I am receiving a lot of emails about people losing hair and many questions about receding hair so I have decided to make a short page of information that will help you. I do not sell any hair products but I do know what has helped people grow their hair back: ideal body ecology and lowering one's acidity.

Haircuts are not as necessary on a symbiotic diet. For a true symbiotic with a good ecology,

the hair grows to a specific length and stops on its own. If mucus foods are eaten it clogs the hair follicles and pores.

This is the reason for most hair loss. If the scalp (the soil) is clogged, then it will have a hard time growing hair.

Most people that have a bad ecology have an acidic body which destroys the building blocks for hair production.

We believe a symbiotic diet is more important than buying all the hair growth pills, the expensive shampoos,

and many of the other maintenance monitoring protocols. When the pores are clogged the hair can become grey also.

Balding doesn't just happen because it is in "your genes". That is what many of the people say that sell products that don't work.

This is just an excuse.

I hear many stories about people that have receding hair that become symbiotic and their hair starts growing again.

If someone wants to grow hair back in an area that is already bald,  the chance of growing it would depend on

how long and their current state of ecology. It would also depend on how frequent the person had haircuts.

You don't see animals needing to get haircuts, do you? Hair is supposed to stop growing at a certain point.

Once it gets to a certain length it will not grow anymore. The growth of human hair is fixed if we leave it alone. Each time the hair is shaven, the end of the hair shaft is destroyed and takes nutrients for it to be repaired.

If you shave, then it keeps coming back. If you never shaved, the hair would grow to a fixed growing length.

Hair is an organ. Hair bleeds just like any other part of our body. I dated a girl that never shaved her armpits and she never trimmed it. It grew to a certain length and stopped. With a diet that is acidic and a lifestyle full of haircuts, you can be assured you will have the greatest chance of hair loss.







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An acidic body will destroy the hair follicles.



If you have read out site and want to learn how to cultivate 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria you might want to join our teleconference. We do NOT sell anything that is for hair loss. We teach a symbiotic diet that has naturally restored hair for many of the people we have coached.


The hair products on the market that I have found have nothing to do with building a good ecology. They simply try to treat the problem and are only hair maintenance monitoring programs. I would hate to be bothered by buying all of these products. Why not just get the hair back and stop the hair loss and not worry about the problem.


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