Unwanted body mass may be composed of at least the following:

Water, fibrin, mucous, globulin, calcification or fat.

"Excess Fat is core physical experience of lack"

Keep this in mind when working out.


 See our Rebounder Demonstration at the bottom of the page.

 Best Exercise Tip 

Live like the tortoise and get to the finish line last: Don't live fast and die young.

A humming bird's metabolism burns itself out in 2 years and then it dies.

Degeneration of the body comes from burning fuel (exercising) that keeps many people from getting fat but by burning this fuel it creates free radicals which damage cellular DNA. THIS IS WHY ATHLETES DON'T LIVE THE LONGEST. Those that live the longest stay OUT of the gym. Most exercises require more use of our digestive system which in turns wears it out prematurely- especially those with little flora or less than the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria in their gut. A rebounder gets us the results without the degeneration. If you have a conflict with any of the information on this page join our tele-chat on rebounders. Many people think our information is totally false until they hear what we have to say. Most people tend to agree with us after hearing us.





When you exercise you exert your reserves of energy. A body naturally saves up this energy for "fight or flight" responses. Exercising robs you of your energy and adrenaline that can help you heal. Stimulating your body by exercising can rob you of your vital energy in the long term. It is a  proven fact that any activity that makes your body produce cortisol will drain your energy. It is known as the "DEATH HORMONE". Symbiotic rawfooders save their adrenaline for healing purposes. You are going to need this adrenaline if you are facing any type of concern. We don't overstimulate our bodies. Walking on uneven ground and trails is great. Using a mini-trampoline simulates the same results you would get if you were walking on uneven ground. We urge everyone to try the Cellerciser for 30 days. We can say that we never had one single return on this unit.

Exercising to Lose FAT

Exercising to lose weight can be a big mistake. A body can ONLY sustain strenuous exercise by converting blood sugar to energy. This will force your body to stop burning fat so it can burn blood sugar- it cannot burn both at the same time. Aerobic exercise burns fat only after you've depleted your available blood sugar- which takes 30 minutes or more. The average overweight person cannot sustain an hour of aerobic exercise.  Gym memberships and exercise equipment sales are at the highest ever...and so is obesity- now you can see why.  We have seen that with a proper body ecology, the fat simply goes away. Rebounding is an excellent way to move the body without exerting your energy resources. Try it. If it doesn't work, just return it.


Exercising to Get Fit
It is good to build cardiovascular strength but not at the expense of depleting the mineral reserves in the bones and using energy that is not there. (A perfect example of this is when you see people drinking energy drinks before and during their workout). Sit in a parking lot of a gym during prime time and look at the people going into the gym and then watch them as they go out and you can see what everyone has in common. I also see people that go to the gym to gain muscle size and strength. If not overdone and if resources aren't depleted then that is the only exception to doing this. I would rather have muscular endurance than huge muscles. Muscular endurance is different than muscular strength. I've seen people that can lift more weights than me but they cannot lift a lighter weight as many times as me. I took at 10 lb weight. I wanted to see if I could curl it more times than a body builder that can curl 4 times the weight I can. Sure enough, I curled it many more times than the body builder. I have the ability to produce ATP much more efficiently and quicker than the bodybuilder. I do credit this ability to rebounding and the 3 to 5 lbs of aerobic bacteria I have cultivated that oxygenates me so I can produce energy quicker. 

Why Use a Rebounder

I use a rebounder every morning right when I wake up. If you know what a runners high is...this is the natural feeling I get after about 10 minutes on it. Most people drink soda and sugary foods when they wake up. That is the wrong energy to start your day. If you jump on it right when you wake up and then drink a good green smoothie you will feel so good. You will not even want to miss a day with the rebounder. It is a well known fact that you reduce aging when your body is oxygenated. Exercising is just as important as drinking the smoothies in the morning.  If you have  bad eye sight, get an eye chart and stare at the smallest letter and then look at a different point. Do this while you are Cellercising and you can see the difference in your eyesight. The people that do this tell me stories on how they have to get a new prescriptions for eyeglasses or have no need for them at all. You can improve your eyes so much if you do this little trick.

Your body has to recover from exercise that puts wear and tear on it. And if you are sick or overweight you should be getting your exercise on a regular basis. A good rebounder will give you the energy to do more intense workouts without having to recover. The precious energy you have should be used for healing purposes, especially if you are sick.  You should be healing your body and conserving all the energy you have for healing purposes.

