People always ask us what a symbiotic rawfoodist eats...

We are not into habits or routines.

I have no idea what I will want for breakfast tomorrow.



A symbiotic rawfoodist never has the desire to eat when not hungry.

Our signal to eat is when our digestive glands has released which gives us

warning that hunger is approaching. Our digestion system does not get this reflex by smells

or sights of good food. Even if the tastiest food was near us, we would not desire it if we are

not hungry. Most people we have came across eat to feed their addictions, not always hunger.

Only when we are hungry the sweet smells from primative foods appeal to us.


Click the lettuce to hear what we have to say!


If you are going to eat cultivars...

If you haven't made the transition to primative greens, salads are fine at the beginning of a meal, especially if it is a cooked meal. When I used to eat cultivars, I wash the lettuce quickly and never let it sit in the water. I always wash each leaf under tap water and then set the leaves to dry on a cloth.

I NEVER wash the heart as it does not need to be washed. Washing the heart will take  away the delicate fragrance that has been preserved.


I never put salt in my dressings as it messes up the organic salts in the green leaves. If a salad has lost its scent then it is almost worthless. The greens with the strongest scent are the ones that give me the most minerals. This is why I don't waste my time eating cultivars that are found in stores anymore. Even if the

vegetables look pretty in the store... it's just an illusion to get you to buy it. Take a Brix meter with you and see for yourself.




Many people eat foods when not hungry and this is when the glands in the stomach haven't been stimulated by hunger and the only stimulation is the presence of the food itself. If the digestive glands are not ready and are not stimulated by hunger then the food will pass through the system without the body absorbing its nutrients. This is why many foods ferment in the body and people have gas.

This is also the reason that people can get sick because of the infection from the putrification of clogged up deposits of undigested food (just read about colonics and you will hear stories of undigested food being released after years of storage).



 We also don't read or preoccupy ourselves with anything else except for the food we are eating.

When I am eating good food, I want to enjoy the food. I don't talk while eating. I chew and savor all the flavors in each bite. I don't rush and swallow to answer the next question that the person at the table is asking. By the way, I've learned that it's better to stand while eating anyway for better digestion.


There are a lot of people that will continue to eat poorly and become sick. For the most part, it is the person's fault when they become sick. I don't feel bad for them or pity them. They are NOT unfortunate if their illness could have been prevented. When we are mature enough it is our personal responsibility to do everything we can to maintain the vigor and vitality we are given as long as we can.

A young person should weigh more than a middle aged person. These days, older people gain excess weight due to poor body ecology and weigh more than young people.


Our pysiological bio-capacity is directly related to the diet that is caused from our current ecology.



As you can guess by now, we make salad with dandelions but we get most of our

minerals from primitive greens.


A symbiotic rawfoodist is typically satisfied by 2 meals a day. Many people, before they become symbiotic,

think they will  starve if not eating enough food. Our symbiotic body does not require the amounts of food once the body has an abundance of the aerobic bacteria. Lots of time and money is saved by not having to eat as much. Breakfast first thing in the morning is not what we think is good. The body is eliminating the toxins in the body that take place in the morning when we awake. I believe that fasting until lunchtime will prolong life. Remember, we are eating for hunger, not addiction.


Everyone that is making money in the raw foods business is pushing diet revision therapy. If you go on many other websites that promote the raw diet or lifestyle they are pushing supplements, herbs, etc that will make you feel better. Many sites are teaching the benefits of raw foods and they are selling dehyrators and prepared dehydrated foods. We go about it the totally opposite way. We are not concerned about changing our diet or anyone elses. We know that by developing a body that is more symbiotic with nature we will naturally chose the foods without thinking. We don't count calories, do any type of body cleanses such as colonics or buy any products to detox. We aren't constantly worried about exercising. We don't have to struggle to be fit, toned, hydrated, or anything else that requires thought or is goal oriented. Everything is precognitive (without thought) and it all happens without us even trying to stay healthy.  We are NOT dependent on food. Our bodies naturally tell us what and when we need to eat. We live on about $12 a day and that includes all the signals and bacteria, and I would say we eat very good. We love the foods we eat and its very affordable. Our lifestyle is independent of diet. Our dietis rich in the gold standard signal foods.

In nature, there would be nobody to tell us to eat certain foods. Intuitiveness should take take us right to the foods that are bodies need when a person is in tune with their body. Everything becomes automatic and doesn't require thought. Most of our thinking is made up. To reduce this gap between thinking and reality (universal consciousness) is by increasing our intuitiveness (enteric brain, or gut feeling) by building a symbiotic ecology. We would eat based on our ecology. The way we eat now is based on routine, convenience, books, advice from others, and this affects our ecology and our diet is now the effect off the ecology that this has created.
In nature, we would get both types of bacteria in our bodies, non resident based and aerobic based. The non resident bacteria won't permanently colonize and just like in nature, we would need to eat these every day, but our food is so clean now that all of this is gone. Just taking a SBO (soil based) non resident probiotic will not work for us without the aerobic. We need the both to cultivate this in our bodies. It amazes me that almost every health food store sells SBO's and do not carry the aerobic type. I believe if they sold both then people would stop buying all the health remedies, detox supplements, and other supplements that make the store a fortune. Also, the sales of processed foods, deodorants, and many other items in the health store would slow down. I doubt that stores will ever carry both types. One reason is that it would put all the "weaker strains" brands out of business and these companies have built up a good name for themselves that it would be stupid for a store to promote something different
when people are already buying the ones they currently have. After all, its all about money for them, right? This just agravates me like nothing else. Right now, as I think of this, I might sneak in and place aerobic bacteria with all their other probiotics. Also, I have called up health food stores and asked them about their probiotics and they have no idea what we are talking about. I am not sure who they have learned from. It seems that the only thing they know when I ask them about probiotics is the stuff written on the bottle.