Reach your ideal weight by restoring your body's natural ecology!
Try a 6 month regiment and you will see incredible results in achieving your body's ideal weight!
No pills or chemicals, just all natural supplement in powder form to add to your juice twice a day.  
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In the old days human diet consisted of wholesome foods that were high in fiber and full of nutrients. This is when obesity was rare and uncommon but unfortunately these were the good old days. Today over 70% of the average American diet consists of processed and refined foods. With so many cheap food choices, particularly from the fast food industry, and a fast pace life style it is an easy lure for individuals and family to eat out more frequently. Most of the unhealthy eating comes from fast foods adding inches to our waistline and ballooning our weight.

Lack of exercise is another main reason for weight gain. In most cases lack of exercise begins from weight gain. When people gain weight they don't move around as much because they start to feel heavy and less energetic. This will lead to an upward spiral of further weight gain and its unhealthy consequences.

This is how the intestine gets so clogged with processed and refined foods that our body is unable to absorb the many nutrients we consume. Also the processed food trapped in the body releases deadly toxins into our bloodstream slowly poising our bodies. Its no wonder that diseases such as diabetes and colon cancer are increasing at such an alarming rate.

Intestinal cleansing is recommended once every year to maintain good health. One of the main benefits of this cleansing is weight loss. Most people will lose up to 10 pounds within days of using a good cleanser. As result of the immediate weight loss you will feel more energetic and encouraged to exercise. This will lead to a downward spiral of further weight loss.
The Strata Flora Cleansing and Restoration Blend
Strata-Flora, 430g (15.2 oz) $9930 Day Supply
Simply add to your juice or water once in the morning and once before bed time.
Strata Flora Cleansing Phase:
  • With its  patented source of special all natural fiber blend, Strata Flora literally sweeps and cleanses the large intestine of accumulated waste material and potential toxins.
  • Promotes weight loss by getting rid of the waste weight that's trapped in your body.
  • Gradually encourages normal, healthy bowel function, maximizing the removal of waste material without the use of harsh laxatives.

Strata Flora  Restoration Phase :

  • Once the Strata Flora removes accumulated waste material and potential toxins from the intestine as well as the rest of the body, the focus becomes to replenish the intestinal tract with beneficial bacteria as well as a desirable body flora that restores and replenishes. Years of the Standard American Diet (SAD) combined with a compromised digestive tract leads to the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria, and the lack of beneficial or health promoting bacteria.
  • The different strains of bacteria in this formula provide many health-promoting activities; protecting you from pathogens, helping with digestion and absorption of nutrients while promoting normal, healthy digestive function.
  • The various strains of beneficial bacteria provided by the Strata Flora Cleansing Formula will help support normal, healthy function of the intestinal tract. This includes promoting healthy digestion and absorption of essential nutrients, removal of waste material, and provides an environment that supports overall health and wellness.

Exsula Strata•Flora Ingredients/Proprietary Blends mg/serving
Synergistic Fiber Complex of Fresh-Ground Salba (white chia), ZoeGreen (Energetically-Superior Raw Food-Grade Canadian Hemp Nut Inner Green Skin - Certified 0.00% THC), Glucomannan, Organic Golden Flax, High-Pectin Apple Fiber, Stabilized Rice Bran, Slippery Elm, Digestible Chlorella, Seed and Fruit of Raspberry, Blueberry and Grape 4,370
Strata Flora 49x Probiotics Blend Of 100 Billion Active Organisms Including L. Acidophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Salivarius, B. Bifidus, L. Plantarium, S. Thermophilus, L. Rhamnosus, B. Laterosporus, B. Longum, B. Breve, L. Reuteri, B. Subtilis, B. Coagulans & B. Infantis, Plus AuraLumina™ 12 Intrinsic-Flora Organic 25 Seed-Bean-Vegetable-Grain UltraRadiant Enzyme Cultures, Plus Kombucha & 15 Symbiotic Soil Flora, Plus FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) & Xylitol (Natural Fruit & Vegetable Sugars), & ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) 3,733
Essential Fatty Acids Blend of XtraPure High Vitamin D&E Soya Lecithin, Plus Aleipho Elaia™ Extra Virgin Oils Of Fresh Raw Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut, Olive, Apricot, With Organic Ethereal Oils of Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Lemongrass, White Rose, Frankincense 2,673
Synergistic Herbals Blend of Silymarin, Burdock, Red Clover Flower, Sorrel Leaf, Turkish Rhubarb, Pau D'Arco Bark, Pineapple Bromelain, Cat's Claw, Red Beet Juice Powder, Fo Ti, Aloe Vera, Ginger Root, Ashwaganda, Boswellia, Allspice, Cayenne, Lemon Juice Powder 1,787
High-Vitamin C & Bioflavonoids Blend of Concentrates of Schizandra Berry & Acerola Cherry & Inner Pulp of Grapefruit 970
Synergistic Mineral Blend of CoralPure™ 100% Coral Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium & Trace Elements), Plus Leaf Juice Powders of Alfalfa, Parsley & Watercress, Plus Nova Scotia Dulse, Icelandic Kelp 770
Cellulon Coenzyme Q10 (97-99% Pure, Synergized with 2,000mg of Lecithin - see above) 30