Rebounding can give you the cardiovascular and health benefits without overworking your body. You should never force your body to exercise when you don't feel like it. You should have so much energy that you will WANT to go out and play or do some physical activity. Wild animals in nature don't spend hours a day to "try" to get healthy or stay fit. We can help coach you to get in the best shape that you can be in without strenuous exercises and only using a Cellerciser. Call us if you want to get on our program.

Why We Like the Cellerciser

1.  Most rebounders are very cheaply made. Some sell for around $200 retail and cost only a fraction of that price to manufacturer. Most are a big ripoff and wear out very quickly. The Cellerciser doesn't have the cheap rubber tips that crack. It has a polymer plastic that won't even scratch the floors. They hold up for years. You don't want to have to keep replacing the leg tips!

2. Most rebounders have paint that eventually chips away. I hate sweeping up all that black chipped paint. Once the paint is gone it starts to rust. The Cellerciser has electrostatic powdered paint that stays on. You can even store  it outside in the rain and the paint doesn't come off nor will it rust.

3. The Cellerciser has pre-fitted springs. The are thick springs...not thin like most that break eventually. Normally springs have to be replaced every 2 years which costs about $50 dollars. When you travel the springs don't fall off since they are pre-fitted making travel easy. The springs are much more expensive than the typical single tiered. These are the tripple tiered springs make the biggest difference.

4. Cellerciser is not hand welded. There are are no "cold spots" in the weld that make it prone to breaking over time. The cellerciser won't wobble due to the "cold spots or imperfections in the weld. It's welding is done by a computerized robotic weld. This is a much more expensive process.

5. Cellerciser doesn't have cheap mats. It does not have nylon like most. It is not 1 ply like most. It is 4 ply and made out of polypropylene. This is way more expensive material than nylon. This is also weather resistant and does not warp like the others when left outside.

 Cellerciser mini-trampoline!

The best spring rebounder on the market

2010 with Digitally Tuned Springs

Cellerciser: $305

Cellerciser with Balance Bar: $365




 This is the world's first rebounder of which the mat is no longer held by springs but by 36 high-stress bungee bands. This feature makes it the most elastic (and therefore soft-bouncing) rebounder on the market. Its deeper/higher bouncing provides you with more lift and more fun than any other rebounder in the world. They possesses the best mat actually on the market (Permatron®). The mat is black with an orange or pink ribbon. The bungee bands are black, orange or pink.  According to the weight of the user, the Rebounder can be equipped with soft, medium, or strong bungee bands and is designed to carry up to 350 pounds. It measures about 44 inches in diameter. This Rebounder is especially recommended for individuals who suffer from severe back problems. 


There are a select few that will want the Lympholine and the other half will want the Cellerciser. I get returns only when people buy them without knowing which is better for them. This is why I have the quiz below. I have not had one return since we put up this quiz.

The Cellerciser won't rust if you leave it outside and give you an even jump on any point. This is the ones that most chiropractors request from me. More personal trainers and gyms request the Lympholine. Most Raw food detox centers call me for the Cellerciser and most athletes want the Lympholine. You can jump on the Cellerciser at any point and jumping in the center is the same as jumping near the edge. It won't throw you to the center. Over all the Cellerciser is the best in my personal opinion but if you are healthy and just want a good workout then that is another story. For a hardcore workout I would recommend the Lympholine. For Lymph workouts I would recommend the Cellerciser.


More on exercises:

Exercise is highly overrated. Everywhere you look someone is selling some exercise contraption, fitness video, or club membership. This is mainly accomplished by appealing to your feelings of guilt, pride, or arrogance.

You hear diet and exercise, yes, we have been listening to this mantra ever since Jack La Lane opened the first fitness club about a hundred years ago. Fitness can be a band aid to cover up an underlying systemic disruption.

Meanwhile America has become the fattest country on Earth along with the the highest standard of living. Is that what's called an oxymoron? Can you figure out this riddle? You know, either the advertising is just not working and nobody is really buying or the whole thing is nothing more than another huge money scam.

