Human activities that create humous are symbiotic with and rewarded by Nature...the converse is also true.

The global ecological benefits of developing one's perfect body ecology cannot be overstated. 

Alignment with Nature and the omniscience that guides her provides us with the ability to live and grow.

The cultivation of perfect body ecology tends to encourage the raw frugivorous symbiotic approach to agriculture and food.

Symbiotic agricultural practices create and preserve humous and are rewarded by Nature.

Theromophilic composting produces humous rich in probiotic microorganisms.

Soil borne organisms pull mineral from sand, gravel and rock.

Mineral and micro are drawn into plant root systems.

Thermophilic organisms may be aerobic or homeostatic; both can be beneficial.

Perfect digestive body flora is analogous to a highly efficient thermophilic aerobic composting system.

Unimaginable wellness and longevity can result from the establishment and maintenance of perfect body ecology.




The modern diet of processed food can destroy health while creating a retail paradise.

Modern food may be so mineral deficient and our ability to absorb mineral so diminished that we are driven to eat twice as much of everything resulting in weight gain for many.

Acid forming foods often produce mucous interfering with proper cell function.

Rotting, fermentation, rancification and putrefaction can produce terrific odors which eventually reach a super-saturated state in the body.

Core fat in the abdominal cavity, silent inflammation of the intestinal tract and high cortisol levels are prime suspects in poor body ecology.

Perhaps the nerves controlling the muscles of our social functions have been prenatally damaged by less than perfect body ecology.

Supersaturation results in uric and lactic acid crystals dropping out and accumulating in the joints and feet.

Headaches could be caused by acidity and dehydration about 80% of the time.

Absorption of something the body is not designed to handle often produces immune disruption.

Immune system failure can result from long-term drug use and perhaps from the lifelong consumption of modern food.

Serotonin is the principal 'feel good' substance of the body and is found primarily (95%) in the small intestine.

Serotonin deficiency may result from bodily elimination due to long term consumption of substances that interfere with its proper absorption.

Some substances may create an excess of serotonin resulting in unfavorable effects on the brain.

Nature is capable of self-medicating with little thought which explains much about addiction.

Many preservative chemicals are addictive.

The chemistry of death and destruction damages nerve endings.

Food addiction can be as serious as drug addiction as most modern food is chemically laden.

Neuro-transmitters such as dopamine and serotonin may not be working as a result of addiction (food, drug or endogenous secretions).

Globulin is a term used to describe an inflammatory protein accumulation.

High protein levels in the blood can result in a 60% reduction of oxygen transport.

The loss of venus volume and expansion of interstitial volume may accompany an increase in estrogen mimics and other compounds interfering with the production of ATP (cell energy).

Juicing removes inulin (vitamin U) and is inferior to blending.

Cooked food contains no bio-photon energy.

Honey heated to 140F (destroying all enzymes) is sometimes labeled 'Raw' and is probably harmful.

Enzymes work to break down proteins into amino acids which the body requires.

Enzyme depletion is strongly associated with ageing effects.

Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) are lower than ever before.

The 'peanut' is a bean containing lots of spore forming fungal organisms and aflatoxins fatal for some people.

The cashew is housed in a peduncle designed to prevent any animal from touching it.

The coco bean (including the 'raw organic' variety) can cause racing heart, anxiety, headache, elevated breath rate or elevated skin temperature.

All digestive enzymes in living food are destroyed by cooking.

Rose hips and dulse can help move radioactive iodine from your body.

Baby food contains many times the glutemate substances of other processed foods.

Calcium phosphate granules can form in the brains of children.

Less than pain free joints could be caused by cooked dairy products about 80% of the time.

Wheat may contain up to fifteen naturally ocurring opiates.

Wheat and corn represent the bulk of our grain consumption and might best be avoided for those interested in wellness and life extension.

Wheat contains gluten, a very sticky substance.

Gluten, a poor glue substitute, poses no big problem.

Gluten contains an undigestable protein called gliadin.

Undigested gliadin protein is readily absorbed due to its small size resulting in immune disruption.

Nature self medicates and our immune systems work for about three days cleaning this debris away.

Immune responses sap energy and produce symptoms of allergy.

Most of us are so used to food insults and their consequences, the sick and tired condition is accepted as normal.

Gliadin protein from gluten is a problem for millions not realizing this frequent food choice is making them sick and tired most of the time.

Corn is just another grass seed posing as food and is one of the most genetically modified 'foods' of all.

Fresh corn contains loads of runaway disaccharide sugars and up to twenty-five fungal species.

Cooked grains such as wheat and corn along with cooked dairy products may be causing over 100,000 early deaths per month in the USA alone.

Smoking pot induces sleep, has a numbing effect and dampens energy levels yet may be the only way a person, once adapted, can achieve an alkaline state.

Ritalin is like long-acting cocaine and like anything causing immune disruption has the potential to become addictive.

Enzymes are of primary importance.

The pancreas consumes ten body enzymes producing one digestive enzyme.

Though only the size of your thumb,  your pancreas can consume as much mineral as your brain.

Pancreatic breakdown can precede just about every form viral proliferation.

Stigmata are pores which can become enlarged due to inflammation resulting in the absorption of undigested proteins and other substances the body is not designed to handle.

Poor digestive ecology results in the underproduction of serotonin and 'feel bad' consequences.

Most dietary supplements are crystallized or isolate and are therefore less than helpful to your body.

Food induced immune hypersensitivity may be essentially linked to a broad array of addictions/allergies.

Accumulation of globulin and fibrin in the small intestinal wall may be interfering with mineral absorption and the proper function of albumin, the body's super-transporter.

Silent inflammation due to immune hypersensitivity may result in the accumulation of excessive inflammatory protein in most tissues of the body.

Lymphacising activities such as walking on uneven ground and gathering may be superior to repetitive motion, aerobic and cardio-vascular forms of exercise.

This gentle type of 'exercise' may be accomplished through regular daily activity.

Malabsorption may be more an environmental rather than hereditary outcome.

Undigestable proteins may have an opiating effect on our brain and help generate mold, fungus and yeast causing terrific cravings and immune responses.

Carrots have been hybridized from Queen Anne's Lace, contain 17% runaway sugars and can contribute to unstable blood sugar.

Foods have been hybridized faster than we have been able to adapt.

Cooked cereal grains and cooked dairy may be causing most of the deaths.

The core of a frugivorous diet consists of the edible part of a flowering plant generally called fruit.

Gliadin, the undigestable protein found in gluten, may cause irritation to the villous lining of the small intestine along with immune disruption.

Over eating may result in inflammation of the intestinal linings.

The coco bean may have substances that can seriously affect our brains causing headaches, racing hearts and other discomforts which can be collectively described as anaphylaxis.

Nutrient malabsorption appears to correlate strongly with poor or indadequate body flora.

Better living may not be possible through chemistry and junk food.