Our best car air purifiers use activated carbon cartridges for the fumes and gases and dust, smog and pollen filters for the

allergens and particles of soot and smog. Our best  car air purifiers purify air from new car chemicals and road smog.

Lack of focus, difficulty in breathing, allergies, asthma, migraine, burning eyes, will improve with air filtration and an air purification system in the car.

More and more people are sniffing, coughing, wheezing, and getting headaches and fatigue from chemical reactions and new cars are the worst.

Smell of a new car from fresh plastic, paint, and upholstery is due to a toxic brew of harmful chemicals. Japanese auto makers are attempting to

reduce fumes in cabins of future new cars. New-car smells are volatile organic compounds, VOCs from glues, paints, vinyl and plastics and carpets .

Headaches, sore throats, nausea, and drowsiness come from prolonged exposure to high concentrations of new car chemicals. Driving or traveling

in a new car will expose your brain to toxic emissions several times above acceptable limits. The new-car smell comes largely from chemicals known

as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These leach from glues, paints, vinyl and plastics in the passenger compartment. They cause headaches,

sore throats, nausea, and drowsiness, and prolonged exposure to high concentrations can lead to cancer. Sitting in a new car can subject riders

to toxic emissions several times above the safety limits. The problem tends to dissipate after about six months-by that time you have lost quite a

few brain cells and if a baby was in a new car he or she will be at a disadvantage .


Below are some of the models on the market.

Car Air Purifier with Photocatalyst and HEPA Filters360-degree Adjustable Car Ionizer with Negative Ion GeneratorSecond Generation Air Purifier for Car with Ionizer FunctionRainbow Air Revitalizer, Available in Three ColorsIonic Air Purifier with ≥30mΩ Insulation Resistance for CarsCar Deodorizing Air Purifier with Range of 5mGolf-shaped Car Air Revitalizer/Purifier with 3W Power ConsumptionWorld's First HEPA-TiO2-UV Car Air PurifierCar Air Purifier and Ionizer for World MarketsOzonizer for Car, Removes Odor and Kills BacteriaCar Plug-in Ionizer with Blue LED Power Indicator LightMaintenance-free Air Purifier, Generates Millions of Negative IonsSecond Air Purifier for Car with Reduced NoiceCar Ionic Air Purifier with >2 million/cc Negative Ion ConcentrationCar Air Purifier with Speed Air Circulation and Removable Dust Collection BladesPersonal Air Purifier with Aroma Diffuser and Built-in FanNew Leaf Car Air Freshener/Purifier, Can be Used with Essential OilCar Air Purifier with Photocatalyst and HEPA FiltersHousehold Ionic Air Purifier with Ozone Output of 0.041ppm/cm<sup>3</sup>

Air Purifier, Suitable for Car, Measuring 190 x 135 x 42mm









360-degree Adjustable Car Ozonizer with Voltage of 12V DCCar Ozonizer with Fragrance Slice and Rated Power of 3WSolar Energy Car Ionizer with Multistage FiltrationAir Purifier Incorporated with UV Lamp + TiO2Car Ionic Air Purifier with 0.04ppm OzonePlug-in Car Ionizer Incorporated with Fragrance FunctionCar/Desktop Air Purifier with HEPA Filter, TiO2 Filter and UV LightPlug-in Car Ionizer with Fragrance Function and Antibacterial EffectCar UV-C Photocatalyst Air Purifier and Deodorizer with High Performance Ultraquiet FanFootball Car Air RevitalizerCar Air Purifier with Photocatalyst, Activated Carbon and HEPA FiltersIonic Air Purifier with 5W Power ConsumptionSolar Energy Air Purifier with Plasma for Car UseCar Air Purifier with Photocatalyst and HEPA FiltersCar Ionizer with Fragrance and Negative Ions of ≥ 1,500,000 Ions/ccSolar Energy Air Purifier, Suitable for Car Use, Measuring 190 x 135 x 42mmCar Air Purifier with Photocatalyst and HEPA FiltersCar Ionic Air Purifier with Deodorization and Sterilization FunctionsBasketball Car Air Revitaliser with Negative Ion ReleaseCar Air Purifier with Charcoal Filter with LED Power Indicator Light









Neoair Cruiser Car Air Purifier

This model sterilizes your vehicle's interior with the latest multistage air filtration process. Pollutants such as cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, germs, bacteria, odors and even vaporized substances such as exhaust fumes are drastically reduced.

This one is probably the best one for the money! Most cost around $19.95 to $49.99. If you want to spend a little more and get the

best...then here it is. These retail for $125.00 and they are worth every penny.

If you want the best one then you are going to pay around $300 from most stores but we sell it for cheaper.

If you want this one ask for Peter. Email hiim at TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com and put "Peter" in the subject.


How it works...
What's UV light Sterilization?
Ultraviolet light is one of the more effective methods in reducing and controlling airborne pathogens such as mold spores and mildew.

For this reason, ultraviolet purifiers are commonly used in hospitals. As contaminated air passes through intense ultraviolet light in

the photo-catalytic chamber, bacteria, viruses and most organic compounds are destroyed. In short, the ultraviolet light damages the

DNA of microorganisms and renders them harmless and unable to reproduce.

