Matter is the product of infinite cosmic power. 

It may be possible, with the perfection of body ecology, to become resonant with this power thus realizing enormous practical value in our lives.

Cosmic power is usable in a very practical sense for the rejuvenation of body, soul and spirit. 

Solar, lunar and terrestrial power are also abundant and useful.

Sin might reasonably be defined as any thought, word or deed that, in the aggregate, militates against life.

Righteousness improves the possibility if not the probability of long abundant life.

The healing wisdom within us far exceeds holistic medicine.

Perfection of body ecology does not require a diet, elimination of favorite foods or exclusively raw cuisine.

A detox diet can cause unacceptable stress as foods necessary for adequate nerve force and cellular stimulation are suddenly denied.

Adequate body flora may be capable of providing most of the nutrients necessary for nerve force and chemical stimulation of cells.

We are designed to get our energy from ions (charged particles) suspended in water.

Substances secreted by the hypothalamus may help form a network of neurons supplying our identity and reality.

Approximately 95% of serotonin, our body's primary 'feel good' substance, resides in the small intestine.

The small intestine contains about fifty billion nerve endings or one quarter of our body's total.

With perfect body ecology it is possible to enjoy foods for their benefits rather than sensory appeasement, gratification or comfort.

With perfect body ecology, muscle development and weight gain or loss are possible with minimal resistance and lymphatic exercises.

Gentle lymphacising could be the best form of exercise for anyone.

Only gentle exercise may be appropriate with compromised body ecology.

A mainly raw food diet can be beneficial but is not required for the improvement of body ecology.

Conventional wisdom is currently stuck on primacy of genes and dependency on drugs.

Our environment and our subconscious responses to it control how we continuously adapt ourselves to its changes.

Perhaps we should consider returning to the original mission of science -  to  gain an understanding of Nature that we might live in harmony with it.

Determinism has led to the over use of medicament perpetuating a Newtonian mechanistic model of biological processes.

When genes are needed, signals from the environment, not internal properties of the genes,  call them forth.

Genes may be thought of as Nature's blueprints which cannot determine whether they will be read.

With about 25,000 genes, from perhaps thousands of ancestors, it may be reasonable to conclude we each possess an abundance of adaptive capabilities.



True wealth includes a slender supple body free of pain or infirmity resulting in fluidity of movement.

True riches include a sense of timelessness, agelessness and weightlessness.

You can have all of this without holistic medicine or a detox diet.

The meaning of the phrase 'natural beauty' has been lost.

The modern use of 'natural beauty' is rarely associated with its true meaning.

Natural beauty is authentic and beyond human craft or creativity.

We may feel our appearance is lacking. 

Toxic accumulation in our bodies is responsible for stealing our youthfulness and attractiveness.

Natural beauty may be buried alive under layers of retained water, storage fat, calcification, globulin, fibrin or mucous. 

Perfect body ecology can rejuvenate you and your uncovered beauty might surprise and delight you.

If you want to reduce another's suffering, first reduce your own suffering.

There is no need to go on a raw food diet or any other diet in order to improve your body ecology.

At rest, up to 80% of your energy may be consumed by an over active mind.

Search mode, stepping stone, monkey mind, active mind, racing thoughts, brain fog and waiting room describe thinking patterns that may be replaced with a permanent meditative state through perfect body ecology.

Rushing through life with the feeling there is never enough time may be a consequence of poor body ecology.

Sleep provides us the opportunity to experience an empty restful state free of thought yet filled with being.

Deep undisturbed sleep and a quiet mind produce long life.

Learn to quiet your mind as those around you continue to lose theirs.

The quiet mind engages in a process of investigation which may eventually reduce our personal story to almost nothing.

Each time the body has new experience, the mind can conceive new thought.

Physical experience prompts the mind to conceive new possibility.

By getting rid of other people's business and God's business, only our business remains.

If we reduce thinking, we reduce the gap between thinking and what is real.

Anything requiring excessive thought is counter-intuitive. 

Anything not intuitive is illusion.

The healing current of the body may depend upon superior conductivity of the nerve sheath (myelin).

Speed learning and a photographic memory can be linked to 'flight or fight' metabolism or rarely to neural efficiency.

With perfect body ecology, up to five percent of the dry weight of the brain may be precious element such as gold, palladium, silver or platinum.

Your nerve system readiness potential could be a function of the amount of precious element within your brain.

Your body is about 25% structural fat independent of storage fat which can fluctuate.

Your brain is about 60% fat.

Your nerve sheath (myelin) is about 80% fat.

Every nerve ending in your body has a  fat sheath.

Consumption of strange indigestible proteins and runaway sugars may be among the causes of most disease.

Excess protons producing an acidic/mycotoxic bio-terrain are conducive to bacterial growth.

Sunlight provides critical stimulation to various endocrine organs and areas within our brain.

Years of fermentation may not break down many of the strange indigestible proteins found in modern food,  nor may they ever be within your body.

Consumption of strange indigestible substances may cause the production of endorphins (endogenous morphine-like substances) resulting in misplaced attraction.

Strange indigestible proteins that irritate the delicate linings of the digestive tract may cause extra salivation and unnatural craving for poor food choices.

We should not have bacteria within the interior of our body; rather we are designed to host extensive bacterial colonization on our exterior membranes.