You may be different, as for me the practice of spending hours of my valuable time engaged in unproductive repetitive motion is so absurd as to be laughable.  As for me, burning up valuable energy just for the sake of bodily exercise is boring and unproductive. It lacks purpose and is a waste of resources. When I choose my exercise I want a type hat will give me more energy back than the energy I am putting into it. The last thing I would want is do exercise that takes away my energy that I have to spend time and money building back up. Rebounding helps me with circulation on the cellular level and it improves my oxygen absorption. The heart performs optimally when there is more oxygen in the blood. A rebounder is just as an important tool as the 3 horsepower blending is to the raw foods lifestyle.  If you are limited on time and want to get healthy benefits we strongly recommend rebounding or cellercising.  Depending on how serious you are about either fitness or health we can make our recommendation on which rebounder to buy. We sell them all so we are unbiased.


More on losing FAT!

Gaining weight is a natural response. The fat is what literally is keeping many people alive. Exercising often just patches up the health problems many people have. They figure that they can keep eating unhealthy and just go to the gym. Instead of being fat and unhealthy they are skinny and unhealthy.  Many obese people eat very little in hopes to lose weight. When your body thinks there is a famine for nutrients it will store fat. It has very little to do with what you eat. That is why some people can eat the same thing and one person gains weight while the others high metabolism keeps them lean and thin. It is not a secret to getting a high metabolism. I have seen that if they just eat something as little as a piece of bread that their bodies will turn it into fat. Fat = an insurance policy against starvation. Those who starve themselves are often the ones who gain the most weight due to bad ecology. When many people are not on a good ecology diet (just eating raw has not worked for 99.99% off my customers) many people tend to gain weight. It is not about what you eat. Its about how you process it. Many people who want to lose weight are drinking water all day to fill up on. That is the silliest thing I have ever heard people do. And, they are drinking acidic water or just plain reverse osmosis or distilled water without prilling it. Also, going to the gym every day to lose the weight and using fitness to solve your weight or health issues is like a patch to compensate for wellness deficiencies.

The most ridiculous thing I see is when people that are overweight who want to lose fat go to the gym and spend hours a day in the gym. I personally think one of the worst thing a person can do for their body when overweight is to workout. I have, in the past, gone up to people in the gym on the aerobic equipment and told them what I think. They always think I am crazy for telling them my view. Meanwhile, I see them month after month in the gym and they never lose the weight that they are trying so hard to lose. I would not workout unless my ecology is in good condition. I use my mini-trampoline every morning and enjoy the health and results I get from it. I am in the best health I could possibly be in and bouncing plays a major role in my program.

Remember, being fat is not bad. It is actually a good thing. This is the bodies way of maintaining homeostasis. Without the fat, where would the toxins go. You could be very sick if the fat wasn't there to store the toxins. This is why if someone is skinny it is more dangerous if they have poor ecology. See our Education page on why we want the 3 to 5 lbs of "aerobic" bacteria in our colons. We do NOT promote a diet. We don't tell people to change their diet. Actually, the raw food diet is the diet that 99% of the people fail with. The reason is that they don't have the 3 to 5 lbs of friendly cultures in their colon. A mini-trampoline is almost mandatory if you want to release more oxygen to the nerve endings in your colon once all the plaque has gone away and your nerve endings are now oxygenated and free.


Another word about exercise: Many people try to exercise to lose fat. What I think people should really focus on is losing the excess silent inflammation, the mucus and fibrin that is in their body, and the calcification. I use rebounding to get rid of inflammation, move my lymph, and move the mucus. This assists my immune system. I've found that losing fat will come off naturally when the ecology is rebuilt. In the meantime, I believe the goal should not be to just burn off fat. That is a very stressful motive...Just go to any gym and look at people on the cardio equipment... I don't think they really look like they are having fun.  I do believe in the Cellerciser since I have seen the results.  It has helped many people that I have recommended this to. The energized feeling I get each morning from this tool is priceless. I will give a 30 day trial to anyone that wants to use it. We will give you a 100% refund if you don't like it. We will even pay the shipping back. No problem!


