This delicate balancing act we call 'life' could be described as a brilliantly choreographed dance between our nerve and endocrine systems.

These two great systems perform the sensing, deciding and acting functions of the body.

Homeostatic organisms adapt equally well to both aerobic and anaerobic environments.

Homeostatic organisms are essential in controlling a putrefactive environment.

Perhaps Nature provides us with the ultimate adaptogenic compounds through perfect body ecology.

Cellular hydration correlates strongly with youthfulness and longevity.

Long life corresponds with high albumin, low fibrin and low globulin in the intestinal lumen.

Perfect body ecology can provide generative mineral and enzyme reserves in organ tissues making above average performance possible.

The core of a frugivorous diet consists of the edible part of a flowering plant generally called fruit.

Living fats are raw saturated medium chain triglycerides which have never been heated or chemically processed.

Living water:

Is referred to as structured, charged, hexagonal, thin, ionized, alkaline or microclustered: attributes of the absorbable hydrating waters found in Nature.

Is neither excessively alkaline or acidic.

Consumed in moderate amounts, does not disrupt metabolytes, electrolytes or generative tissue mineral reserves.

Is a component of a total body ecology program, not a stand alone solution.

Can be inexpensively produced by anyone using readily available resources.

Living Sugar:

Are complex in molecular structure, do not require much pancreatic involvement and can easily be controlled by the liver.

Occur most abundantly in fresh sweet fruit containing viable seed and raw wild whole honey.

Chia Seed:

Was once valued so highly it was used as currency. 

Possesses a hydrophillic property as it forms a mucilage absorbing twelve times its weight in water, prolongs hydration in the body and slows the absorption of nutrients.

Perhaps hydrophilic gelatinous colloids mediate virtually all element necessary for healthy cell functioning.


May possess the greatest bio-photon, solar and cosmic information of any readily available land-based cultivar on Earth.

Has been cultivated for about 3,000 years.

May be one of the finest commercially available adaptogenic foods.

Adaptogens help us maintain balance (homeostasis).



Living Salt:

Is a staple food possessing the power to rejuvenate, a wealth of minerals and may be a powerful remedy for countless problems.

Stimulates salivation and helps balance the body's electrolytes.

Contains the oligo-element, iodine, which may clear the effects of harmful radiation from our body.

Helps to balance pH, increase bio-photon energy and improve immunity.

May not strongly correlate with hypertensiveness, high blood pressure or heart trouble as do its' refined or cooked counterparts.

Contains 80-90 minerals; a spectrum closely resembling our body's saline.

Possesses a full compliment of amino acids.

Is sun dried, hand harvested and unfiltered.