Unfriendly bacteria are able to propel themselves throughout the interior of the body causing problems.

Unwanted body mass may be composed of at least the following: water, fibrin, mucous, globulin, calcification or fat.

If average, you may have about sixteen pounds or two gallons of excess mucous distributed throughout your body.

The increase in chronic diseases suggests much of our immunity and healing currents have been lost due to a molecular and informational environment hostile to our essential biological partners-body flora.

Perfect body ecology is achievable without diet revision, tasteless food, excessive raw food or exercise.

Many of us have experienced periods of prolonged unexplainable fatigue and malaise. 

There appear to be a lot of sick and tired people.

Our adrenal glands are involved in many physiological processes such as regulation of sugar, inflammation, sexual, immune and stress response.

Cortisol  (death hormone) appears to work together with insulin since cortisol levels rise as we prepare to release glucose for energy.

When cortisol levels are high and glucose is released for long periods of time, we may convert some of the extra glucose to fat.

Circulation of runaway sugars encourages the acidic bio-terrain giving rise to a dysbiotic unhealthy life cycle.

Storage fat often accumulates around the abdomen, hips and thighs as the fat cells in these areas possess five times as many cortisol receptors as other fat cells.

Your adrenal glands are responsive to stress from many sources though your body may not be able to differentiate them.

Women can be particularly sensitive to adrenal fatigue as elevated cortisol might contribute to hot flashes. 

As hormonal changes take place, the adrenals may be capable of supplying replacement hormones formerly supplied by other organs resulting in a seamless and almost unnoticeable changeover.

Elevated cortisol levels could be related to a persistent state of immune disruption.

Informational as well as molecular signals can be responsible for the elevated nerve and immune activity many experience on a daily basis.

The constant barrage of stressful environmental signals must be related to the decline in wellness our culture is experiencing.

Properly rested and functioning adrenals result in peak performance without the need for refined carbs and caffeine to ‘wake ourselves up’.

The rejuvenation of adrenals is probable within six to twenty four months by the cultivation of perfect body ecology.

The longer one was breastfed, the later the effects of malabsorption appear and the more atypical are its manifestations.

Perfect body ecology may provide an improved ability to absorb and retain water (hydrophillic state) in the tissues of the body.

Perfect body ecology is possible without a raw food diet, special diet food or the endless stream of health supplements found in retail stores.



Edible algae such as chlorella and/or grass juices from juvenile wheat or barley grass play an important role in the elimination of poor body ecology.

Virgin coconut oil possesses such superior qualities, there may be no substitute for those demanding the best.

Unwashed sun dried living sea salt has no equal for its ability to promote perfect body ecology.

Structured distilled water can supply the hydration many of us have been missing.

Strategic use of friendly probiotic flora promotes rejuvenation of villi, provides secondary immunity, trains our primary immune functions and guides our responses to environmental signals.

Complex sugars from fresh seeded fruit or raw wild honey will never be equaled by the best efforts of the chemistry laboratory or the kettle.

Molecular signals matter though the distinction between them and social, cosmic, solar, lunar and terrestrial informational signals can be difficult.



Perfect body ecology may effectively reverse decades of poor cellular functioning resulting in production of superior body proteins.

Acidic bio-terrain produces conditions which, at least, may interfere with cellular hydration, respiration, repair, maintenance, communication, elimination or reproduction.

Aging is strongly associated with a decrease in cellular metabolism.

Poor body ecology may result in a decrease in cellular metabolism.

Any body may be thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated within twenty-four months with perfect body ecology.

Scar tissue reduction may be possible with perfect body ecology.

Biological transmutation describes the process by which perfect body flora produces nutrients according to your body's needs.

Improved senses, skin luster, hair growth, reduced pore size and nail durability may be readily improved with perfect body ecology.

Removal of heavy metals from your body may be possible through cultivation of perfect body ecology.

Satiation without overeating provides a feeling of completeness.

Organ generative abundance of  enzyme and mineral may be achievable through perfect body ecology.

Permanent relaxation of neck, shoulder and back muscles is probable as body ecology improves.

Hair thickness, color and regrowth is highly probable as body ecology is perfected.

Food allergy/addiction and parasitic conditions have a high correlation.

Breaking the fast late and light with green foods followed with sweet fruit works well for many.

Ideal body weight with shrink-to-fit skin could result from perfect body ecology.

Insulin resistance is a modern invention having not been mentioned in ancient health literature.

Cucumbers may be among the most healing fruit on Earth.

Effortless, deep, undisturbed and rejuvenating sleep can be expected with perfect body ecology.

Precious element such as gold, platinum, palladium and silver may provide superior conductivity within your brain and myelin resulting in the readiness potential of your nerve system.

Flexibility and a spacious feeling in the joints is likely to result from perfect body ecology.

Twenty two amino acids arrange in various combinations creating over 100,000 unique proteins which compose your body.

Your body may be thought of as a community of about 50 trillion cells.

Your body has about 200 billion nerve endings half of which are within your brain.

Panoramic enhanced depth perception followed by a singular eye visual sense is possible with perfect body ecology.

Once body ecology has been perfected, you may permanently host as many as 5,000 trillion friendly microscopic partners (body flora) residing mostly within your digestive tract.

Your body flora may express intentionality, sentience, power drive and the ability to communicate with colonies in other human or animal hosts and within the humous.