The first person to tell me how to free this darn balloon will get

any item at my co-op price.

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We carry the entire line of shure earphones.

We only get a special buy-in on the SE530 and the SE530-PTH

Co-op prices

SE530 $239.99 plus s/h

SE530-pth $269.99 plus s/h



Click the picture to watch what these sound like. You can REALLY see what they sound like.


I have a friend that owns a home theater store and get dealer discount on as many as I want to sell.

I trade out symbiotic rawfood coaching to get dealer cost.

I am not in the business of selling earphones but I know that the people who are looking for the best high end earphones

probably want the best blenders and kitchen equipment too.

If you don't like my style of selling them try Ebay. My goal is to sell kitchen equipment. I don't care about selling earphones, this is not my business.





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    She does as she pleases.

I don't know where they picked this up.

                     Socialize (Potluck Dinner)


          Act Silly

                Make More Friends





With the consumption of durian, the "king of fruits", becoming more and more popular, the dangers of durian over-consumption are becoming increasingly obvious. Aside from the occasional scrapes, scratches, and punctures from the sharp "spikes" on the fruit's skin, and besides the occasional concussion to the unfortunate passer-by as the fruit falls from the tree, there is a new hazard. This is a new phenomena in the west produced from excessive overeating of the luscious aromatic fruit. While it has been present in southeast Asia, where the fruit grows, this horrible "disease" is now spreading to western countries such as the U.S., where unsuspecting individuals become addicted to the "orgasmic" sensual qualities of the exotic fruit. I, for one am horrified by this. One day a friend can look completely normal, the next day... well, it is very difficult for me to discuss. It is best if you just see for yourself. Please see the below pictures...


Here is a photo of one of the "victims" of the seductive nature of durian. He has just consumed an entire durian. You can sense his euphoria by the grin on his face. The sunglasses hide the glazed look in his eyes.



Here is the addict as he gorges on his durian, not even taking the time to remove the seeds.


PLEASE: Do not let this happen to you! "Durian symptoms" is a real problem. If you find yourself having constant cravings, stop yourself before it is too late! If you notice friends wreaking of a natural gas-like odor, getting sharp bumps on their skin, or grinning constantly, encourage them to get immediate help. An extended water fast, supervised by professionals familiar with the problem, usually does the trick. A trip to a retreat for a series of wheat grass enemas has also been known to be beneficial. One thing is certain: Continuing this behavior is almost certain to turn you into a Durian!