Working out generates stress in the body and especially when the body is mineral deficient. Lymph movement by rebounding is really all about breaking the conventional exercise routine.
Rebounding doesn't beat my body up like it would on most gym equipment. Working out for the sake of losing weight is not the reason we promote rebounders.
Working out, in my opinion, is damaging, unnatural, and deconstructive. Rebounding helps maintain my good ecology and I almost everyone that uses them sees the results from one.
We give a free sample of red raspberry seeds, dried superfood greens (ours do not contain the cheap alfalfa hay), and a sample of whatever we feel you need with your rebounder purchase.
If you are not getting the minerals you need then using up your own supply of minerals is not something we advise. You will get the best price on the rebounder if you buy it directly
from the manufacturer without paying double shipping from buying it from middle men. Ask us for the code to get your discount to give to the manufacturer. Once you buy they will let us know
to call you to give you the samples and bag of free prill beads if you need them.

Reasons not to exercise (We do promote movement)
1. Generates friction in the body
2. uses up food energy
3. Depletes minerals from the bones if they are not replenished.
4. burns gas if you have to drive to a gym
5. Causes sweating of vital water (hydrophobic). Hydrophillic people do not have the need to sweat to eliminate toxins



First of all, a rebounder is a serious piece of exercise equipment.  The rebounder I am referring to has nothing to do with basketball.   Nor is it a toy, although it does make exercising fun.  Children should not be allowed on a rebounder unsupervised.
Rebounding (exercising on a mini trampoline) is becoming popular again.  When rebounders were first made, they became very popular and in the 1980s, as with anything that becomes popular, the market was flooded with cheap poorly made models and as people suffered injuries and disappointment, the popularity died out.  Unfortunately, now that rebounding is popular again, we are being flooded once more with rebounders of inferior quality.  That is why I decided to write this review.
As the author of the "Everything Rebounding" blog, I am often asked, "Which rebounder should I buy?"  A better question would be, "Which rebounder shouldn't I buy?" Most people look at price first.  This is a mistake just as it is a mistake to look at price first when buying any major purchase.  Safety, not price, should be your first consideration.  There are cheap models that can be bought at sporting goods or department stores for a very low price which are of inferior quality and should be avoided.  Some don't even have springs and the mats are held on with fabric loops that can tear and do not give proper support.
In April 2006, 668,000 "In Motion" rebounders made by Stamina and sold in WalMart, Play it again Sports and other retail outlets as well as online were recalled due to injuries sustained by customers.
Dave Hall, maker of the "Cellerciser" rebounder, says he began making rebounders because of his father's suffering from permanent nerve damage from one of these cheap rebounders. He says, "Typical" rebounders use cheap tube springs, a sagging mat and weak frame which cause jarring at the bottom of each bounce. Within 1 month on this "typical" rebounder my father suffered permanent nerve damage. I set out on a mission to enlighten people of the benefits of Cellercise (rebounding) and the problems with "typical" rebounders."
After consulting with me, a friend of mine wanted to buy a Needak rebounder, but her husband insisted her cheap model was just as good and to prove it he jumped on it. Imagine his shock when it broke under his weight after only a couple of bounces. He wasn't hurt, but his wife has serious balance problems due to MS and I shudder to think what could have happened had she been the one on the unit when it broke. Needless to say, she got her Needak.
All the top brands are sold on line on their own website or by authorized dealers.  Not in stores.  These companies have strict conditions under which a dealer can sell their product. 
What are these top brands and what makes them so?  They are Lympholine, Cellerciser, ReboundAir, Needak, Life Tec and the Urban Rebounder.  (The "gym" model.)  Of these, Lympholine, Cellerciser and the Ultimate Rebounder by RebounderAir are in the high price range.  Needak, the 1/2 fold and standard ReboundAIR, Life Tec and the Urban Rebounder are in the mid price range.  
Top quality rebounders, except for the Ultimate Rebounder, have a steel frame and a Permatron mat.  There are two kinds of mats to choose from. The firm bounce or the "soft bounce". The Lympholine, Cellerciser, ReboundAir, Life Tec and Urban Rebounder have firm bounces. Needak makes two models. The "Classic" model which has the firmer bounce and their popular "soft bounce" model which, as the name implies, has a softer bounce. Some feel the "soft bounce" model is kinder to their bodies, especially people with joint and back issues. The type of spring and tautness of the mat is what determines whether the unit has a firm or soft bounce.
Permatron is 100% polypropylene; an industrial fabric made by Baycor Corp.  It is specifically engineered for rebounders and trampolines.  It is flexible, but does not stretch over time as mats on cheap models will.  It provides a firm and stable surface, yet is supple enough to cushion joints.  It always returns to its original flat condition.  It resists weather conditions such as precipitation and sunlight so you can take you rebounder outdoors without worry.
You also have a choice of a folding or a non folding rebounder.  In my years of talking to rebounder enthusiasts, I have met very few that ever fold their rebounder, whether to take it with them when traveling or for storage.  Most think it too much of a bother to do so.  Plus, most like having it up and handy so they can exercise whenever they want. Some people rebound several times a day taking advantage of the extra calorie burn.  Or just because it's fun.
The legs on the non-fold do fold down so you can slide it under the bed or into a closet if you really need to get it out of the way. On the other hand, if you do a lot of traveling and have no time to go to a gym, you may want to take your rebounder with you.  In that case, a folding model folds small enough to be taken on a airplane and can be set up in your hotel room while traveling on vacation or on business.
Before Needak began making their "Soft bounce" model, they made what is now referred to as the "Classic" model. The "Classic" has a firm bounce while the "Soft bounce" has more "give". Here's what Chris Velder of Needak says;
"While we believe the "Soft Bounce" rebounder offers the best benefits for those using our rebounder, there are still a few people who may be interested in the "Classic" rebounder. A few examples are:
People who are over 300 pounds and certain athletes. We have found many runners who prefer the "Classic" because the jarring to the joints and skeletal system prepares them for jogging or running on pavement. This is a contradiction for many who want to avoid pounding their knees and lower back.  Many owners of rebounders that have "classic" springs just like the feel of the "classic" rebounder, etc."
For those that already have a "classic" rebounder, Needak offers a conversion kit to move them into the "soft bounce" rebounder.  The kit sells for around $80.
K.J. Daly of Bouncewell, who sells all the top brands of rebounders, says she sells more Needaks than any other rebounder.   I think price is certainly one reason, but I think the fact that they are made in the U.S. is also a factor. 
ReboundAir makes 3 models. The "Ultimate" (quarter fold), the half fold and the "standard" which does not fold. The "Ultimate" is their most recent model and and their most expensive. It has a composite polymer frame rather than a steel frame and the springs are integrated into the frame itself, eliminating the need for a spring cover. The "Standard" (non fold) is their least expensive model. Both the 1/2 fold and the "Standard" have steel frames. If you have no need to fold your rebounder, a non-folding model will save you money.
Urban Rebounder makes two different models.  The "home" model and the "gym" model.  The home model is seen on a TV infomercial and is less expensive than their gym model, the latter being of better quality.  Urban rebounder lists the differences between the two models on their website.
The top brands named here all use "barrel" springs.  Springs which are fat in the middle and tapered on both ends.  This gives the mat proper give, so that the bounding experience is not too jarring.  Nor does the mat sag so that the exerciser doesn't "bottom out", hitting the floor instead of being properly supported.  Cellerciser recently began using a tiered spring on their rebounders which is said to adjust to the user's weight.  Cheap models don't use barrel springs and some don't use springs at all.
Lympholine and Needak are American made.  The others are made overseas which may or may not effect quality control. I've read many complaints that the mats on certain rebounders are inconsistent. One buyer said she is on the third mat and the texture and feel on all three were different even though they came from the same company. The stitching on the first two mats had unraveled which is why she had to replace the mat twice.  A well know dealer of all the top brands, whom I respect, has said that she noticed a difference in some mats all coming from the same manufacturer whose rebounders are made overseas.
A stabilizer bar that attaches to the rebounder is recommended for seniors or those with balance problems. Even those who don't have balance problems, but want to do very high kicks, can benefit from having a stabilizer bar to steady them.
ReboundAIR claims to have a lifetime warranty on all components and most dealers advertise it that way.  However,  when one reads the warranty carefully, it can be seen that if the mat and/or springs are damaged due to "reasonable wear" and not through a defect in workmanship, your mat and/or springs can only be replaced free one time during the lifetime of your rebounder. Most people misunderstand this portion of the warranty and see only the words "lifetime warranty" thinking it means every component will be replaced any time it wears out any number of times.  I have it on good authority that many people have been disappointed when they found out their worn out mat or springs would not be replaced free even though their unit was still under warranty because they had already been replaced once.
The actual warranty can be seen on ReboundAir's website, but I have copied the "wear and tear replacement" portion here for your convenience. Pay particular attention to the last sentence.
"Free wear and tear replacements:  Most people who rebound on our equipment will never need to replace a part.  However, for those who rebound regularly, over a long period of time and at higher intensities, it is normal for a few springs and perhaps the mat to need eventual replacement.  This is considered "reasonable wear" and is not considered a defect in workmanship or materials.  In such cases, we will be happy to replace up to a full set of springs (up to 36) and one (1) mat FREE during the long life of your rebounder."
This is an important part of the "lifetime" warranty which could be misinterpreted if not understood  completely. In fact when people tell me they have bought a ReboundAIR, most will say they bought it because of their "lifetime" warranty.
Needak has a lifetime warranty on the frame, hinges, platform pins, leg springs and legs; 5 years on the mat, cleats and spring pins and 2 years on the mat springs, leg tips and spring cover.
Lympholine has a 10 year warranty on the frame and hinges, 5 years on the mat and 1 year on all other parts.
Life Tec has a 10 year warranty on the frame and 5 years on the mat
Cellerciser has a 5 year warranty on all parts except spring cover.
Urban Rebounder has a 1 year warranty on all parts.
Stamina has a 5 year warranty on the frame and 90 days on parts
I have read the 7 books listed below and although the others are O.K., I highly recommend the first four for getting all your questions answered, but if you opt to purchase only one or two, Al Carter's "New Miracles of Rebound Exercise" and "Olympic Trainer" by Dr. Harry Sneider would be the ones I'd recommend. 
Al Carter he is to rebounding what Henry Ford is to the automobile.  He introduced rebounding to the exercise world.  All your questions will be answered in his book. 
The Olympic trainer is unique because it is written by Dr. Harry Sneider, a former Olympic weight lifter who was the first to introduce rebounding with light weights. He has a good many workouts geared to specific people in this book.  I consider it second only to Al Carter's book.
The New Miracles of Rebound Exercise by Albert E. Carter
Olympic Trainer by Harry & Sarah Sneider
Urban Rebounding by J. B. Berns
Starbound by Michelle Wilburn
Jump For Joy by James A. White
Jumping for Health by Dr. Morton Walker (revised edition)
Rebounding Aerobics by Morton Walker & Frank A. Angelo
Your body was made to move. Use it or lose it! Your muscles start to atrophy after just one hour of inactivity. Movement and exercise is the only way to move body wastes out of your lymph nodes which are all over your body. Couch potatoes are toxic. Exercise oxygenates your body and tissues. Disease, parasites and viruses cannot live in a clean body rich with oxygen. You need to BREATHE. Exercise also keeps your bones strong. You've got one body. Use it or lose it. Eyesight problems? Same thing. Eyes are muscles. You're probably not getting enough oxygen to your eyes (lack of exercise) and you probably spend most of your day in artificial light staring at a computer screen, paperwork, books and then go home and watch TV. Your eyes are made to look at the distance, and since you are not using those muscles you are losing your eyesight. Wearing glasses makes it worse. Do eye exercises and get your eyesight back!
"Excess fat (stored energy) is the bodies survival reaction"

