try it until you have adjusted your body ecology slowly over time.  This involves passing through stages of increasing awareness of the pros and cons of various foods and food combinations as you continue to eat them.  I don't rely exclusively on food for wellness and rejuvenation or think a 3hp  or 3+hp blender is a miracle.  It IS the number 1 appliance everyone will have in their kitchen after they have developed a high level of digestive consciousness.


If/when you have fully adapted to a  symbiotic/frugivorous diet you won't worry about the food you eat although you will overwhelmingly desire that which raises you up and enlivens you.  Establishing and maintaining villous performance on a raw food diet is also another area where I coach. If your villious lining is not in good shape,  you will not be able to utilize the great living food you are eating which results in almost constant hunger.   


I have about 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria that I have cultivated in my small  intestine - Yes, 5 lbs!  It is this aerobic garden within that guides and directs what is allowed to enter.   Even though I eat  raw, if I ate a bunch of junk food I wouldn't even be bothered because most of it would simply pass through quickly.  My digestive strength is so strong that I can hang around the sickest, most contagious people and never get sick. 


The only lasting solution involves a calm, deliberative and patient approach to the rejuvenation of the villious membrane of the small intestine. By rebuilding this 3 to 7 thousand square foot mucous membrane and replacing  quantities of fungus, anaerobic bacteria and virus with 3 to 5 pounds of aerobic lactobacillus, the body-mind automatically elevates.  We then attract and are attracted to LIKE KINDS, ie. oxygen producing, transporting, and consuming organisms. This would include living foods which support aerobic metabolism and other sentient beings who are "filled with the breath of life" - Oxygen.


This shift in your fundamental physiological state, i.e. from a carbon dioxide rich asphyxiation metabolism to an oxygen rich aerobic metabolism produces countless benefits which all add up to improved wellness and life extension for many.


DRT, as a general rule, does not and will not work for a great majority of people. They just don't have the will power and social support to succeed for the 1 to 2 years it takes to beat food allergy (addiction).   America's toxic food environment hopelessly drowns its victims.  Gentle transition of body ecology will work for most with a little determination and patience.


My heartfelt belief is that diet and exercise are practically useless for the vast majority of people on Earth.  I wouldn't step foot into the gym because I am interested in wellness and life extension rather than an over developed musculature.


Happiness, equanimity, poise, confidence, slow movements and gestures, strong eye contact, dominant posture, clear eyes, shining satin smooth skin, good color, colorful hair, ideal weight, etc. These are honest signals that are easy to spot but difficult to fake. These are the qualities that show the world we are in love with and being loved by our universe.


The only way we can reduce another's suffering is to reduce our own suffering. The Laws of Reproduction and Attraction take care of the rest.


My focus must remain on the those with the greatest needs, my family members,  and selected friends that rely on me for guidance.


Gratitude and Laughter,

Blind Guru




Other coaching services are available besides symbiotic coaching.

1 on 1 personal raw food chef coaching available

(Call for availability)

Personal Living Foods Catering

If you need a raw food chef for a wedding, corporate event, or a party, we have private chefs on call and

they can handle any size party and will make whatever raw foods you want.


 Large scale or small scale lectures or workshops are available.

 We teach about the symbiotic diet and will do a question and answer session.


My name is Cecilia Benjumea B.A. C.M.T. and I've been on a healing journey since I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue syndrome about 7 years ago. This journey led me to the raw foods lifestyle which I've been living for a little over four years in Northern California. The joy of preparing and teaching people about raw food has lead me to be a presenter at Rawstock. Click the link to go to my website.

Mention Blindguru.com when you book your appointment.

Raw Phone Consultations*
Don't you wish you could talk to a long term raw foodist once and awhile and ask them their tips, tricks, and secrets for staying raw? Well now is your chance! The call is toll free (I call you) and I'd be happy to answer your questions as pertaining to the following subjects.




Cecilia does not teach the symbiotic lifestyle nor how to build the 3 to 5 lbs of bacteria in the villi.


Cecilia is the best raw food coach we have found.




Closeup off the villi.


Another closeup of the villi.


Small intestine duodenum with numerous tongue-shaped projections (villi) protruding from the gut wall. The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine, extending after the stomach to the jejunum. As a major secretory region of the gut, the duodenum also receives secretory products from other organs to aid in digestion. As in other parts of the small intestine, digestion and absorption are maximized by the large surface area conferred by the presence of villi. The villi are composed mainly of columnar epithelial cells, each of which is covered with many micro villi to increase cell absorption (not seen). Goblet cells are present among the epithelial cells (not seen). They secrete mucus that lubricates the lining of the intestine




To be brief, our consultations teach us how to cultivate 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria on the villious lining and throghout the body.

If my vili is clogged, then I might have a problem digesting food. This, in my opinion, is the root cause of most illnesses.


We do not charge our co-op members for our tele-conferences. If I were a chiropractor, a massage therapist, or a psychologist, then yes,

I would charge. We teach the symbiotic lifestyle which is a natural way of living. Nature is the blessing of God. I am not going to charge a fee to tell
people how to live the way God intended. By not taking a fee to teach my co-op members it has removed all intentions to sell products or feel
a separateness. We do NOT ask for donations either. I cannot have love for my customers when I only see them as a dollar! Our tele-conferences

cannot be bought or sold. This is what we do to teach the symbiotic lifestyle.


Symbiotic Private Phone Consultation

Many people who are seeking a phone consultation with our symbiotic coach ask what the price is.

We do not assign a value to our knowledge or time. It does not have a monetary value. There are very few people like our coach who do not charge for their services or support. Our coach lives the lifestyle that is explained in the consultations but does not necessarily do it for a LIVING. It is one part of the lifestyle, to coach and help others. Our coach does not want the symbiotic diet to be commercialized. Consultations are always free. Those who are most generous to our coach will receive an equal exchange in generosity. Generosity does not necessarily have to be monetary but must be an equal energy exchange.

We ask those that want a consultation to email us and we will forward it to the coach. Make sure you state why you need a consultation.



3 hour consultation series:

First hour: In the first hour of a symbiotic private phone consultation you will learn where to find the protocols to get the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria. You will get a resource email that will tell you the best places to obtain these protocols. You will also learn what to expect based on your current ecology.

Second hour: Once you get these protocols, we will tell you what you can do with them.

Third hour: You will have many questions as you improve your ecology. This hour can be used when you feel the need. If you don't have questions then you are probably not following the program. There are no books on this. It is intuitive. The questions have to come from you.



For symbiotic consultations, please call for availability. There may be a waiting list.

The consultation will be with our head symbiotic coach.

If you want a consultation, please email us and put "Symbiotic Coaching" in the subject of the email

Email us at Theblindguru@yahoo.com.