As the Strata Flora cleans out the colon and colonizes self supporting healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, we have created an environment for maximizing nutrient digestion and absorption from food and supplements.  The goal is to MAINTAIN a healthy intestinal tract and general body ecology. The combination of ingredients in this unique formula, include healthy bacteria for ongoing support, various organic seeds, essential fatty acids, 100% coral minerals and dozens of other natural ingredients listed here all to vital to a healthy digestive system. These along with some other synergistic ingredients add a powerful immune supporting component to the program. Considering these facts, a large percentage of our immune system resides in the tissue that lines the gastrointestinal tract, this formula is an important component to the overall effectiveness of the Strata Flora Cleansing and Restoration System. This promotes healthy digestion and absorption, provides support to the immune system, stimulates the growth of friendly bacteria and suppresses the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and supports healthy elimination.


And to satisfy your body's natural hunger for protein we offer the all natural Meal Replacment in Zoe Tien:


ZoeTein, 340 g (12.0 oz) $4930 Day Supply

SuperFood-Grade Protein-Rich Meal Replacement 

Control Appetite - Build Muscle - Burn Fat

Simply add to your juice or water to replace one meal

once a day 


76 SuperFoods + 49 Intestinal Flora

Strengthen Cells & Tissues

Nutritionally Bolster Immune Function

... and to add delicious rich flavor & body to your favorite smoothies.

Set in a full-spectrum of dozens of protein and enzyme synergists, ZoeTein is the very best natural, raw and organic protein powder blend. It contains abundant material for the building, repair & maintenance of cells, and immune resistance.

This SuperFood-grade protein feeds your body, while slashing the junk food appetite, encouraging safe and natural fat loss. It is superior for immune support, cellular healing and tissue repair. And it supports and enhances enzyme activity for your liver and entire body. Energy Up - Body Fat Down!

 >>visit our symbiotic exercising page for more<<

The ZoeTein formula includes numerous protein synergists, which specifically help the protein utilization processes deep within your body's cells. These protein synergists include amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics, vitamins, minerals & trace elements, and many other nutrients to ensure your body can efficiently utilize them all. At the most intricate cellular level, ZoeTein supports optimal assimilation and utilization, unattainable by single-ingredient products or other formulas. It enriches nutritional depth & balances.

ZoeTein Ingredients/Proprietary Blends - serving size 8 teaspoons - 40 ml mg/serving
Raw SuperFood-Proenzyme-Grade Protein Blend Of Organic PlantLife-Crafted 93%+ Availability Complete 21-Amino-Spectrum Globulin Edestin & Albumin-Rich Seeds Of ZoeTein™ (Energetically-Superior Raw Organic Food-Grade Canadian Hemp Nut Protein/Fiber/EFA Powder - Certified 0.00% THC), Golden Flax, Chia, Pumpkin Seed, Sesame & Raspberry, Plus Avavè™ (Enzyme-Digested Saccharomyces Cerevisiae ~ 21 Cultured Complexes), Cracked-Cell Chlorella, Spirulina & Dunaliella 15,870
Essential Fatty Acids Blend of XtraPure™ High Vitamin D & E Soya Lecithin, Plus Aleipho Elaia™ (Extra Virgin Oils Of Fresh Raw Organic Cold-Pressed Olive, Apricot & Coconut, With Organic Ethereal Oils of Tangerine & White Rose) 2,161
Accompaniment Fiber Complex of Maca, High-Pectin Apple Fiber, Glucomannan, Slippery Elm & Brown Rice Membrane 1,235
Strata•Flora 49x™ Probiotics Blend Of 10 Billion Active Organisms Including AuraLumina™ (12 Intrinsic-Flora Organic 25 Seed-Bean-Vegetable-Grain UltraRadiant™ Enzyme Cultures), Plus ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar), L. Acidophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Salivarius, Plus Plus Kombucha & 15 Symbiotic Soil Flora™, Plus FOS (Fructooligosaccharides) & Xylitol (Natural Fruit & Vegetable Sugars) 870
Synergistic Mineral Blend of CoralPure™ 100% Coral Minerals (Calcium, Magnesium & Trace Elements), BioCultured Potassium-Lemon Juice, Plus Leaf Juice of Alfalfa, Parsley & Watercress, Plus Nova Scotia Dulse, Icelandic Kelp & Shilajit 780
Synergistic Herbals Blend of Gymnema Sylvestre, Ashwaganda, Boswellia, Suma, Silymarin, Elderberry, Red Beet, Siberian Ginseng, Graviola, Aloe Vera, Astragalus, Ginger Root, Turmeric & Cayenne 734
Vitamin C & Bioflavonoid Blend of Schizandra Berry & Acerola Cherry 650
Protein-Digesting Enzyme Blend Of Green Papaya, Pineapple Bromelain, Noni, Tamarind Extract & Plant-Cell Enzymes 340
Cellulon Coenzyme Q10 (97-99% Pure) 30