Exercise debate topic:

Exercise is bad for someone that is unhealthy. It adds stress to an already stressed body, depleting it of minerals, energy, and an abundance of other resources. Most people are already enzyme deficient and exercise makes this worse. Most people will jump on a rebounder to do cardio and sweat. This is not the purpose of the rebounder. We do not use it for athleticism. Athleticism doesn't promote a longer life.  Exercising is a trade off. Yes, you can lose the weight or gain muscle or build up such a cardio to run marathons but it is a trade off. Do you want to prematurely wear out your body and joints? Do you want to use up your valuable resources? If you want to lose weight, jump on the rebounder to move lymph and the calcification. Take a nap. Get some sun. Don't just burn up valuable energy you obtained from food. Exercise is just an unproductive waste of resources. In nature, animals do not exercise to lose weight. They are very graceful. The only time they usually move is when they are fighting, fleeing, or having sex.

We use a rebounder for lymyph movement and cellular exercise. We love the way it makes us feel.


Many people exercise and think they are doing something good for their bodies. Look at all the people in the gym with knee wraps and belts to support weight lifting. If your body needs a belt to lift something then that is a good enough reason that you shouldn't be lifting such a heavy load.

Most of the minerals are in the hips and femurs. These bones are the "bank accounts". When people exercise and don't replace the minerals, the minerals get withdrawn from these bank accounts and this is why many people have bad backs and low bone density when they get older. The body, when it doesn't get the minerals it needs, will actually "digest" its own bones.


