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When I go to the health food store I see a tiny raw food section filled with things like raw cookies, raw crackers, raw brownies, raw nut butter, etc. Everything is very expensive. I find that agravating because everything is basically nuts and seeds with "raw" on the packaging. I really hope that most people do not fall for those marketing schemes. These are things that would be easy enough to prepare at home for a fraction of the cost. I become annoyed when our intelligence is insulted.


 Deficencies of phyto-nutrients contribute to dozens of autoimmune diseases including AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, inflammation, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome. (Do an internet search for "autoimmune diseases".) Increasing the level of glyconutrients in the body strengthens the immune system and creates increased resistance to bacterial and viral infections. The ability to distinguish self from non-self is the basis of the body's ability to fight cancer and maintain good health.


Chia Seed Meal Replacement 2lb  $99.99 4 lbs for $193.99  6 lbs for $490.00

This is the best fruit and veggie blend protein superfood we offer.  It contains cholorella, red beet powder,We like this much better than hemp. It is the most comprehensive meal replacement we have ever seen. It also has 70 anti-oxidants. Once you try this you can see why this is so expensive.

The most comprehensive functional food available today in a meal replacement. Each serving contains 4 to 5 servings of fruits, veggies, hypoallergenic protein from rice, stabilized rice bran for fiber, chia meal and seeds for fiber and omega 3 oils for healthy fats. All the minerals are naturally in the fiber combination.Over 70 antioxidants, all occurring naturally. MAX ingredients has numerous benefits such as, energy, enhance brain function, fat loss, skin quality and general health. This product has all the necessary components to sustain life for life. Truly the perfect meal.



Rice and Chia Blend Superfood powder (as pure as you can get)

Sure, ours is the most expensive. You can find cheaper sources elsewhere if you want cheaper seeds.

Our price is $45.99. Most people see the difference between ours and the ones that sell for $30 elsewhere.


Six times more Calcium than whole milk without the lactose or sugars
Six times more Iron than spinach
Fifteen times more magnesium than 12 cups of broccoli
More potassium than 3 bananas without the sugar
More phosphorus than 3 cups of broccoli aiding in strong teeth and bones.
This in 2 servings has over 30 grams of beneficial fiber per day.
This has inositol in a therapeutic dosage known to metabolize fat and cholesterol.
Has Sitosterol, known to aid in the treatment of prostate compromise in males.
Has Oryzanol is an effective gastro-intestinal toner and support agent.
Contains tocotrienols, which are up to 50 times more potent than vitamin E tocopherol.

The first time you try this you will know instantly why it iis called the "Superfood for a new Millennium."A pre-digested mega-superfood which allows for better, faster absorption; begins to work immediately and naturally for optimal health, protecting your body the way nature intended. It is a natural superfood made entirely from rice and chia seeds.


Chia Seed Oil 

The usually single steam has one or two pairs of smaller leaves and carries large, globular heads densely packed with numerous, very small, pale blue flowers with glandular hairy calyces. This plant has medicinal properties and a tea is made with an infusion of the leaves. It is one of several species producing seeds known as Chia, which are rich in mucilage and oil, having high energy values and thirst quenching properties.

$54.95 per cup/ 8 oz

$102.00 for 16 ounces.

We offer the highest grade of Chia Seed Oil that we have found on the market.


Phyto-nutrients are only found in foods that are fully and naturally ripened on the tree or vine, etc.


Vita-Cookies (Email TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com  and put "cookies" in the subject line if you want us to make you a fresh custom batch.


Phyto-Tubes (Email TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com  and put "tubes" in the subject line if you want us to make a custom blend.

There may be a wait list for these to be made.


If you want to make your own tubes or cookies we do have the seperate ingredients.

We can offer the ingredients seperately or tell you the best places to get them.


All foods are made to order and are never sitting around on shelves.


List of possible ingredients for all smoothies
Dried yacon powder
red maca powder
Lacuma powder
wild tomato powder
hemp seeds
hemp protein powder
vitamin c powder (acorbic acid)
goji berry powder (wild crafted)
blue green algae powder (blue manna)
sprilulina powder
e3live powder
Cacao powder
Cacao butter
enzyme powder
purple corn extract powder
vita mineral green
Green Iridesca powder (our best low tempurature green powder)
botete (porcino) mushroom powder
gray celtic sea salt
mesquite pod meal
jumbo vanilla bean (sun cured) powder
Pau d' arco powder
caigua powder (from naturalzing.com
Maple sugar powder
stevia powder
sprout flax seed powder
sprouted buckwheat powder
Pineapple core powder
pineapple stem powder
avocado pit powder
asai berry powder
rasberry seed powder (this is our most popular in the smothies we make)
camu-camu berry powder
orange or lemon zest powder
Macadamia nut powder
Date Sugar
Raw Coconut powder
Irish moss powder
Pink Himalayan Salt   We do make a special Vanilla Bean Cake recipe that you can add to almond milk, coconut milk, or water and it makes the best shake you will ever have.  
Categories of Vita-Tubes that we can make:
(there may be a waiting list for our cookies and tubes as we make them fresh by custom order)
Weight loss
weight gain
meal replacement joint support
 On Saturdays, at our kitchen, there is a line out the door for a reason- You haven't had a shake until you have had our Vita-Shake.
The secret: The freshest ingredients known to man. When you have the pickiest rawfood chefs making food for you, you know you are going to get the best quality.
All of our Phyto-tubes are custom blends based on your needs. We don't believe in a massed produce supplement powder that is made for anyone. Based on finding out your needs or taking our quiz we will make a custom blend. We will learn about your ecology and make an educated decision on which ingredients we willl put in your Phyto-Tube. After we learn about your ecology, we send this information to a nutritionist and then a raw food chef. All 3 of us will come up with the formula that we think will fit you best. We know we could mass produce these but we are not in this just to make a buck. We will not sell one of our tubes without knowing more about who will be using them.


The same goes with our raw Vita-Cookies. Many people are new to raw foods and cannot handle a "very green" cookie. We rate our cookies from level 1 to 10. Level 1 being a very tasty cookie for those who we believe do not have 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in their gut. Level 10 being for someone who could eat 7 teaspoons of Iridesca who puts their endurance to the test who maybe runs marathons or whose body has already detoxed and can handle foods of this nature.


Just because there are high potent ingredients out there does not mean they are right for you.


One person lied to us and made us believe we needed to make him a batch of Level 10 Phyto-Tubes. He bought them and could not drink them. This is why we need to know a profile of the person before we sell them any type of foods.


These are the empty Phyto-Tubes. 

test tube rack 


Very controversial article

Are these good for you? You decide! Click the picture for an article that says they are bad!

Blindguru doesn't say they are "bad" but they are "cultivars" which are not necessary

Join our symbiotic chat to find out why we don't eat these!


  Thinking about eating vegetables or having a garden?
  Gardening is something which seems to me would be unnecessary if we were to once more be reunited with our natural habitat.. We just end up going all crazy about trying to make sure they grow without interference from insects, animals, and the environment.   Notice that almost everyone that eats salads, including rawfooders who make raw dressings in their blender, rarely eats it plain without dressing. A person with a great ecology has no desire for dressings on their salads. We have found that salad dressings disrupt the immune system and contribute to immune disfunction. Take a head of kale and eat it right just as it comes. You might not enjoy it now but wait a few months and you might. Almost 100% of the people with 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in their bodies DO enjoy salads without dressing.



Herbs and plant are renowned for their abilities to make and accumulate phytonutrients

Will your blender grind seeds to this consistancy?