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Fire or hot metal directly touching your food causes free radicals.
Use a steamer with water to cook the food.
Avoid burnt edges of meats & vegetables at all costs..very toxic.

Steamers preserve the nutrients in food.
This page will warn you about the various methods of cooking.

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The following cooking methods create a poor ecology:

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Deep frying
Pan frying
Pressure Cooking

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Many people go to a restaurant and ask to get their fish grilled.

They think they are eating healthy.

This fish has tons of free radicals and carginogens.
The first thing I would do if I had to eat it would be to take off all the scorch marks.

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Baked fish is almost as bad. It is still cooked without the presense of a water buffer.
Heat without water touching the food destroys the enzymes and nutrients.

Water based cooking will save enzymes and nutrients. Some of the ways include:



Overcooking or burning food is easily avoided when steaming it.
Health conscious individuals may prefer steaming to other methods which require cooking oil, resulting in lower fat content.

Steaming also results in a more nutritious food than boiling because fewer nutrients are leached away into the water.
Compared to raw consumption, steaming reduces folic acid by 15%.
Compared to raw consumption, steaming reduces vitamin C by 15%.
All other nutrients are reduced by a similar amount by both methods of cooking

In Western cooking, steaming is most often used to cook vegetables, and rarely to cook meats.

In Chinese cuisine, vegetables are mostly stir fried and seldom steamed. Meat dishes are steamed, for example, steamed whole fish,  & steamed chicken.
Meats usually require longer cooking time to steam than to stir fry. It is more expensive to steam foods in restaurants because it takes so much time and cooking it at high tempuratures and getting it out faster saves them time and money.

Commercial grade steamer vs. Residential grade steamer:

A good steamer has reliable and effective controls to prevent burnout of the heater, typically caused by a low water condition.  Eventually the water supply is depleted, causing the electric resistance heating element to overheat. A good steamer have water level detection arrangements, but they can fail. One particular problem is that certain foods when steam cooked release materials to the steam which collect in the condensed water and create a layer of foam on the water. This foam can interfere with the operation of the water level detectors, causing the heating element to overheat to the degree that causes permanent damage. Another problem is that scaling (mineral deposits) produced by evaporation of the water, as well as the accumulation of residue from the cooking process, can be carried by fluids and interfere with the operation movement of moving components used to control the cooking process.

Cheap steamers can burn out very quickly. The heating coils are not built to withstand  the high tempuratures created when
the water chamber is empty and the heating element overheats. This is why so many people  have to buy new ones so often.

Please take our quiz. We will give discounts to those that take this quiz.
This will help us pick the best steamer for you.

Steamer quiz:

1. Draining:
I want an automatic self draiining steamer to condense the steam into a drain.
I have no problem emptying out the water each time I use the steamer.
I want my steamer to continusiously recycle the water.
Not sure, what are my options.

2.  Do you want it attached to a drain hookup?

3. I want a steamer that will require me to remove scaling (deliming) on heating coils & other components:

4. How do you want to add water to the steamer?
I want it done automatically, although it costs much more.

5. Do you need your steamer to be portable?

6. Do you want a door or top loading steamer? (Some machines take a lot longer to steam back up when the door is opened)
Not sure, please have someone call me about my options.

7. I am concerned about low water usage.

8. I will be adding purified water to the steamer instead of tap water.

9. I want my steamer to have low power consumption.

10. Do you want your steamer to have a water reservoir?

11. I want a steamer that will start working almost immediately and not wait all day for steam.
yes, I want the fastest producing steamer for my needs
no, I can wait a little longer as long as the steamer does its job and the food finally cooks.

12. Limiting escaped water and air:
I want a steamer that limits as much of the steam as possible
I don't really care if a little steam escapes as long as it cooks
It is ok if a lot of steam escapes as long as it cooks.

13. If you are interested in the symbiotic lifestyle let us know about what you need help with.

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