This is not just fat. There are skinny people that are puffy in places that always define a poor ecology. For example, start noticing people's chins.
The puffiness under the chin is a giveaway sign of a poor ecology. It is interstitial fluid built up. The puffiness comes from more spaces between the cells.
There is pressure from silent inflammation that causes this puffiness. There are people that don't get the inflammation under the chin but have problems
such as IBS, acid reflux. Problems manifest in different people in different ways. Not everyone gains excess weight. Some people get skinnier.



Getting the "runners high", the adrenaline rush from sky diving, martial arts, etc. is a wonderful feeling, I agree, but there will be a price to pay for
the depleted adrenaline reserves that give you this rush.


Please read below about why certain rebounders are not listed.

(If there is a rebounder we have not listed, we can get it. Some manufacturers will not allow us to advertise their rebounder if we don't put a price next to it. We have 2 options: Advertise the blender at MAP price or don't advertise it at all. We can only give prices if they are not advertised. Certain manufacturers are not too happy that we sell items at co-op pricing. If there is a rebounder you want that is not listed please email us for our co-op pricing catalog.

There are many people that enjoy using Thera Bands with a rebounder. These are big rubber bands that people can attach to the bottom  of the rebounder to add resistance.

See our video page to watch a very disturbing video about kids rebounding.


Let's start with the basic model that costs under $50 working our way up to the most expensive, $700 bungee rebounder.




The last thing you want is the mat ripping.

You can find cheap mini-trampolines for under $50.

The $50 - $100 "off brand" models.

You might move the lymph but you might jar your body in the process.


ReboundAIR model












Urban Rebounder

(Probably one of the best ones in its price range)


Ultimate Rebounder

Again, for the price, you are getting a good deal. If you are not concerned about leaving it outdoors in the rain or commercial grade this is the one to get.


Freedom Spring


Needak Soft Bounce Rebounder

We do not carry new Needaks. We only have demos and trade-ins.

This is quality made, but does not have the triple tiered springs.

The Lympholine: If you like to exercise, you will love this.


The Tri-Fold Cellerciser: Triple Tiered Springs (Our number one seller)

We have never had a return on this model. We have found that this is the best spring rebounder on the market.

This is commercial grade and has a sturdy steel base. This does not have the bounce like the plastic frame models.

This is the one we use. This one is quality made like the winner of the rebounder review. This gives you the results like the

Bungee but just doesn't have that plush feel, but, you will pay for that luxurious feel if you really want it.

I own the Cellerciser in my folding case that is so small it can fit into an airplane overhead compartment.

I use the Bungee one indoors and the Cellerciser outside. I own both of them and each one serves a different purpose for me.

I would say that the Cellerciser and the Bungee tie but since only one can win, the plush feel makes the bungee the winner.


Quality characteristics

Our Rebounder models differ from cheaper competitive products both through their outstanding finish as well as the materials used: The point-elastic jumping mat made of UV-resistant original Permatron® has a 10-fold sewn border.

Special springs made of quality steel with especially thick cross-sections and double-conical shape ensure a high service life and harmonious swinging of the equipment. The particularly stable frame with hand-welded spring retainers is 25 cm high.

The price is $448 and this price is good till August 24th.  This is the one to get if the price is not an issue.

The rest of them will be taken on a trip after August 24th and they will not be available for a few months after this.


Special springs versus normal springs:

Our Rebounder special springs in comparison to normal springs: Stronger material, double-conical shape, right and left-turning coils, specially tempered surface. This ensures a rounder, harmonious oscillation and a longer lifespan of the springs. Even if you jump near the springs and put all your weight on one spring there will not be noise on these springs. These are COMPLETELY silent springs and the most expensive New Zealand springs we have found. These springs are said to never stretch out of shape and are the strongest springs on the market. With proper use, these springs will not have to be replaced.

Bungee bands come in 3 different strengths for the perfect bounce based on your weight.

X- strong is the strongest possible.

Medium = softest

Strong = middle range

x-strong = heaviest


The bungee is  fitted with the patented individual rubber rope suspension.