HEPA Cartridge and activated carbon
The HEPA cartridge traps particles as small as 0.3 microns such as allergens, pollens, dust, pet dander and more.

HEPA technology was developed by the military several years ago and is one of the most effective media in removing airborne particles.

The activated carbon media is designed to absorb several types of smoke and foul odors as well as certain VOC.

Technical Specifications:

  • Rated Voltage: 12 Volts DC
  • Rated Power: 8 Watts (on high setting)
  • Airflow:
    • 30 Cubic Meters / hour - 18 Cubic feet / minute ( High )
    • 15 Cubic Meters / hour - 9 Cubic feet / minute ( Low )
  • UV Light: Wavelength: 365 nanometers
  • Lamp life: Approx. 20,000 hours
  • Weight: 3.3 Pounds (with adapter)/1.5kgs
  • Dimensions: 8.27'' W x 4.72''D x 2.95''H or ( 210 x 120 x 75 mm )
  • Coverage Area: Approx. 170 Sq. Feet ( room size = 12' x 15' ) 15 Sq. Meter (room size= 3m x 5m)


Our other favorite is this one...

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Our best model above is very small but very effective. This is the only one we sell that is classified as medical grade.

 All the others are made of plastic and this  one lasts much longer than the cheaper ones.

This one is for people with extreme chemical sensitivites.

This model retails for $365 and most stores sell it for around $299.99.

We cannot advertise the price due to MAP pricing. Please email or call us if you want our discount price or co-op price.


This company that makes this air purifier has been around for 30 YEARS. This is made of solid enamel, compact, portable with no plastic parts.

This is as close to commercial grade as you can get. This air purifier removes chemicals, dust, pollen and irritating particles from your car air.

It plugs directly into the cigarette lighter of your car or any 12 volt DC power source, such as boats or motor homes. This is free of ozone

and ionization.


This purifier will remove dust, lint, carpet fibers, smoke, pollen, animal dander, bacteria, mold spores, attached viruses, radon daughters.

It also removes odors and VOC's (volatile organic compounds) that off-gas from aerosols, carpets, cigarette smoke, cleaners, furniture,

dry-cleaned clothes, glues, solvents, paint, paneling. The air purifier above also has about 2 1/2 LBS of active filtering agents. The carbon filters are

made fresh daily for maximum filtration.

If you want this one ask for Gary. Email hiim at TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com and put "Gary" in the subject.


Over time, many cars have dust mites, One of the most highly allergenic contaminants .

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Make sure your change your air filters in your engine also.

dirty-coilj.jpg (8707 bytes)   clean-coil.gif

Poorly filtered air conditioning cooling coil.


Correctly filtered air conditioning cooling coil.






Building materials,
including insulation and
acoustical ceilings
Lung diseases, including lung


Foam insulation inside
walls, particle board,
Respiratory tract irritation,


Comes from the earth
through cracks in the
foundation and from well water.
Lung cancer.

Carbon monoxide

Gas appliances, fireplaces,
wood stoves, tobacco
Blocks oxygen from the body, progressively causing fatigue,
headaches, confusion, nausea,
dizziness and death

Nitrogen dioxide

Gas appliances, fireplaces,
wood stoves.
Eye and respiratory tract irritation and infection; long-term exposure causes bronchitis.

Biological agents,
such as mold,
mildew and fungus

Improperly maintained
air ducts, air conditioners,humidifiers, dehumidifiers,
air filters and carpets.
Diseases characterized by watery eyes, sneezing, lethargy, rashes coughing, and breathing and  digestive problems.

Organic compounds, such as ammonia benzene, chlorine and acetone

Cleaners, waxes, paint,pesticides,adhesives,
insulation, plywood,
furniture, chlorine,
mothballs, dry-cleaned
items and automobiles.
Respiratory tract and eye irritation.
Many of the substances cause cancer.


Paint and automobile
Attacks the nervous system and
the brain.


Adhesives, pesticides,
paints, cleaners, waxes,
heaters, tobacco,
automobile exhaust.
Respiratory tract irritation and cancer.


This is a simple test to see how efficient an air filter is at capturing particles

Pour some pepper and tap the filter,  while holding it over white paper.








I used to sit on a Tempurpedic pillow when I drove.. This is a 100 times better!

It comes with a little pump and it takes about a minute to pump it up.

These cushions for office, auto, trucks, tractors, bleachers, stadium seats, and more!

Adjustable interconnected air-filled cells redistribute your body weight to minimize pressure. The padded cover adds an extra level of comfort.

 Proven Medical Technology
Using the same world renowned technology that helps wheelchair users sit for longer periods of time without pain and numbness, we've created a cushion that will help you find comfort while sitting on a plane, driving, sitting in an office chair, or on a mobility scooter.

Take it anywhere!
Lightweight design and air valve make it easy to fold and carry your LTV seat cushion from car to office to stadium seats to plane - anywhere your busy life takes you!

Adjust it how you want it
An easily accessible valve allows you to adjust the air level to one that feels best for you.

Designer Covers
Choose from two Ultraleather covers and a wool model, whichever best coordinates with your personal style. This is the last car seat, bleacher seat, plane seat, or office chair seat you will ever own.

 If you need pricing on these car cushions please email us at TheBlindGuru@yahoo.com and put "car cushion" in the subject line.