Its now my 11th month taking Q96. If I had to describe the Q96 Empowerplus in a sentance, it would be "the vitamins that green powders, whole food vitamins that you take 6 tablets a day and probiotics don't have".

All my friends have noticed something different in me although I feel great, my friends noticed a calmness, more focused in me. I wish I knew what they were talking about. Even my parents during my first bottle noticed something different in me.

Although this is not a raw food item, I have bought 10 cases of the Empower plus and went to local meetups for Autism and Bipolar disorder and given it to some of my ex girlfriends that I remember having some kind of mood issues. I gave a free month supply bottle to about 120 people. About 90 of these people are now my customers. I did not try to sell or convince them. I simply offered a free bottle and wanted feedback. I didn't say something like....this is gonna help your mood and make you happy and feel great. I just gave them the bottles.

Without a goal of trying to sell to these people, I am now in the business. I also can give a free bottle to anyone that is my Blindguru co-op.

Yes, its free.

 I get the highest discounts available through this company. Not because I sell these but because I give the first bottle free with any item that someoen buys from my site. Buy a juicer, blender, or even probiotics. I don't care what the item is. I use that profit to buy people bottles.


The owner of Cellerciser now is part owner of the QScience company that makes the Q96 Empowerplus. I have been buying this for 11 months before he told me he became partners in the Qscience company. He told me about this great supplement I should take. Im' like what is it. After he told me I told him I've been talking this for almost a year. He then told me this is what he has been taking since it came out. I have stock of the Q96 and they ship them out with every Cellerciser. My other site is HealthyTrampolines.com. I do give a free co op shopping passes for anyone that buys a rebounder on my links on that site. You can get anything at co-op price that way.

Q96 Empowerplus by Q science

Situation: To other dealers selling the Q96 Empower plus that ight be angry at me for giving it away.

Listen, I know the Q96 Empowerplus is the best seller in the MLM and I really don't know much about their qbiotic or their other products as I only take the Q96 Empowerplus. I am not trying to take business away from people that have tried to promote the Q96 or going to health expos and have booths and try to sell it and people see my offer and I give a free bottle to people when they purchase things from me.

I don't care. they can buy from you if they give me your name. If you want to (dealers that is) start a friendly relationship with me, call me. If someone wants to start selling, they can go though you. I am not in the business of convincing people they will achieve anything after taking the Q96 Empowerplus. I simply have it as an offering to those who want to try it. I give them out anyway as part of the package. If someone wants it they will tell me. I give other products with it too. Many people need support when trying to sell the Q96 and Qscience brand products, the other products they carry. If you have time to help people and educate, I would be happy to work with you. I give out several cases a day shipped with my other products I sell. I do not have the time to set everyone up and explain the business to those wanting to get it wholesale. I can offer my prices to people but I am looking for people that have an education on many of the topics I write about on my site. Contact me if interested on my contact page.

I take the Q96 along with probiotics, wildcrafted greens. These are the 3 staples I take. My probiotic is very agressive and I don't always recommend it to everyone. My green superfoods are wild crafted and may be too strong tasting for most people also. It is certainly not mild.

If you want to try the Q96 and are not a co op member, I will do a buy one bottle get one free. I am not discounting the bottle or breaking any distributors rules. My bottles are fresh and have the latest date. I bought a bottle off Ebay and it had only 3 months left in the expiration date and was made much longer ago. I was taking Pharmanex vitamins before Q96 and the Q96 is my only supplement on my site other than greens and probiotics that I promote.

Contact me if you want to try it.

Note:  I will not try to "sell it to you" or try to convince you that it works.  I sell very big ticket items and will not get into a conversation trying to sell a bottle and spend an hour on the phone trying to convince someone and hear all the problems people have to sell a bottle.

My buy one get one free offer is available for anyone that is interested. I will make contact to those that contact me on my contact page.

I get too many people trying to sell me products, website design service companies, telemarketers, those who call me at midnight who are in California. I have taken my number down repectfully. Please email me on my contact page or at theblindguru@yahoo.com if you need to make contact.


You know our style here on the site is to review, reject, and promote various products that we deem worthy to get our approval. We try of course as often as possible to be as objective as possible when reviewing but we also do take into consideration only the most helpful subjective information as well. We can only do so much as a small team that tests out all these products ourselves. Much of our information we get from interviewing people who have used certain products, and we specifically look for those who have used specific brands of products for years.


Every now and again a product really stands out and speaks for itself as being something we just have to pay attention to. Here at the site we generally provide education and recommendations on food products and health equipment. We donít often make recommendations for supplements and when we do we donít mess around we find what are the best ones maybe say top 5-10%. In the case of supplement companies and their products we also donít just put our stamp of approval on their whole line unless they are truly superior. Many times we just pick specific products from specific lines that get our thumbs up.


Supplement companies love to send us their products to try out and 90% of the time we are not that impressed..either is our pool of 500 customers that we usually send out the same products to free, to help us with our review process. 

A couple of months ago we received some products from QSciences. One of their most popular products is called Q96 Empowerplus. When I first got it in the mail I read the ingredients and nothing jumped out at me. Looked like yet again another formulation of some stuff thrown together in a bottle and overpriced. To be honest my initial bias was just cause I was so used to going through so much time and effort to review a supplement and ending up disappointed. 

But I hoped there was probably more to this product as it had been researched independently in clinical studies at 4 major universities in their medical departments. There seemed to be some real science behind it. But just because there is real science and money put into a product, it still doesnít mean itís going to be a good product. Either way I respected that at least there was some research vs. 99.9% of supplements out there that have NONE done on their products.

Here at the site we get customers calling in who have all sorts of medical conditions and are seeking solutions to help them reach their wellness goals. We really have the perfect customer base for seeing how specific supplements are or are not helping people with a wide variety of ailments and lifestyles.

For example, we have seen the research and heard from the owner of the company how great Q96 is on stabilizing mood, boosting brain performance, reducing cortisol and stress hormones, etc. A lot of these effects are due to the modulation it might have on the gut and brain. But how would a supplement like this help people with major imbalances that are on the far ends of the spectrum. We sent out so many bottles to Autistic kids, those with adrenal burnout causing major fluctuations in cortisol levels and fatigue, elderly customers with loved ones with brain disorders not just bad memory but Alzheimerís, dementia etc., and plenty of customers were on antidepressants.

We often give supplements to those with significant conditions and challenges because we know that even if there were studies done, usually the test group during the trials are picked specifically to be generally healthy adults. The logic is this, if this product can help stabilize a child with autism or relax a person who has major anxiety issues or bipolar imbalance, then imagine what it could do for someone who does not have those challenges.

We also of course give out various products to people that are very healthy and know their bodyís quite well. They are so fine tuned that they can tell if they make a small change in their health regimen and what kinds of effects it has had on their wellbeing and performance. For example, recently we provided some free bottles to a few players on the Seattle Seahawks.  These guys are always looking for the next thing that will give them an edge and they always have access to expensive products for free cause all these companies hope that theyíll start taking them and help them promote it. All we can say is that we have gotten good feedback from a few sports players we sent the product to.

Contact me here. We do give 100% of your money back if you don't like it, even if you return the bottle empty.