You swing particularly dynamically on it, but at the same time still softly and elastically. Thus, you can achieve the maximum effect, but still be gentle on joints and the inter vertebral discs, and in addition have lots of fun moving. In addition to its general beneficial effects, this is particularly suitable: 

as an effective training method for building up muscle

for moderate cardiovascular training

for lymph drainage

as an intensive coordination exercise

for overweight individuals

as a device with the greatest fun factor and hence the highest training loyalty


 On the German made spring rebounder the swing frequency is higher but the swinging movement is not quite as deep into the mat, so that the braking distance is shorter. The training stretches the cardiovascular system in particular.


 The bungee: you swing very deep and softly, acceleration is greater, however, than on the Medi-Swing. Training is thus more dynamic and demanding, with very good gentle protection of joints and inter vertebral discs at the same time.


 Norma, cheaper, devices with poorer quality, have a higher swinging frequency, have less bounce and are very hard. The oscillation is not harmonious. Counterproductive peaks of load arise on the joints and inververtebral discs – as with jogging!



I hear stories of overweight people that diet and exercising in  the gym but never lose weight. First, the body is usually struggling to keep the fat stored on the body while the mind is telling the person to exercise to lose the weight. The problem here is not the fat that the person wants to lose. The real problem is the excessive amounts of mucus in the body that causes poor circulation therefore causing little weightloss.
I believe that if people improved their ecology then they would have no need to go to the gym to lose weight since there probably wouldn't
be any weight to lose since a good ecology does not let a body have this problem. With a good ecology and moving the body by rebounding (which simulates walking on uneven ground and gives me all the results in about 20 minutes) I stay in peak physical shape and feel great.


Most people are using exercise to put them into fight or flight (Sympathetic dominance) and since a high percentage of people are in adrenal burnout they are breaking themselves down instead of regenerating. However the Aryevedic teach how to exercise, slowing your breath rate and heart rate, staying  parasympatheric dominance and actually rejuviinating. There are a lot of people that confuse fitness with health. They fill their body with toxic things (Gatorade, coffee, sugar, carb loading, soda, etc,. and then ask their body to perform.  These people are big time stressing their body's and exercise is bad in this scenerio. 

REBOUNDER Questionaire
Take this important questionaire to see which rebounder is right for you. We sell them all and are not biased. Just because one rebounder is good for another person it may not be right for you. 


1. I want a rebounder that I can mainly use for athletic workout and jogging.



2. I want a rebounder that is an all-in-one instrument, which I can use at the same time for athletic workout as to increase my lymphatic and overall health.



3. I want a rebounder that has a high fun factor.



4. I just love quality and beauty and I am willing to pay more for this.



5. It is important for me to keep the costs down, even if that means that I won't receive a "Rolls Royce". I am happy with a functional non fancy rebounder.



6. I am concerned with overweight



7. I require a rebounder that is completely silent and does not make the any noise



8. I prefer a rebounder that is as soft as possible to my back and joints.



9. I suffer or have once suffered from back pain



10. I plan to let the rebounder stand outside overnight and when it is raining.



11. I want my mini-trampoline to fold and become portable.



12. I want a mini-trampoline that can handle the below weight

under 100lbs

101lbs to 200lbs

201 to 300lbs

over 300 lbs

13. Do you have weak ankles or knees that could possibly invert



14. I am using a mini-trampoline mainly for

Digestive health and Lymphatic health


My kids to play on


15. I am concerned about the jarring affect at the bottom of each bounce.



16. I would like to be sent 2 or more mini-trampolines if I can send the one back that I don't like.



17. I want a mini-trampoline that doesn't require me to change the springs every 2 years. I want high-end springs that can last just about a lifetime.




18. As long as the bounce is good and it doesn't have to be commercial grade, I am looking to spend

The best one under $200 (sporting good store grade)

The best rebounder in the $200 to $300 price range (residential grade)

The best rebounder in the $300 to $500+ price range (commercial grade, bungees)

I can wait to be put on a waiting list for a demo, returned, or used one that we ship to people

     that buy 2 and return the one they don't like


19. Plastic leaching toleratation (similar smell as when you walk into a tire store)

The leaching does not concern me as I will store it outside.

I do NOT want a nylon mat or plastic composite frame that will leach the "new car scent" type smell.

I want a 4 ply polyester non leaching mat and a steel frame that does not leach the rubber scent.

I have no chemical sensitivities and the smell does not matter to me.


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 a rebounder coach to call you.